I accidentally got pregnant before the trial period, what should I do?

When many employers are interviewing employees, they are particularly cautious about women’s choices, especially female employees aged aged 25-30.

Indeed, having children is one of the best things for women. It not only involves its own time, money, energy, but also includes emotions.There are often people units told me: As long as there are female employees to have children, basically the productivity of this employee is 0 within two years.In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, the employer has some scruples and it is really affectionate, but the law also clearly requires that employers are not allowed to expel pregnancy and lactation women in any way, but if they are still accidentally pregnant, pregnant women will be accidentally pregnant.Will it be fired?

First of all, the female employees of pregnancy during the probation period can be fired, but the reason for the dismissal must be that the trial period does not meet the hiring conditions. If the employee does not meet the hiring conditions during the probation period, the enterprise can dismiss.This removal does not need to be notified in advance, and there is no economic compensation.However, companies must prove that employees do have no cases that do not meet the conditions of hiring.This requirement is the unified requirements of all employees, and the female employees who are pregnant during the probation period are no exception.

However, the female employee during the probation period is not allowed to be allowed to be dismissed according to pregnancy itself.Because in the labor relationship, whether during the probation period or during the normal labor contract period, enterprises do not allow unilateral dismissal on the grounds of employee pregnancy.

If this happens: Before the employee enrolled, the company clearly required employees to not be pregnant within one year after the employment, and the employee agreed in writing, but if they are still pregnant during the probation period, can they dismiss?

In this case, the company has questioned the character and integrity of the employees, which is understandable.First of all, it is necessary to understand that fertility is a right to dharma. It cannot be restricted by the enterprise, and the enterprise has no right to restrict it.Therefore, before the employee’s employment, whether it is based on what is based on or restricting the employee’s fertility rights, it will not be supported by the law.Therefore, the premise of the entire incident was caused by the corporate boundary of the law.

After understanding these situations, it is presumably that pregnant women already know it.In fact, enterprises and employees are not opposing relationships. As long as you work hard within the scope of your physical permission, you have a good relationship with colleagues, instead of choosing a relaxed and stable job for pregnancy.Will hold out to take care of you.

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