How to slow down pregnancy

Let me talk about my situation first. For 14 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnancy vomiting has basically disappeared, but occasionally eats an unsuitable appetite or a bad mood or a bad sleep, and it will vomit.But it is much better than the previous two months!

For the first time, I went to the five weeks of pregnancy. I went to the hospital for about 30 minutes from home to vomit the whole process. I didn’t even have the strength to walk in the parking lot. I went to the hospital for about 10 minutes.In the case, the doctor said that this is normal. Unless you need to be hospitalized when you are particularly serious, there is no good way to stop vomiting.In the next 10 days, basically nothing can be eaten. The whole stomach is swollen, without any appetite, and does not eat, but it will still vomit. The bitter water of yellow and yellow is spit out. The whole person is basically bed.Later, I started to eat a little bit, because they said that they did n’t eat anything, so they forced to eat some white rice porridge, drink some soup, etc., and would vomit seven or eight times a day.The situation did not improve until 13 weeks.

So what can I eat during pregnancy to slow down pregnancy?It can only slow down, because there is no way to let it disappear.

First: To eat light food, don’t believe in the words of the elderly, eat sour or spicy.Especially the powerful pregnant mothers, sour or spicy these heavy tastes, once spit out, hurt the stomach and throat, especially the throat, that feeling is too uncomfortable, of course, if you eat these heavy flavors, if you eat these heavy flavorsIt will not vomit, it is recommended that you eat less, otherwise it will affect the later inspection.

Second: eat less meals.Many pregnant mothers can’t eat things when they are pregnant. I have a deep understanding. The most annoying thing is that others let me eat more.But you ca n’t do n’t eat it. Eat a little less at a time. Remember to eat some vegetables, and then eat a fruit at about 10 am, such as apples, oranges, kiwi, etc. Here you should pay attention to eat less good sugar fruits, such asNecklaces, grapes, etc., can easily lead to high blood sugar during pregnancy.Drink some milk and the like at around 4 pm to add energy. If you vomit a powerful pregnant mother, try not to drink yogurt, which will increase gastric acid and vomit more powerful.

Third: Balanced nutrition.Vegetables are certainly indispensable, try to have as many types.At the same time, it is necessary to consume meat, beans and potato, supplement protein, vitamins and carbohydrates.If you ca n’t eat pork, you can try eating fish, shrimp, etc. This kind of nutritional value and less fat, which is a good choice.

In short, I hope that pregnant mothers will spend this stage of pregnancy and enjoy the happiness during pregnancy earlier!

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