How to eat after pregnancy, do you feel hungry because the baby is lacking in nutrition, or is there a problem with your body?

Many mothers have experienced the first three months when they have experienced a relatively large pregnancy response, and they are more comfortable to start in four months, so their appetite will become very good.

In addition to considering that the baby in the stomach is sufficient nutrition, he always feels hungry.

In addition to eating normally every day, there are countless meals, snacks, and fruits after meals.It’s better to be at home. If you go out to eat with friends and colleagues, it will be a bit embarrassing to always eat.

Xiaoyan is a mother -in -law who has just been pregnant for more than 4 months. Recently, because she was too scary to eat, she wanted to see a doctor.

Every morning, I have a break with breakfast and I am hungry. I get rid of it, and I will start drumming again after eating the rich lunch for less than 2 hours.Not only do you eat the points and fruits you bring, sometimes you have to search for colleagues’ snacks to eat.

I don’t know what happened. Before I was pregnant, I had to eat it in three times before I could eat it. Now I can’t wait to eat 3 apples.

Xiaoyan also thought about controlling the diet. After all, her original devil figure did not want to give up because of pregnancy, but she was worried that the baby would not be nutritious enough, so he gave up the control of the diet and changed to his heart.

This situation like Xiaoyan is normal. Most pregnant women will have an increased appetite. This is because the nutrition of the baby’s growth and development needs to be obtained from the mother.

Old people often say that they are not eating a person after pregnancy, but that two people are eating.

Pregnant mothers will suddenly want to eat something, and they will be sad to cry without eating.Some people also joked that this is the baby wants to eat. In fact, it is precisely that the baby’s development is lacking in the nutrition contained in this food.

Moms should not suppress their appetite in order to maintain their bodies. After all, the growth of babies is most important now.It is too late to manage his body after the baby is born.

① Eat less meals

When you feel hungry, you can supplement food appropriately, but it is best to eat less meals. Eating some time to alleviate hunger is more conducive to the absorption of the stomach.If you overeating, you will increase your stomach.

② Light diet

Even when you are hungry, you need to eat normally, instead of using desserts, snacks, etc. instead. Do not eat spicy and cold foods. During pregnancy, the spleen and stomach digestion function will be weak.Essence

It is not recommended to eat too many desserts. On the one hand, sweets will not eliminate hunger, and on the other hand, if you eat too much sweets, it will also affect the blood sugar of pregnant women.

③ Replenish moisture

If the body dehydrates, it will feel hungry, so many often hunger may be caused by the body’s lack of water.If you feel hungry, you can drink water first. After drinking water, you still feel hungry before replenishing food.

Pay attention to drinking water, you can also choose to replenish the water needed by the seasonal fruit. Don’t wait until you are thirsty and hungry to replenish your body.

Choose high nutritional foods or fruits to supplement energy while replenishing energy.

When the body is hungry alert, drink water or eat immediately, and don’t be afraid to eat if you go away.

In the early pregnancy, mothers can also find something to do if they do not go to work. Diversified attention can relieve the feeling of hunger. Sometimes hunger may be lonely.

【Mom Sending】

Don’t worry about your appetite after pregnancy. This is the process of your baby’s physical growth and development. Through a reasonable diet, you can be nutritious and not serious. I believe that all problems in the face of your baby’s health are not a problem.

【Topic today】

What should pregnant mothers pay attention to the diet?

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