I am almost 16W haha, share the happiness and sadness of the next way

If you have been married to your husband for more than half a year, you have started to prepare for pregnancy for more than half a year. Before marriage, doctors who have done a marriage inspection said normal. Except for her husband a little weak, he has been taking Chinese patent medicine for conditioning during his husband, and he does not allow him to stay up late to smoke and urge him to exercise every day.I was pregnant in the sixth month of pregnancy. During the period, I suspected that I had a problem. In the last two months, I did follicle monitoring. Because I was working in the hospital, it was very convenient. The doctor said that the follicles were long and round.You can get pregnant normally, and there is no psychological burden. I did not expect to be pregnant in the sixth month.I was very busy at that month, and quarreled with my colleagues. When the weather was exhaling, I forgot to prepare for pregnancy. The surprise was always inadvertent.

I was tested on the fourth day before menstruation. David was very light pink. I couldn’t believe it. I tested it many times that day was light pink.It seems that my world seems to have been lit, and that day may be the happiest day in my life.

Then I immediately took the blood, and the HCG24 was measured, and the progesterone was 53ng. The doctor said that it was just pregnant. It was very good.Don’t go too early, you will scare yourself.

After a few days of happiness, I was happy to insomnia, and at the same time worried about it. I couldn’t help Baidu a day. I followed the pregnancy. I couldn’t eat things. I couldn’t vomit.I lost a lot, and I was very lethargic during the day. I was sleepy. I slept well at night.

I wanted to cry every day when I went home every day. I couldn’t restrain the uncomfortableness. My baby’s best was that I did not let me vomit, and I started to urinate frequently later, especially at night.The cub is not developing well. I watched what tires stopped on the Internet every day and I was afraid of death. 6w before I saw the pregnancy sac. 7W+1 saw the fetal heart buds. The tire pressure was 6.5mm. It was just seen before the New Year.Good new year gift

9w to do the B -ultrasound to see the uterine cavity effusion, more than 2cm. The doctor said that it was a threatened abortion, which scared me. As a result, the people around me said that many people had uterine cavity effusion, and I slowly let go.The doctor opened a box of progesterone tablets for me and said that it was good to eat it. In fact, the progesterone would not be low.When 12w did NT, the uterine effusion had disappeared. NT passed haha. I also saw that my cub became a humanoid.

After 12W pregnancy, it basically disappears, that is, as frequent urination, frequent urination to suspecting the bladder leakage.The appetite starts to get better, and I don’t sleep, because the quality of sleep at night in frequent urination will be poor.

Pregnancy is a very hard work, and the hard work may only be able to feel the same with the child.In a blink of an eye, it can be done for more than a month and can be used as a big row.

My baby, I hope he is the happiest person in the world!It is my happiest thing to be his mother!

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