How to make up for folic acid before and during pregnancy?How much do you know about the contraindication of folic acid?

Everyone knows that folic acid is a necessary substance for fetal healthy growth and development. There are many clinical shows that folic acid deficiency is an important cause of abortion and dead tires of pregnant women, and it is also an important cause of fetal disability and defects.Nonetheless, many pregnant mothers are found to make up wrong or even make up.So, let’s take a look at some of the issues that everyone cares about!

1. How should I make up before pregnancy?

Speaking of folic acid, many pregnant women know how to supplement folic acid, but now there is a wide range of understanding misunderstandings. It is believed that only after pregnancy can she need to supplement folic acid. In fact, folic acid cannot be synthesized in the body.Therefore, before women are preparing to get pregnant, they must supplement folic acid, and they must insist on replenishment three months before pregnancy, and they must make up for about half a year before and after.Because through scientific verification, supplementing folic acid for at least 4 weeks can the concentration of folic acid in the body be kept at the level of balance.

2. How to make up for pregnancy?

As the saying goes, "it is three -point poisonous medicine", many expectant mothers always feel that eating folic acid tablets is not safe enough. I hope to replenish folic acid through food. This idea is good, but in fact, it is difficult to achieve the body’s needs through food.

Although folic acid exists in a variety of foods, it is not as much as the food contains how much folic acid can absorb and use it.Because folic acid is extremely unstable, it is easy to break down when heat.It is more reliable to take synthetic folic acid.As for the choice of folic acid types, you can choose both simple folic acid or compound folic acid. Be careful not to replenish it.

3. How to master the safe dose

The folic acid dose contained in the general doctors is 0.4 mg/tablet. Therefore, as long as the doctor does not have special requirements, taking one tablet every day can achieve the purpose of preventing fetal nerve tube malformation without excessive problems.

What about excessive folic acid?

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin. Everyone needs it, not just expectant mothers.The human body cannot synthesize folic acid, so it can only be obtained through food and nutrient supplements.However, taking folic acid for a long time will interfere with the metabolism of zinc in the human body and lead to zinc deficiency.The deficiency of expectant mothers not only affect her own health, but also decreases immunity, aggravates pregnancy reactions, and decreased appetite. More importantly, it will affect the baby’s growth and development.However, expectant mothers don’t have to be afraid. While eating normally, it will not have adverse reactions to supplement folic acid.

Fourth, I didn’t plan to get pregnant, but unexpectedly conceived.

Because fetal nerve tube differentiation occurs 2 to 4 weeks after pregnancy, it is most important to supplement folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy.Of course, it is not to say that without taking folic acid tablets will definitely cause baby deformity.The first three months of pregnancy should be mostly supplemented by folic acid. If you are pregnant, you should immediately take folic acid tablets.

5. I heard that the prospective dad also wants to make up folic acid. Is this true?

Folic acid is a necessary substance for DNA synthesis.When the prospective father lacks folic acid, the ability of sperm activity will decline, which is not conducive to successful conception.Therefore, it is good for prospective dad to add folic acid.

There is no trivial matter for pregnancy, and a healthy baby is the biggest wish of every attractive parents. Therefore, from the beginning of pregnancy, you should pay attention to these details.

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