How to judge whether you are pregnant during pregnancy?

Many people think that this is not a problem, but this is actually a problem: 1. There are many people who are pregnant because of ignorance every year in my country. Many women did not find that they were pregnant until their stomachs were big. 2. Many intended to be a mother. As a result of being pregnant, and the same life habits, the child has a miscarriage. You must know that the fetus is very fragile in the early stages of pregnancy.Generally speaking, the following characteristics of women in the fertility period show that you may be pregnant.

Common pregnancy characteristics

If you can’t wait for the aunt for menstruation, you will be sure that you have a non -protective sex life during ovulation, so congratulations, you have a great chance of winning the bid!But it is not absolute. Sometimes women’s menstruation is delayed due to anxiety or other reasons. At this time, you need to judge whether they are conceived in conjunction with other indicators.

If you want to vomit, and retching are normal pregnancy signs, worship the bombing of soap operas for so many years, I think no one knows this.In practice, not everyone has a pregnancy reaction. Some pregnant women vomit from the beginning to the end, and some people will not, so they cannot conclude simply.

Some women are swollen after pregnancy, the nipples are extremely sensitive, and the pain is unbearable with a little touch. This symptoms also indicate that you may be pregnant.

Many pregnant women are particularly easy to get tired and lethargic in the early stages of pregnancy. They obviously went to bed very early, but they still couldn’t get up the next morning; obviously they did nothing, and I still feel tired.It’s right.

Some women have symptoms of hypoglycemia after pregnancy. If you usually have a inexplicable dizziness if you usually have normal blood sugar, then you may be pregnant.

Many women have obvious low back pain after pregnancy, where the waist is under the lower position. If you have no warning back pain, you may also be pregnant.

Frequent urination is one of the common symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. Because the uterus compresses the bladder, the number of times you go to the toilet increases, but the amount of each solution is less than usual. This change is still obvious.

Some female sperm will have mild bleeding after bed, so don’t panic. Bleeding is not necessarily a bad thing or you may be pregnant with your baby.

When your body has one or more of the above symptoms, are you determined that you are pregnant?The answer is, don’t worry, we need to take two more steps:

If your urine appears two red bars when using the pregnancy test stick (test strip), then congratulations you want to be a mother!Or go to the hospital to take blood tests to test pregnancy. This accuracy rate is higher.

2 red bars indicate that you are pregnant

The purpose of doing a B -ultrasound is to determine the date of pregnancy. Watching the position of the bed is ectopic pregnancy. In addition, you need to see if you have diseases that affect fertility, such as uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. If someasure.

B ultrasound helps determine the size of the fetus

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