How to diagnose and treat cats?

Cats are diluted, and they can judge multiple reasons according to different feces, and many parents see that the first judgment of cats is crooked is that there is no big deal.This may be right, but if the cat is discovered again after observation, or accompanied by other complications, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Cat’s thin diagnosis and treatment method


"The stool is light yellow, sour or evil,"

This situation is more common in indigestion. Among them, kittens are most common. Too much or not adapting to diarrhea caused by food generally does not cause too much appetite. The number of stools does not increase.Treatment should be used in conventional diarrhea, and the intestinal flora is sufficient. The treatment time is relatively long.

These situations usually use the lactase several times to see the effect, or use Mommy’s love or Smecta to stop diarrhea, and slowly condition the stomach!


"Liquid feces, black, fishy, accompanied by vomiting"

This disease may be fatal, so you should seek medical treatment immediately as soon as you discover the signs.In addition to the above symptoms, the diseased cats often have symptoms such as rising body temperature, red conjunctiva, heavy tongue coating, and dried oral smell and convulsions.

When suspected gastroenteritis, stop eating for 24 hours to restrict drinking water.After being delivered to the hospital, the doctor will decide what kind of drug treatment is used based on the inflammation.


"Black asphalt, blood or vomiting, and vomiting"

Once you observe the blood in the feces, you must not be despised, you must seek medical treatment immediately.At severe illness, the hemostatic drug cannot stop the ulcer bleeding point, and the ulcer needs to be removed by surgical removal, otherwise it will be fatal.There are blood when diluted, and it is never cold!


"Line feces, black, stench, blood wire or blood clot" "

This phenomenon is mostly enteritis, and there are many reasons that induce enteritis, such as cold, parasites, small viruses, poisoning, etc. can cause acute enteritis and cause dilute.During the medical treatment, the doctor may prescribe the rare cats, which is to empty the content of the intestinal.


"Diarrhea caused by viruses such as cat plague"

The diarrhea is severe, the stool is smelly, and most of the blood is blood. It is accompanied by severe vomiting, not eating, fever, poor mentality, high death, blood routine diagnosis. Generally, white blood cells are very dangerous.The smaller the cat, the higher the more the cats, and the timely treatment should be treated.

The only way is to vaccinate to avoid luck. Whether the cat goes out or goes on time, it is necessary to get injections on time, because people are likely to go home with the virus, and the cat’s cat -raised cat is worse than the wild cat’s resistance to cat plague.

How to prevent cats dilute?

To prevent cats from being diluted, it is necessary to start with the cats from preventing colds, colds, exposure to diseased cats, toxic substances, and allergens.

Slight soft or soft stools are accompanied by non -forming liquid feces, which can be stopped and observed; if you are diluted twice, or with blood clots, blood clots, or accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting, feverIntersection

How to observe whether cats are thin?

The non -forming feces in the cat sand will form a sheet -like cat litter ball like the bottom urine at the bottom of the cat toilet.When shovel, you can judge whether it is urine or not formed feces.

Cats with inflammation of the intestinal mucosa have bad odors. As long as they are diligent in cleaning the cat’s toilet, they will not be found.

Cats are sometimes diluted before they rush to the toilet, so feces may be found on the floor outside the toilet.This is mostly in the kitten.

How to deal with the rare cats outside the cat sand pot?

If you don’t want to take a picture and send a circle of friends, of course, the faster the processing, the better.As mentioned earlier, kittens are sometimes diluted outside the toilet (usually close to the toilet).

To deal with the thin shit on the floor, you can use wood chips or wood chips cat sand. First cover a layer first, settle for 5 minutes, clean it with paper or cloth, then sprinkle with a layer on the

Because enteritis may be caused by parasitic or liver and kidney disease diseases, sometimes the feces excreted are toxic or infectious, and they should be isolated from other cats and disinfected with feed.

What should the cat do?

Without blood, the spirit is acceptable, stop eating for 24 hours, restrict drinking water, and observe.A small amount of gentle and soft food or liquid food was eaten at 24, and gradually returned to normal diet after a while.Diarrhea again and send it to the hospital immediately.

Remember, stop food first, and you must be sent to the hospital for repeated dilute!

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