Husband goes out to work, his wife is derailed, 55 -year -old uncle is pregnant, and husband: he is older than your dad

The husband worked for the family, but the left -behind wife was unwilling to derail the 55 -year -old uncle. When they were caught, the two were barely in the car.

The husband’s heart broke and scolded: "You should be shameless! He is older than your dad!"

Wu Jun and Zhang Hongxia met through the Internet. After meeting, the two quickly fell into love and married.

During the two years after marriage, the couple’s relationship was very good.

In order to support her family, Wu Jun went out to work, leaving Zhang Hongxia at home with her mother and her daughter who had just been born.

When her daughter was five years old, Zhang Hongxia called Bao Xing: "I’m two months pregnant!"

Wu Junxin was doubtful: "It’s not right at this day, I am not at home during that time."

So Wu Jun told Zhang Hongxia: "If the child is mine, it will be born; if it is not mine, don’t."

Wu Jun went out to work for many years. He knew that his wife was not easy, and he was considerate of his wife in this regard.

"Neuropathy!" Zhang Hongxia on the phone was very angry.

When Wu Jun saw his wife so determined, he didn’t say much, so he had to let go of his doubts and let Zhang Hongxia be at home to give birth at home.

The child was very happy as soon as the child was born, but there were two things that made Wu Jun very puzzled.

First of all, when the mother -in -law was born, she immediately asked Zhang Hongxia to divorce Wu Jun.

Secondly, the child is not like himself.

When Wu Jun proposed to take his child to do parent -child identification, Zhang Hongxia was very angry: "If you want to do it, even his daughter will take it together!"

Wu Jun was not scared by her retreat, and decisively took her son to do parent -child identification.

"Children are really mine!"

Wu Jun, who was consciously deceived, tried his best to find a third party -a 55 -year -old uncle!

Wu Jun collapsed.

He found a third -party wife’s phone call, but after understanding the situation, he even broke him even more: his wife had long been with the uncle. The child’s life Zhang Hongxia’s family knew that only he was covered in the drum!

"At first we gave her 40,000 and asked her to fight, but I didn’t expect her to leave a hand, the money took it, and the child told us when the child was two or three months."

The third party told Wu Jun that her husband was just holding the mentality of playing and never thought about divorce.

Wu Jun remembered his poor mother.

Mother found rectal cancer during confinement in Zhang Hongxia.In order to take care of Zhang Hongxia and her mother’s mother to endure the pain and not to do it, the mother’s cancer has spread, and it is late.

Wu Jun, who was anxious, found Zhang Hongxia and divorced her.

But Zhang Hongxia said that Wu Jun’s mother had nothing to do with herself: "If you don’t go to see if you are sick, what’s the matter with me."

In addition, Zhang Hongxia disagrees with divorce: "We still have a daughter to raise it! I will give him the child and break the relationship with him, rest assured!"

Thinking of her young daughter, Wu Jun was soft.

Zhang Hongxia was also very aggrieved in her heart. If she hadn’t care about her husband, she would not find it.

Wu Jun likes to play online games, often playing with mobile phones without leaving hands.When I got home, I did n’t smell the child and wife, and only care about playing games.

Her family was looking down on rural background, and sarcastically used her words from time to time.

Over time, Zhang Hongxia was chilling.

As a result, Zhang Hongxia decided to go out to work with Wu Jun, let Wu Jun rent a house first, and arranged it properly.

After Wu Jun rented the house, he did not expect Zhang Hongxia to change his hexagram: "I am not in state recently. I am afraid that I can’t find a job." I won’t pass it first. "

Wu Jun immediately felt that Zhang Hongxia had something to hide from himself, and returned home, but he couldn’t find Zhang Hongxia everywhere.

In desperation, Wu Jun had to call the third party’s wife again.

Unexpectedly, the information received this call was stunned.

"I divorced him, and the property was divided into my children. We divorced and stayed together and lived together. Your wife estimated that we only knew that we divorced, so I came out again."

Wu Jun was angry!

He found his wife Zhang Hongxia and the third party through the guidance of a good -hearted person.

The angry Wu Jun gave Zhang Hongxia two slaps: "You should be shameless!"

Zhang Hongxia was so angry that he scolded Wu Jun: "My derailment is a moral level, but you can’t hit me!"

"Why do I know you? What do you see?" What do you see! "

In the end, Wu Jun decided to divorce, asking her to pay her daughter’s support for 100,000 yuan, and apologized to herself and her mother in public.

How could Zhang Hongxia promise this condition: "You dream!"

In desperation, Wu Jun had to sue Zhang Hongxia: "I must protect my legitimate rights and interests."

Both husband and wife lived in different places for a long time, causing a weak relationship. Zhang Hongxia, who did not keep the moral bottom line, did something to hurt her family.

From the beginning, Wu Jun should not forgive Zhang Hongxia, giving her the opportunity to repeatedly hurt her.

I hope Zhang Hongxia can recognize her mistakes and give the victim Wu Jun a reasonable compensation.

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