How to get pregnant?Eat more during ovulation during ovulation

What is easy to conceive during ovulation?

Sea cucumber

Special activated substances contained in sea cucumbers are the main components of male essential cells. They have the effect of improving erectile force, inhibiting ovulation and stimulating contractions, can improve the function of brain and glandular nerve function, and delay gland aging.The role of palace sea cucumbers on the human body is mainly to nourish the kidney, which is the Peer of Yuan solidarity.The kidney is the basis of the human body. As long as the kidney has a problem, it is not just a problem of reduced sexual life, but other organs will be exhausted accordingly.

Reminder: Sea cucumber, men and women eat, men eat sperm quality, women eat well.But the kind of thorns or live sea cucumbers that sea cucumbers must not buy the sea cucumber of the water valve of the market

Black beans

Black beans are the valleys of the kidneys and black are water, and the water goes away from the kidney.EssenceAnd black beans have the effect of warming the palace.

Reminder: Although black beans have so many effects on health, they are not suitable for eating raw, especially people with poor stomachs will have flatulence, but after heating, some nutrients will be separated by high temperatures.

Brown sugar ginger tea

Due to diet and living habits, many female friends will have palace cold.Ginger tea can warm the palace, let the menstrual blood flow, improve dysmenorrhea, and help pregnancy.This effect is very good.Many returned customers say that the effect of ginger tea improves dysmenorrhea is indeed very good.

Reminder: Women usually drink more, do not wait for pain or pregnancy.It has the effect of warming the blood circulation.

Waterfish soup

On the fifth day of menstruation, the taste is a bit sour. It is best to eat all the soup with meat!Eat it once per cycle.If the follicles are not developing well, you can eat it again.

Reminder: Increase transparent brushes, promote follicle development, women are becoming more and more transparent before and after ovulation. They can be drawn like a snot. Such leucorrhea is good for conception, but some women are transparent.EssenceThis dietary method is good for increasing transparent brushed white bands, and it will also help some friends with poor follicle development, without any toxic side effects.


Sea cucumber, eel, sea snakes, tuna, shrimp, fish, etc. all have beneficial benefits such as replenishing and impotence, treating kidney deficiency and impotence, relics caused by kidney deficiency, and sexual dysfunction.

Reminder: Seafood belongs to hair products and should not eat more, especially leucorrhea abnormalities.

Fresh vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and cellulose, which can supplement the nutritional ingredients of lack of staple foods, and help to raise appetite, even adjust the mood, nourish the stomach, and make the body waste metabolism smoothly.

Reminder: It is best to eat seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Lotus seed pork belly soup

Hormone balance is an important key component of conditioning to maintain the balance of physical physiological activity.Animal internal organs, such as pork liver, chicken kidney, pork belly, pork intestine, etc., eating appropriately can help balance the balance of endocrine hormones in the body and help ovulation during ovulation.

Reminder: Can make up for deficiency and qi to help pregnancy.

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