How to supplement calcium after pregnancy?These "natural calcium tablets" arrangement

Calcium supplementation is an old topic. I just said that calcium supplementation is required, and I want to grow up to say that calcium is required. When I am oldIt is a bear -burning–

"Will you just want to collect‘ IQ Tax ’…”

It’s really not!You may not know how calcium your body needs calcium, especially the expectant mothers of pregnancy!You know, "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines 2016" Recommended intake of dietary calcium in adults is 800 mg/day (now this is half enough).

After pregnancy, the expectant mothers also need to add the calcium required for the bone development of the baby’s bone.

So, if we still do it according to our usual eating habits, this calcium intake is really far!Far!No!enough!

it is true!

In the middle and late pregnancy, it is also the main stage of fetal skeletal development and strengthening. Most pregnant women need additional calcium supplementation.

Throughout pregnancy, about 30 grams of calcium intake of expectant mothers will be stored to the fetus.If the calcium intake of expectant mothers is not enough, your body will "intelligently" release the calcium on your bones to the fetus, which may cause your own body to insufficient calcium.

So how much calcium does expectant mother need to take in one day?

Okay, calcium supplementation is supplemented by calcium, but calcium supplementation does not have to rely on "eating"?Isn’t it good to take the sun?

In fact … it may not be that.

You look down on it too much

The sun is really related to calcium supplementation.

The 7-dehydrogenation cholesterol in our skin can synthesize vitamin D3 through ultraviolet irradiation in the sun.

Vitamin D can promote calcium absorption.If vitamin D is lacking during pregnancy, it may lead to the disorders of calcium metabolism in mothers and babies, including newborn hypotonal calcium, hand -foot convulsions, infant enamel dysplasia, and maternal bone softening.

Therefore, it is reasonable to dry the sun, which can supplement calcium … The absorbed "booster" cannot be used directly.

But, facing the warmth of the autumn and warmth, for pregnant women, it is a good way to relax and exercise.

However, if you want to supplement calcium, we still have to be more directly, and it is more effective to eat your belly!

Eat three meals a day!

Remember these "natural calcium tablets" list, daily recipes can be added

√ Soy products: soybeans, tofu, etc. (the calcium content of tofu can reach 110-140mg/100g).

√ Seafood products: abalone and clams in shellfish (more than 150 mg/100g of calcium content), phoenix fish, cod, bipless fish, salmon, sea bass (most of its calcium content in 50-150 mg/100g),The calcium content of kelp and seaweed is also relatively high.

Warm reminder: Moms are best not to eat seafish on the top of the food chain, such as tuna, red Luo Fei fish, shark, swordfish, etc.

√ Dark green leafy vegetables and cauliflower: such as cabbage, rapeseed, broccoli, etc., its calcium content is 50-130mg/100g.

Dairy or dairy products, one cup of each morning and evening

Although the calcium content mentioned earlier, you also see it. 100g also contains about 100 mg. It is "long -term and long -term."

So you need the "king of calcium supplement" in the food industry -milk and dairy products, high content, well absorbed.

It contains 1000-1200 mg of calcium.

However, it is obviously a bit difficult for your stomach to rely on drinking 1 liter of fresh milk every day to achieve the "standard" of calcium supplementation.

You can try to arrange this:

Arrange high -calcium ingredients in daily three meals to achieve about half of the "indicators";

The remaining calcium can be obtained from milk and dairy products.Suggestions for maternal and child dietary pagodas: drink 300 grams of milk daily in early pregnancy; drink 300-500 grams of milk daily in the middle and late pregnancy.

Although calcium supplementation during pregnancy is important, expectant mothers need to balance and comprehensive nutrition.Therefore, when choosing dairy products, it is better to choose pregnant mothers milk powder suitable for nutritional needs during pregnancy.

Eat less salt and reduce calcium loss

In addition to more intake, we have to prevent calcium loss.Otherwise, come in, there are no effort.

What is the relationship between calcium and salt?The salt contains a large amount of sodium, the body’s absorption of sodium, and there is a "eating more row" mechanism.When sodium is discharged from the body, some calcium will also be taken away.

The more sodium eats, the more calcium excreted through urine.Each 2300 mg of sodium (equivalent to 6 grams of salt) will lose 40-60 mg of calcium.

Therefore, it is time to change the habit of "not salty or not"!

For mothers, calcium supplementation is important, but it is not necessary to tremble and be as thin as ice.Remember the following sentences, let go of your pregnancy happily!

Eat less salt, drink more milk

Eat more beans and seafood

Green leaves are indispensable

Take a walk with the sun

If you have any questions about calcium supplement, you can also leave a message below to tell us!

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