I accidentally conceived my third child. The young couple did not want the pressure because of the pressure, but the in -laws faced the daughter -in -law.

"I’m pregnant, it’s been two months." Su Ya clenched the pregnancy test paper, his voice trembled.She and Lei Ming have been married for seven years, and a 5 -year -old son Xiaohao, Xiaoxiao, a 3 -year -old daughter, has a happy life.This unexpected pregnancy made Su Ya caught off guard, she didn’t know how to tell Lei Ming’s news.

"My dear, what’s wrong with you? The face looks not very good." As soon as Lei Ming entered the door, he looked at Su Ya with concern.

"I …" Su Ya hesitated, and he had the courage to say, "I’m pregnant. It’s been two months."

Lei Ming was stunned. After a long time, he stunned and said, "Really, really? Will we have a third baby?"

Su Ya nodded and his eyes were red: "I’m sorry, this time it is really surprising … Our life has been hard. Now adding the third child, I really don’t know what to do."

Lei Ming walked over and hugged Su Ya, and said softly, "Don’t be afraid, we will find a way. Children are our common flesh, and we will take them responsibly to raise them."

Su Ya nodded in Lei Ming’s arms, tears in tears.She knows that as a responsible mother, she has no choice.

One weekend, Lei Ming and Su Ya told the parents of the two sides.Su Ya’s parents’ response was relatively calm and said that they would try their best to give them support.However, Lei Ming’s parents were completely excited.

"Oh my god! This is really the gift of heaven! Our family is finally about to add again!" Lei Ming’s mother was ecstatic.

"Good boy, you really make us proud! Multi -son and grandson is the tradition of our family, which should be passed down." Lei Ming’s father patted Lei Ming’s shoulder happily.

Facing the joy of the father -in -law, Su Ya was silently blocked.She tried to explain: "Dad, mom, our current life is already very difficult, and a child will be very heavy." The burden will be very heavy. "

"Children are the gifts of heaven. When they come, they can support them as long as they are born. We will also support you." Lei Ming’s mother said without care.

"Furthermore, the more children, the better, and the future can be passed on. This is the tradition of our family. Don’t think so much." The father -in -law also said.

When Su Ya heard this, an unknown fire in his heart.She bit her lips and forced her to be directly against her in -laws.She knows that in the face of traditional concepts, she is different from her in -laws, and it is difficult to achieve an agreement.

After returning home, Su Ya was dull.She felt that her in -laws did not understand their situation at all, and only adhered to traditional concepts.

"My dear, I understand your feelings. But after all, parents are elders, and we can’t do it directly with them." Lei Ming said softly.

"But they don’t consider our actual difficulties at all!" Su Ya said, "Children are a huge spirit and economic burden for us, which is not a problem for them!"

"I know, I know." Lei Ming hugged Su Ya, "We will find a way, and I will always find a way to solve the problem. Believe me."

In the following days, Su Ya was serious.She began to consider various choices and even thought of the possibility of abortion.And these thoughts did not dare to say to her in -laws and Lei Mingming.

One day, her in -laws came to the house as a guest, and when she saw Su Ya’s face, she was very unhappy.

"Daughter -in -law, pregnant women just have to be happy, how can she look so bad?" The father -in -law said.

"Yes, don’t always look frowning, pregnancy is a happy thing." Mother -in -law followed.

Su Ya couldn’t help fighting back: "Are you easy to say that it is easy? Is this very stressful for us?"

"Please, just have children, how much pressure is?

"You …" Su Ya said, only feeling the anger in his heart burning.

"Okay, dad, mom, Su Ya is worrying about the livelihood." Lei Ming quickly persuaded.

"What are you worrying about, you can rest assured, your parents will try their best to support you." Mother -in -law said.

"Yes, you don’t need your care of your children’s affairs. Learning to be good is the duty." The father -in -law interfaced.

"What are your concepts of Chen Rotten!" Su Ya shouted intolerable, "It is a huge burden and risk for women to give birth to children. Do we have no choice?"

For a while, the house was silent.

"Su Ya!" Lei Ming hurried out, "What are you!"

"I’m talking about facts!" Su Ya said red red eyes.

"Well, you are not filial daughter -in -law, dare to hit the in -laws like this!" The mother -in -law was furious.

"I’m not filial! I’m just thinking about myself and family!" Su Ya shouted impulsively.

"You!" Mother -in -law was so angry.

"Dad, mom, Su Ya is fast for a while, don’t be angry." Lei Ming quickly persuaded.

The mother -in -law didn’t speak and walked angrily.The father -in -law also shook his head and expressed his disappointment.

Su Ya tears is like rain.She knew that her relationship with her in -laws suddenly intensified.

That night, Lei Ming solemnly said to Su Ya: "My dear, I decided. No matter what you make, I will support you."

Su Ya looked at her husband with tears and nodded.

In the early morning of the next day, Su Ya came to the hospital alone.She doesn’t want anyone to know anyone.

"Ms., do you need me to do something for you?" The nurse asked gently.

"I … I want to get a fetus." Su Ya was like a mosquito fly.

"Okay, you can fill in the form here first." The nurse nodded clearly and handed Su Ya a procedure.

Although Su Ya was in pain, he was relieved.She knew that she made the right choice.

The operation was smooth.Su Ya lived in the ward alone and finally cried.She deeply regrets and blame her choices, but she also understands the helplessness of reality.At this time, the ward door was pushed lightly, and Lei Ming walked in.

"My dear, don’t blame yourself. This is not your mistake alone." Lei Ming softly comforted.

"I’m sorry … it’s all my fault …" Su Ya cried.

"No, I didn’t protect you and my baby. I will work hard to be a competent husband and father in the future." Lei Ming said firmly.

Su Ya held her husband’s hand tightly and tears.She knows that her husband will always support her.

After being discharged home, Su Yati waited for her in -laws’ blame.I did not expect that the in -laws were just silent without any accusations.After a few days, her mother -in -law found Su Ya, and her eyes were full of distress: "Child, sorry, the mother did not consider Zhou Quan. In the future, there is any difficulty to say that the mother will fully support you."

Su Ya burst into tears.She knew that this was the understanding and acceptance of the in -laws.

"Sorry, mom … I’m not good …" Su Ya choked and said.

"Silly child, mother understands you." My mother -in -law comforted softly.

Su Ya hugged her mother -in -law tightly, her tears rushed out, and she washed all the pain and apologies.

This winter, the family sat around the warm table.Su Ya held the little daughter Xiao Xiaoxing to do the Lantern Festival dumplings highly."The Lantern Festival is the most beautiful!" Xiaoxiao raised the rice dumplings to show off.

Everyone laughed into a ball, and her in -laws were filled with kind joy.Su Ya looked at the snowflakes flying outside the window, full of joy and gratitude.She knew that her family’s love had cured all her pain and made her strong.

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