How to sleep after pregnancy?

I didn’t expect that one day I was bothering by how to sleep. After pregnancy, I was on a big belly every day. When I was sleeping, I was lying on the side or lying on the side or not.In addition to facing the back painful back painful leg cramps every day, there is an additional sleeping position, which is really big.

According to my observation, the sleep quality of most pregnant women after pregnancy will be affected.Due to changes in hormones and identity, many expectant mothers have become easy to insomnia and dream, and it is difficult to fall asleep.

There are also many expectant mothers who are worried about their sleeping position. Will keeping the previous sleeping position affect the growth and development of the child?Is it necessary to take a special sleeping position to help children develop?In fact, the sleeping position will be different during different periods.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the changes in all aspects of the body are not obvious, and the pregnant belly does not have much impact on daily life.The fetus is still developing in the uterus in the pelvic cavity, and the external force will not be very heavy, so at this time, the expectant mothers do not have to worry about sleeping.

In the early pregnancy, expectant mothers may find that they will always be sleepy, and they may want to sleep very much during the day.This common sleepy phenomenon is that after pregnancy, the level of progesterone in expectant mothers increases and has a sedative effect. Therefore, pregnant mothers will feel tired, just like running a marathon.

But at night, the feeling of sleepy will disappear again, and progesterone will affect sleep at night.At this time, the pregnant mother may wish to go to bed when she wants to sleep, and hurry up to rest. After all, the time to lie on the bed may not be the time to sleep.The guarantee of the protection time does not have to be stubborn during the day or night.

After the second trimester, fetal development has gradually taken shape, the placenta has also been formed, and the baby has entered a relatively safe stage.By the fifth month of pregnancy or after entering the 28th weeks, the uterus gradually increased the pregnant belly, and expectant mothers move forward.The direction of the stress of various parts of the body also changes.At this time, the sleeping position will make a corresponding change.

The doctor said that the use of a sleeping position on the left side after pregnancy is good for maternal and babies.First of all, the lying sleeping position on the left side can turn the right rotation to the right position, and it can also reduce the compression of the aorta and iliac artery in the pregnancy, thereby reducing the abnormal fetal position and childbirth abnormalities.

Secondly, the use of a sleeping posture on the left side can maintain the normal tension of the expectant mother, ensure the amount of placenta irrigation, avoid the pressure of the uterine vein of the lower cavity, and increase the exhaustion of pregnant women.Avoid edema and lower limbs.It is also conducive to reducing symptoms such as premature birth and fetal dysplasia.

Sleeping is particularly important for expectant mothers. Many expectant mothers complained to me and said that they could not maintain the correct sleeping position for a whole night. Usually they fell asleep and started to become other postures. When they woke up in the middle of the nightNo longer lying on the left.

Regarding this, in fact, pregnant mothers do not need to be nervous, and keeping the same sleeping position for one night is not easy for anyone.Pregnant mothers only need to relax and keep their left side when they fall asleep. If they find that they change their postures, they can be adjusted in time.

In addition to sleeping positions, a comfortable set of bedding is also an indispensable preparation for maintaining good sleep quality.In addition to the general sheets, expectant mothers can prepare a few more pregnant women with pillows, and put on the waist and legs while sleeping, thereby reducing physical pressure and ensuring sleep quality.

Sleep is very important for pregnant women. Good sleep quality is conducive to the good mood of pregnant mothers and helps the baby grow.

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