How to choose milk?Different people are particular!

Milk is known as "white blood", rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamins, phospholipids, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, etc., which is one of the best ways to obtain nutrition in the human body.Health is very beneficial.So which kind of milk should I choose and when do I drink?

How to choose milk?Different people are particular

1 Fresh milk vs room temperature milk?

Fresh milk refers to the milk processed by the Basal sterilization method, which can save the nutritional and active substances in milk to a greater extent.

N room temperature milk is a sterilized milk that is sterilized. Compared with Ban’s grandmother, it will lose some vitamins that are sensitive to thermal sensitivity, such as B vitamins, and the flavor will be worse.

However, people drink milk mainly to consume protein and calcium. In this regard, there is almost no difference between Pastel Fresh milk and Changwen Milk.Therefore, don’t be too tangled when choosing, which is more convenient.

2 Sotal milk vs skimmed milk?

Ordinary people are more recommended to choose whole milk, and people with overweight and hyperlipidemia can choose skimmed milk.

You must know that whole milk is not high-fat food-adults need to consume about 60g of fat amount per day, and a box of 300ml whole milk, contains only 9-12g, the share is 1/5Essence

And some studies have found that unsaturated fatty acids, short -chain fatty acids, etc. in whole -lipid milk can play a role in regulating immunity and maintaining the balance of intestinal flora, which can help reduce the risk of inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn disease.

While removing fat milk, it also removes some fat -soluble nutrients, such as vitamin A, D, E, K, etc.Therefore, ordinary people do not need to choose skimmed milk deliberately.

3 Drinking high calcium milk, better calcium supplementation?

According to relevant regulations in my country, the calcium content of more than ordinary milk can be called "high calcium milk".However, the raw ingredients of high calcium milk are also ordinary milk. When producing, some calcium acid, milk calcium, etc. are added when they are produced, but the absorption rate of these calcium is not as good as the calcium of the milk itself.

There is a delicate balance between the protein and calcium of the milk itself. Add too much calcium, which can easily precipitate the protein and affect the quality and taste.

In fact, ordinary people can meet the body’s daily needs for calcium with 1-2 cups of milk or yogurt every day, coupled with the soy products and eggs in the diet, and do not necessarily choose high calcium milk.

4 Shuhua milk, lactose is not resistant to people to choose from

Shu Hua milk is a certain degree of decomposition of lactose in milk, so that the tolerance of milk is better, so it is suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

However, it should be noted that this kind of milk is not suitable for people with diabetes, because after the lactose is degraded, two molecular monosaccharides will be generated, which has a high sugar lift index.

How to drink milk?The best time is actually …

Many people will pay attention to the time of drinking milk. There are rumors that "the empty stomach cannot drink", "drinking at night is good for sleep", "drink weight loss before meal" … which time to drink well?

1 Can’t drink milk on an empty stomach?

There are rumors: drinking milk on an empty stomach can cause protein waste.But in fact, as long as your digestive function is normal, there is no problem of waste to use the nutrients in milk.

Drink milk for sleep in the evening?

Milk helps to sleep mainly derived from the color contained in milk. When it is high in serum, it does have a mild sedative effect, so it is conducive to sleep to a certain extent.

However, there are many factors that cause poor sleep, and it does not work for insomnia caused by diseases and emotions.

In addition, for most people, putting down the phone before going to bed may help sleep.

3 Drink weight before meals?

It’s worth trying!

Drinking milk before meals can enhance fullness. It is not easy to eat too much because of too hungry, which is indeed conducive to weight control;

In addition, some studies have shown that drinking milk 30 minutes before meal can delay the rise of blood sugar after the meal and assist sugar.In summary, drinking this time is a good choice.

When it is better to drink milk at time, there is no conclusion. You can decide according to your own needs: drinking breakfast nutrition in the morning; drinking milk before exercise can be used as energy reserves. Drinking after exercise can promote physical recovery.

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