How to formulate sow vaccine immunization procedures?Sow vaccine immunization procedure table, pigs must learn

Recently, friends of breeding households consult us: How to formulate sow’s vaccine immunization process?This is a very important job. Whether we can raise pigs, we look at the vaccines.In this article, let’s talk about what vaccines the sows need to do and the time of vaccination of these vaccines. Our farmers must collect it and can be used as a reference for our pig farm.

1. E -brain.

The Brain will lead to a sechitis in boars. The sow is not worthy of species. The pregnant sow will have abortion and dead tires.This seedling is a vaccine that we must make when we breed sows.

Brende virus is mainly transmitted by mosquitoes, so we need to choose the vaccine for sows in March and April of each year, before the mosquito came out.Reserve sows can do first at 80 days, and do two -free when they are 100 days old.

2. Blue ear.

The harm of blue ear is very high, it can cause pigs to have high fever and difficulty breathing, and the mortality rate is extremely high.

After the Blue -ear virus in the sow burst out, there will be no estrus, no species, or aborted dead tires. It is an immunosuppressive disease, which will cause sows to decline in immunity and prone to many diseases.

At present, there are many strains of blue ear seedlings. It is difficult to find the strains that match our own pig farm, so most of our farmers do not do this vaccine, but choose to purify.It breaks out, which will not affect the health of sows.

When we purify the blue ear, we can use: Blue Yuan Fei Tai Bao+Kao Tao Star, which can play a role in purifying for about 7 days a month.

3. Swine fever.

Like the blue ear, swine fever is an immunosuppressive disease, reducing the immunity of the sows, and will cause sows to have problems such as unknown high fever, vomiting, no species, and abortion.

Swine fever vaccine, reserve sow is vaccinated every 2 months, and the sow can be vaccinated at 25 days after giving birth.

While we have inoculated swine fever for sow, we must pay attention to the sow health care. It can be used for sow: mother animals are too guaranteed+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee, which can ensure the health of sows during pregnancy and breastfeeding.constitution.

4. Small virus.

Small viruses can lead to pregnancy sows, abortion and dead tires.

This vaccine must be done in the sow’s first and second child.After the sow’s third child, there is a permanent antibody, so it can not be done since the third child.

5. Puppet rabies.

When the sows are insufficient in pseudo -rabies antibodies, sows will abortion and have no milk after delivery.In addition, the pigs born will also be poisoned. After the onset, the symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea will cause piglets to be unable to eat milk, and the mortality rate is very high.

This vaccine was done one month before the sow giving birth, that is, when it was 80 days pregnant.On the day of the piglets, pseudo -rabies also needed pseudo -rabies to immune.

6. Sign -and -mouth disease.

A must -have vaccine is also a must -have. The annual autumn and winter seasons are a high incidence period. Boys will appear in the mouth, breasts, and hoofs of sow, which will cause sow to have a fever, not to eat.If the piglets are infected during breastfeeding, it will induce myocarditis, and the pig will die without symptoms.

This seedling, we can do it twice in spring, do it once after the beginning of the autumn, do two free exemptions in the following month, and do three free in winter.

7. Gastrointestinal wheel three -combined seedlings.

In the autumn and winter season, the popular diarrhea, infectious gastroenteritis, and rotary virus of pigs. These three diseases will cause pigs in our pig farms to pull water -like feces and vomiting in a large area, so the harm is very great.

We can choose this vaccine according to the situation of our pig farm. The sows are generally about 4 weeks after giving birth, and they are injected through Houhai Point.

If we do not make this seedlings, we can also use the pork group in autumn and winter: clearing the temperature too guarantee, which can also play a role in preventing viral diarrhea. The main principle is to improve the antiviral ability of pigs.

The above 7 seedlings are more important for the sow. It can be said that it is a must -make seedlings. We must master the pigs.Follow me, I will share practical pig raising techniques every day.

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