How to prevent the moldy vaginitis that harms moldy vaginitis

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In vaginitis, the most common one is mold vaginitis, and mold vaginitis is difficult to cure. Moom vaginitis, as a common gynecological inflammation, will bring serious physical health to female friends’ health.The harm will also have a great impact on women’s daily lives, which will seriously affect the normal work, life and sleep of female friends, and other serious symptoms.So what harm does mold vaginitis are harmful to patients? Let me introduce you in detail how to prevent fungal vaginitis harmful to mold vaginitis.

What are the harms of mold vaginitis to patients?

1. Affect fetal development.After the illness of pregnant women, there are very few people in the vagina of the vagina that can go upward through the cervix and penetrate the fetal membrane to infect the fetus, causing premature birth.In addition, when the fetus is given through the mother’s vaginal delivery, it may also be caused by Candida infection of Candida. Candida disease is commonly said to be pearls of oral pearl infection. Some babies may also occur.It can be seen that in order to avoid the infection of the fetus, pregnant women should be actively treated after moldy vaginitis.

2. Cause infertility.There must be a relatively safe environment for pregnancy. The flora is relatively balanced and the pH is relatively balanced.This suitable environment for sperm is temporarily reserved and passed. Once this environment is destroyed, infertility is prone to occur.If it suffers from fungal vaginitis, changes in the pH of the vaginal vagina will suppress the mobility of the sperm, and the inflammatory cells can devour sperm and weaken sperm activity.Subject pain and loss of sexual intercourse can affect pregnancy.Such infertility can quickly return to normal after active treatment.However, infertility caused by mold vaginitis is temporary, and it can still be conceived after the disease is cured.

3. If other diseases are not treated for a long time, it is easy to cause inflammation upward and cause cervicitis and cervical erosion. If the pathogen enters the uterine cavity, it will cause inflammation and pelvic inflammatory disease, which will eventually affect pregnancy.

4. Affecting the quality of life with mold vaginitis, accompanied by symptoms such as vulvar itching, will cause many inconvenience and impacts to women’s lives and work, and will also affect the life of husband and wife.

How to prevent mold vaginitis

1. Develop good personal hygiene habits.Use the correct method to clean the vulva and keep the vulva clean and dry; when the inflammation is not completely cured, it should be avoided; usually as little pads as possible;It is better for hemps; change the underwear daily, and the underwear you replace must be washed alone to prevent cross -infection.

2. Drink plenty of water and a balanced diet.Eat more fish, meat, eggs, soy products and other protein rich foods and fresh vegetables rich in vitamins. Eat iron -containing foods, avoid spicy, cold, high -fat, and high sugar foods.

3. Dry clothes.It is easy to mildew in the wardrobe without drying the clothes. Therefore, the clothes must be completely dried before putting it in the wardrobe, so as to keep the wardrobe dry and reduce the chance of mold.

4. Keep proper indoor ventilation.If the indoor humidity is too heavy, the bacteria are prone to breeding, which may cause the wardrobe to be moldy, so pay attention to open windows and ventilate.After mopping the floor, pay attention to opening the window in time or dry the water with a fan and air conditioner in time.The wardrobe should always open the door of the closet to ventilate it. At the same time, pay attention to keeping the wardrobe in the same wall with the wall.

5. Keep the wardrobe dry.Such as putting some desiccants, humidifiers, etc. in the wardrobe, absorb the extra water in the wardrobe, and make the wardrobe more dry; find a small box at home and put it on the corner of the wardrobe, which is wet and disinfected.Two -one thing; the effect of bamboo charcoal is also very good, but you should avoid staining clothes in the wardrobe; you can also use tea to absorb moisture, and wrap the cheap and dry tea into a bag with rice paper or newspaper.Practice, and has no side effects on the human body.In addition, putting some orange peels in the closet is also good.

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