How to do the entire process after the novice mother is pregnant?

Hello everyone, I am a 96 -year -old quasi -aimed mother. I will share with you today that after pregnancy, I have to apply for those documents and inspection processes.

1. Preliminary inspection of pregnancy test sticks to confirm whether pregnancy

If you find that your physiological period does not come in time this month, or delayed for about a week, you can use the pregnancy test stick to try whether there are two bars.I was on time every month, and I was delayed for a week before I felt wrong. Then I used the pregnancy test stick to test and confirmed two bars.(Medical students are relatively rigorous, tested 3 times, hahahaha)

The pregnancy test stick is confirmed to be pregnant

2. Hospital blood test HCG index

The rise of the HCG index is to confirm pregnancy!Congratulations to become a expectant mother!

My blood drawing test form

3. The first B -ultrasound confirmed whether it is in -palace pregnancy

(If ectopic pregnancy, ask the doctor)

My B -ultrasound

4. Go to the community streets to register for fertility certificate (that is, quasi -birth certificate)

This must be handled!Because the baby’s birth certificate and the hukou are required!

My fertility registration certificate

5. Go to the community hospital for archives

(Be sure to go to the file, and some subsequent production inspections can save a lot of production inspection fees, and then the baby’s vaccine needs to be taken in a community hospital)

I have already done a B -ultrasound in the hospital. There is no need to do the B -ultrasound again when the community hospital is built.

Community hospital examination project: Gynecological examination -blood drawing -urine test -ECG -B super (if you do it, you can do it without doing)

When this health card arrives, the doctor will accept it

This red was originally a record of your entire pregnancy.

6. The hospital’s card confirm the bed, make an appointment check

(NT❤️❤️❤️, 24 weeks, 24 weeks ❤️❤️❤️, 18 weeks of fetal ultrasound examination ❤️❤️❤️, you can do adult heart color Doppler ultrasound when building cards)

Hospital Card CCP Appointment Examination

7. Sugar resistance (do it 24 weeks) ❤️❤️❤️ is very important, be sure to do it!

Be sure to go early in the morning (you cannot eat after 8pm the day before, and you cannot drink water after 10 o’clock)

8:30 Pick the first tube blood, (empty stomach, do not drink water)

9:30 Pump the second tube blood

10:30 Pump the third tube blood

After finishing sugar, you can eat breakfast early, because the baby in the stomach will be hungry!IntersectionIntersection[Tears]


8. Go to the hospital every month to conduct a regular check -up (except for the appointment inspection)

Urine routine, iron protein, blood routine, height weight and blood pressure, etc.

After the inspection is completed, the report should be shown to the doctor in time. If there is a low indicator, you need to take medicine for supplement.

(Iron agents, vitamins, DHA, calcium tablets, etc.) You can ask the doctor to take medicine according to your physical condition. If the doctor said that it is not necessary to eat, it is best.

At present, I have been pregnant for 27 weeks. I only did these examinations, for reference for the sisters who prepared or pregnant.[Delivery]

Let’s say a few more words, don’t be willing to spend money for inspection. We do inspection just to make ourselves feel at ease. You can have a healthy baby. In the pastIt’s different now.We must avoid some bad things when we have good conditions!

Finally, I wish you all health babies!There are no various pregnancy back![cute]

“””””””[Super talk]”

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