Huaicai is like pregnancy, and it will only appear after a long time

Many people think that they are full of belly, and then they regard themselves as thousands of miles. They think that Bole has not seen his strength in the photo, so he disappointed and gloomy, and felt that he was pregnant.

There is a classic saying in Han Han’s "Three Gates": "Huai is like pregnancy, and it will only appear after a long time." Therefore, even if you are full of five cars and learn the five cars, don’t worry, because your talent is accompanied by growth.Displayed little by little.

"It’s always glowing in gold." As long as we have true learning, we do n’t have to be afraid to be buried by a bunch of “mediocre talents”.

Before studying MBA, Xu Zhao was the marketing manager of a large company.Now Huai Huai MBA certificate, after coming to a new company, Xu Zhao found that his work is not as easy and interesting as he imagined: the people in the department come here first, and they are familiar with the company’s situation. They always put on a one of them.The posture of the versatile qualifications does not cooperate with Xu Zhao’s work at all.

Xu Zhao thought, instead of competing with them, it is better to be conscious, not to mention that in terms of education or abilities, they are not their opponents.Therefore, when they presented to Xu Zhao’s instructions or some of their work could not be done, Xu Zhao could be willing to finish the green leaves and fulfill his heart.Although he thinks that his work is plain, he is a supporting role of everyone, but he is the person who has the most specific work. Doing more things is beneficial to the cultivation of his ability to work.

In this way, Xu Zhao was respected by department colleagues and the appreciation of his boss with his experience and ability and low -key work style.After the promotion, he still lowered himself, as always as a supporting role to cooperate with everyone sincerely.After another year, he ranked first in the annual performance assessment and successfully replaced the post of the departure department manager.

Don’t consider yourself to be a supporting role.A person with great ambitions and chests, who knows that only by converging their own edge, and relying on a drop of accumulation and persistence, can we walk step by step and firm, and eventually see their own light.Just like the actors who are red and purple in the entertainment industry, Zhou Xingchi, Huang Bo, Wang Baoqiang, Yan Ni, etc., standing before the protagonist, I do n’t know how many years they have run, how many years they have been supporting the role, relying on the year of year.The persistence was "boiled".

There was a college graduate, who was still a person who obtained the MBA management degree. Starting from the trial of driving the door and a suitcase, the last step climbed to the position of the company’s vice president;Several college students were happy to apply for, and they said, who did not want to go to the end, but before that, they had to learn things at low.

Aristotle said: "The harmonious unity of high standards and low -attitude words and deeds is a necessary condition for creating a heavy and brilliant life." For students who have just stepped up to work, the most important thing isTo survive, we can develop.Therefore, put down the shelf and enter the state of survival in a low attitude.Only when you "put down the shelf" can you see it true, vivid and specific, can you understand the true meaning of things, and can realize the expected results and succeed.

As the saying goes: "Mu Xiu is in the forest, the wind will destroy; the stone is higher than the shore, and the flow will be turbulent." Before his wings are not abundant and the strength is not strong enough, if you can show strong everywhereJealousy and suspicion are not conducive to their own autonomy and alert.If we all live with the arrogance of heaven, we will not be practical to be the dream of big bosses, tycies, and chairmen at first, I am afraid that we will have nothing to think about it.

In fact, for each of us, work does not need any words.The workplace is the best place to test a person’s ability, value, and role.Instead of complaining at home, it is better to put down the shelf and work hard to do everything in the position of the post well, so as to gradually grow and wisdom through the tempering of small things, adding chips to seeking greater development.

Therefore, newcomers in the workplace should learn to bow their heads. Only in this way can we reduce many resistance in the process of workplace, win more opportunities for themselves, and achieve new development.

Generally speaking, when enterprises recruit employees, the most concerned is definitely the value that the staff can create to the company.Some college students have a high degree of education and unwilling to do less monthly salary and relatively grassroots work. They always imagine that high salary and leisurely work, but ignore the conditions of the enterprise when recruiting high -paying staff.

When some graduates are just working, they can quickly change their characters, find a targeted position, and start from the bottom.Not only did he accumulate rich industry knowledge in his work, but also expanded his own network resources, but also exercised his ability to independence and resistance.Essence

We just stepped into the society and often complained: "I graduated from the management department of my prestigious school, but let me be a typer." "I am still a master’s degree, how can I let me clean up the office?"After grievances, the company believes that this is large and small, and we have nowhere to be ambitious but nowhere.

For a college student who has just stepped into the society, he has no work experience, and even if he has theoretical and knowledge of the stomach, he cannot be applied to practice in practice.Only by tolerating such so -called "grievances" and a chance to understand each other and the company, so that the company can see the value and the value of our existence and the value of creation can be recognized, thereby achieving their career ideals.

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