How to prevent back pain during pregnancy

Many women hope to have a healthy baby after marriage, but women after pregnancy will have many conditions. For example, low back pain is something that many pregnant women often encounter. How to prevent the back pain of pregnant women? There are many ways to prevent back pain during pregnancy.I hope everyone can understand the secret recipe.There are many ways to prevent back pain during pregnancy. For many pregnant women, if you want to avoid back pain during pregnancy, the following ten living principles must be done.

Lumbar pain during pregnancy

Live pain during pregnancy 10th prevention 10 principle

1. In the early pregnancy, you insist on doing appropriate exercise. For example, after dinner, you should walk outside with your husband to strengthen the flexibility of the waist and back.

2. Do not always maintain a physical posture. You must get up in 45 minutes to an hour to relax the tense waist muscles.At the same time, don’t stand for a long time, go for a long time, sit for a long time.

3. Pay attention to a full rest, do not overwork, especially for expectant mothers in the workplace.

4. Don’t stand quickly.When you stand up, hold your table or chair with your hands.When taking things, sit down first and then take it.

5. Sleep a hard bed, do not sleep that kind of soft Xi Meng thought.It is best to take the left side when sleeping, bend your legs, or you can clip a small pillow between the legs to reduce the burden on the waist.If you want to lie flat, you can put a less thick waist pad under the waist, which will be much more comfortable.

6. Choose a chair that suits you.The chair is too high, too low, and it is not good. Try to sit inside as much as possible.In addition, the easy -to -fall cushion is tiring, so choose a harder one.Sitting on the back of the sofa is best to put a small cushion.

7. Do not wear high heels, choose lightweight and soft low -heeled shoes to reduce the burden on the lumbar spine.

8. Pay attention to keep warm. Even in the summer, pregnant mothers should pay attention not to let your feet and legs cool, because cooling can cause the kidney to have a bad response, and severe cases cause back pain.It is best not to wash your feet with cold water in summer.

9. Balanced diet, usually eat more nutritious foods, such as bone soup, etc. Do not eat foods with too high fat content.

10. If severe back pain during pregnancy, or symptoms such as vaginal bleeding during low back pain, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

The above ten principles are the method of preventing low back pain during pregnancy. For many women who are just pregnant, pregnancy is the most important thing in her life. There are many precautions during pregnancy.It is important to plan early.

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