How to face ovarian cysts

"Ovarian cyst" is one of the most common "abnormalities" on gynecological B -ultrasound. Due to its high incidence, a anxiety storm will always be set off in the female crowd of medical treatment or medical examination.In the face of the ovarian cyst on the reporting report, what is the cyst?Is the question serious?what should I do?

In fact, the content of ovarian cysts is widely covered. In layman’s terms, the cysts are physiological and pathological. Some cysts naturally disappear with several menstrual periods, and some tumor -based cysts need to pay great attention.Specifically, ovarian cysts are divided into non -degeneration cysts, remerproductive cysts, endometriosis cysts, and tubal membrane cysts.Generally speaking, the most common is benign, functional cysts, mainly include single -hair filter bubble cysts, luteal cysts, follicular lutein cysts, ovarian chocolate cysts, polycystic ovary cysts, etc.Essence

Single filter bubble cyst

This cyst may be formed after some tissue cells or follicles of the ovarian or fluid of the ovaries. It is the most common ovarian cyst. The diameter is generally <4cm and the cyst wall is thin. Most of them can disappear within two months.No special treatment is required.

Luteal cyst

Mature follicles form a progesterone after ovulation. If the luteal is more than 2.5cm, it is a non -biological manifestation, called luteum cyst.Generally speaking, women without pregnancy will disappear by themselves within 1-2 months; pregnant women will also disappear by themselves during the third trimester.The worst case may occur with symptoms of concurrent cysts and acute abdominal pain, but it is also rare.

Evergladium ovarian cyst

If the normal follicles fail to break the ovulation, it will form a luteum ovarian cyst. This process is called unblocked follicle lutein syndrome.Its pathogenesis is currently unclear and may be related to endocrine disorders.Some people formed a luteum cysts disappeared in about a month, and some people disappear in about two or three months. Occasionally, it does not need to be too worried, but if it appears for a long time, it means that there is a problem of ovulation disorder, and it may be possible.Infertility, this situation needs to be treated with medication.

polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS

The polycystic ovary syndrome is a common topic. It may see more than 20 immature small follicles in the ovary on the B -ultrasound.The incidence of diseases is not clear at present. People in such diseases often have insulin resistance, endocrine characteristics of advanced male androgens, and have severe ovulation disorders.This disease is often carried for a lifetime after diagnosis. The ovarian cysts are not the focus of attention. The focus is that it will trigger ovulation disorders infertility, and it is necessary to treat women who need pregnancy.

"Ovarian chocolate cyst"

The formation of chocolate cysts is derived from the disease of "endometriosis" because the endometrium is moved to the ovaries, and the endometrium tissue is in which it should not be located, but as the periodicity of the sex hormone is cyclical.Stimulation, that is, the endometrium in the uterus is long and thick. They are also thick. When menstruation comes, the endometrium in the uterus falls off, and they will be necrotic and bleeding, but they cannot be discharged like menstrual blood.Inside.In this way, the "meridian blood" staying in the ovaries in this period is more and more accumulated, and the bags that have accumulated from small to large. Because the blood in the cyst is a long -term old blood, it is like a chocolate paste after the surgery is opened.Similarly, it was named "ovarian chocolate cyst."This disease may have severe dysmenorrhea or even infertility. In this case, surgery must be treated.

The croppy ovarian ovarian cysts contain the "tumor" category of "tumor" in the category of "tumors" we understand.This kind of non -functional cysts often perform different performance in ultrasound, and there is a large difference from functional cysts. In the diagnosis, other influence tests will be used.The results of HE4, AFP, and CA19-9 are comprehensive judgment, and gynecologists need to be diagnosed.For women with a history of gynecological tumor diseases in the family, if the medical examination or diagnosis is found to be more than 5cm of ovarian cysts, it should be highly valued and registered in time.

After briefly introduced the content contained in the so -called "ovarian cyst", I hope that readers can treat their own problems rationally after the professional guidance of a doctor, without having to be overly anxious.

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