How to do new crown protection for pregnant women

Like ordinary people, maternal mothers are also susceptible people of new crown viruses.What are the symptoms of pregnant women infected with new coronal virus?Can it be treated with medication?How to avoid infection with the mother after infection?The reporter interviewed the expert.

"Pregnant women are infected with new coronary viruses. If there is no basic disease and complication, clinical manifestations are similar to ordinary people." Zhao Yangyu, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Peking University Third Hospital, said that some pregnant women may suffer from basic diseases such as asthma, hypertension, and other basic diseases.It may cause the condition to worsen and seek medical treatment in time.During childbirth and after childbirth, pregnant women may have some changes in blood dynamics, and the risk of disease progress will occur.She reminded that in pregnant women in the third trimester, if there are symptoms such as abnormal fetal movement, bleeding, stomach pain, fatigue and weakness, they have to go to the hospital even if they do not have a fever, because it may not be a new crown infection but the late pregnancy complications.

Zhao Yangyu said that after pregnant women infected with new coronal viruses, if there is no symptoms or symptoms very mild, they can not need medicine. However, they need to rest and sleep in moderation, ensure sleep, and slowly restore their physical strength.If the fever is more than 38.5 degrees, the medicine needs to be used, because the high fever itself may have heat damage to the embryo, especially within 12 weeks, the early embryo is relatively tender, and the high fever has a certain effect on the embryo.If you use medication, it is recommended to use unilateral preparations, such as simple fever medicines, such as acetaminol, try not to use composite preparations for acetaminol.Some pregnant women may suffer from basic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, etc., which may take basic diseases for a long time. It is recommended to consult a doctor before medication to avoid interaction between some drugs.

"After the new crown symptoms disappear, the drug should be discontinued in time." Zhao Yangyu believes that on the one hand, the drug has a healing effect, and on the other hand, there are certain side effects.She reminded pregnant women that after "Yang Kang", she continued to pay attention to protection, including sleep, nutritional equilibrium, etc., and gradually, properly, and individualized some exercise measures to do with strength and gradually achieve recovery.

During the epidemic, the hospital’s outpatient clinic is relatively tight.Zhao Yangyu said that most of the labor -assisted institutions have opened online medical care and online consultation. Maternal women can understand the adjustment of outpatient time of the birth institution and reduce the change of the hospital to go to the hospital for treatment.You can’t miss the time points of the checkup: First, you know that you are pregnant during early pregnancy, but you have not been determined that the inner palace and the outside of the palace should go to the hospital if the stomach is uncomfortable to eliminate the problem of ectopic pregnancy.The second is NT screening around 12 weeks of pregnancy.Third, the screening of ultrasonic structure around 22 weeks of pregnancy.

The key to pregnant women go to the hospital for examination is to do a good job of protecting.Zhao Yangyu suggested that pregnant women should wear a N95 mask, and it is best to bring a cotton ball gauze with a concentration of wine. If there are some contacts, they should disinfect in time and wash their hands frequently.It is best not to take a lot of transportation.Pregnant women and accompanying family members should learn in advance that the contents of the hospital need to complete the production inspection in advance, and make planning in advance to reduce waiting time in the hospital.

"After pregnant women infected the new coronal virus, if it is light, under strict protection, you can choose to give birth naturally." Zhao Yangyu said that if it is a heavy or critical type, multi -disciplinary teams may be discussed together, and the pregnant woman’s tolerance may be considered.Categorize whether to give birth to a cesarean section.In the process of natural delivery, giving birth analgesic is not a taboo for pregnant women infected with new crown viruses. In fact, childbirth analgesic can also relieve excessive ventilation caused by pain and anxiety, reduce oxygen consumption and cardiopulmonary burden, and may make the natural delivery process smoother."From the current data, the possibility of spreading the new crown virus through the mother’s birth is very low, please rest assured that the prospective mothers can rest assured."

"At present, there is no evidence that the new crown virus can spread through breast milk, so there is no reason to stop breastfeeding." Wang Quan, director of the Department of Emergency Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital, said that the mother’s "Yang" is "Yang". If the body allows, there are no other contraindications.feed.If you feed yourself, be sure to wear a mask. It is recommended to be a N95 mask. Before feeding, do your hand hygiene and clean your hands and breasts thoroughly.If you are not allowed to be fed for yourself because of your body or other reasons, you can also suck breast milk instead of feeding children.Before milking or breastfeeding, in addition to wearing a mask, do hand -to -hand hygiene, disinfect all fed tools, and disinfect all appliances after feeding.(Shen Shaotie)

Source: People’s Daily -People’s Daily

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