I am pregnant, the only thing I can’t eat!Other rest assured to eat

It’s about Mother’s Day soon. Today, Little Chelk wants to talk to expectant mothers.

Knowing that after pregnancy, many expectant mothers become careful when they eat; people around them often "Sister Ma" upper, telling you that this cannot be eaten, and that cannot be touched.

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In fact, for most of the pregnant mothers, the food they need to pay attention to is the same:

1. Strict bartender

2. Do not eat raw food

3. Limited caffeine

4. Avoid fish with high mercury

Other foods can be eaten as long as they are clean and hygienic, they usually have no allergies or other discomfort.

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Alcohol will enter the placenta and hinder the growth and weight growth of the fetus.

Fetal alcohol poisoning syndrome may cause severe malformations, low intelligence, good character, and abnormal behavior after birth.

Suggestion: Strictly avoid.But don’t be too anxious if you drink it without knowing it.

Related food

● Red wine

● Rice wine, wine brewing

● Fruit wine, like RIO

● Sweet wine, like Baili sweet

● Summary desserts, such as wine heart chocolate, rum wine cake

The accuracy of red wine is not low, and it cannot be beauty;

The alcoholicness of commercially available wines and rice wine is large. Some may be higher than beer. The degree of self -made wine/rice wine is difficult to grasp, so it is not recommended that pregnant women eat wine directly.

As for the wine that is eaten after heating, add a little wine and cooking wine when cooking, and the problem is not big.How much alcohol is there after cooking is cooked?

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Rio drinks like a drink, but the amount of alcohol is not low (3.8%VOL), which is higher than beer (such as Parkway beer: 3.6%Vol).

There are two types of sweet wine: alcohol contains alcohol; those who do not contain alcohol can drink appropriately, but pay attention to sugar to avoid drinking too much.

The chocolate of wine generally marked the accuracy of the wine on the packaging, which means alcohol. The expectant mother should still avoid it;

After the Rim’s cake is roasted at high temperature, some may not have alcohol, and some may still have residues. Eat as little as possible. Eating too much is not conducive to weight control.

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There are many pathogenic bacteria in food. Whether you are pregnant or not, you should try to avoid it. Cook the food thoroughly and then eat it to prevent food poisoning.

For example, Listor, pregnant women are particularly careful.

Because pregnant women are easier to recruit than ordinary people, and infected pregnant women can pass bacteria to the fetus, causing serious consequences such as abortion, fetal death, premature birth or newborn disease.

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High temperature can kill Listella, so it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat food, eat hot, and eat heat.

Related food

● Soft cheese

● Frozen cooked chicken

● Meat sauce

● Frozen meat (such as ham slices)

● Smoke meat, such as Salami sausage

● Eat seafood (such as sashimi, oysters)

● Smoked seafood (such as smoky salmon)

● Unexpected milk

● Prefabricated lettuce salad, sandwiches containing lettuce, etc.

Freshly squeezed fruit juice, fresh -cut fruit plate, cold dishes, lettuce salad and other things, it is not recommended to buy outside, because I do n’t know if the processing environment is hygienic, whether the preservation environment is qualified, and how long it has been put.

Of course, if you do it at home, you must pay attention to hygiene.

Pay attention to these

● Raw eggs, such as hearty eggs, hot spring eggs, homemade egg yolk sauce, Tiramisu, etc.

● There may be food that may not be cooked, such as fast fried meat, white -cut chicken with blood shreds

Raw eggs are vulnerable to contaminated with Salmonella, it is still recommended to eat all cooked eggs.Can "raw eggs" really eat raw?

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After the microorganisms in the water are transformed into a more toxic metal mercury by the microorganisms in the water, they are absorbed by the biological such as fish and shrimp in the water, and accumulate in the food chain.

Large fish are risky to collect mercury.

Excessive intake of methyl -based mercury can damage the nervous system in the development of the fetus and infants.

But pregnant mothers should not give up excellent food like fish.Fish contain a variety of nutrients required by the human body, including DHA and high -quality protein that is beneficial to pregnant women and fetuses.

Pregnant women, women who are preparing for pregnancy, and young children need to avoid fish with high mercury content.

According to the mercury content of fish mercury content for more than 20 years, the US FDA calculated the weight of fish, pregnant women, breasts, and children’s safe foods for more than 20 years.

Although there are great differences in the consumption habits of China and the United States, there are also a lot of sea fish we are familiar with this list, which can also be used by us.

For many women, life has long been inseparable from the company of coffee; but after pregnancy, because "caffeine can cause abortion" and other remarks, they have to cut love.

Can’t you drink coffee when you are pregnant?

According to the current research conclusion, pregnant women consume less than 200 mg daily caffeine is safe, which is about the amount of a Starbucks cup.

The caffeine content of a cup of Star Buckle Latte (480ml) is about 150mg. If it is de -caffeic, it may be about 25mg; a cup of 480ml coffee caffeine content is about 100mg.

Related food

● Latte, coffee,

● Chocolate

● Coco, hot chocolate

● Tea, milk tea

● Functional drinks, such as Red Bull

Compared with caffeine, the biggest problem of cocoa and hot ingenuity is that the sugar content is particularly high and it is easy to gain weight.In the same way, the problem of chocolate is to grow meat.

Tea also contain caffeine, but there is basically no problem with light tea, just do not drink strong tea; some milk tea

1 cup of black tea contains about 60mg caffeine. Oolong tea is slightly lower, 40mg; green tea caffeine is lower than full fermented tea such as black tea, oolong, and can be preferred.

Other drinks

● Sports drink

● Carbonated drink

● Fruit juice, NFC juice

● Soda water

Functional drinks and sports drinks are not recommended to drink regularly.Not only is sugar, but you may unknowingly consume too much minerals.

Other drinks, there is no problem drinking in moderation; a lot of sugar, not good for drinking too much.Pay attention to avoid high sugar diet during pregnancy.High blood glucose during pregnancy, beware of the baby’s intelligence!

The sugar -free soda is still relatively healthy. Some mothers also responded that soda water is effective for alleviating pregnancy, accurate ~

The most important thing for diet during pregnancy is "diverse and balanced", rather than eating only a few foods, or to grieve yourself for some taboos.

In addition, food safety is also important.In addition to the food itself, the safety of processing process should also be paid attention to, such as ripening, completely heating, and so on.

You have heard what pregnant women can’t eat?

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