I am pregnant, vomiting every day, what should I do?

A prospective mother said, "I have been pregnant for 11 weeks now, but I am still spit acid every day, confused, and occasionally, who will save me, what’s a good way to relieve it? Seeking everyone, pregnant women vomit great vomiting.How to do it?"

"I also felt like a fire some time ago. You can try to eat less meals and try to eat light food. You can eat some alkaline foods such as noodles, and you can eat less sweets and eat less sweets, Keep it again. After 3 months, the pregnant woman’s vomiting reaction will be smaller. "

—— Gagana

"You can try a composite vitamin tablets for pregnant women, which can alleviate pregnancy. If it is too powerful, you still have to go to the hospital, because early nutrition is also important to the fetus."


"I feel the same. When I eat, I feel a good taste. When I get to my stomach, I feel uncomfortable. My mouth is very dry, and I still feel uncomfortable when I drink water."

—— 柘 柘 柘

"When it feels signs, it is effective to eat noodles in advance, but it feels light."

—— Cheng Ran

"I am three months before pregnancy, and I also vomit the darkness. The favorite is white water soaked rice+tofu milk."


"It will also vomit in the morning brushing in the morning. Later, the appetite opened in the third month. Eat a lot every day, and stick to it."

–one day

"I was not very powerful at that time, but it was enough. You can try to talk about plum candy.

—— Wang Huihui

"Supplement folic acid tablets, I started eating one month before pregnancy, and now there is no response. It feels very easy."

—— Princess Xiangxiang

"I have been now fourteen weeks, and I still vomit occasionally, but I must eat it after vomiting, otherwise my body can’t stand, and the feeling of fiction is even more uncomfortable."

—— Xiaojiao

"I just 12 weeks, I ca n’t eat anything every day, or I just eat what to spit, when can it end? Let’ s persist together! I wish you good pregnancy. ”

——But for the baby

"About 3/4 pregnant women will feel nauseous during the first 3 months of pregnancy, and even vomit often. The nausea usually starts from 6 weeks of pregnancy, but it may have started as early as 4 weeks of pregnancy.For more than a month, this symptom will become more and more serious.

About half of the pregnant woman will no longer feel nauseous until the 14th week, and most of the remaining people will take about 1 month to feel the disgusting symptoms slowly decrease.However, after that, pregnancy vomiting may come back to the entire pregnancy.

Does pregnant vomiting affect your baby?

Mild to moderate nausea during pregnancy and occasional vomiting generally do not affect the baby’s health.As long as there is no dehydration or too little eating, even if you do not increase your weight in the early days of pregnancy (3 months before pregnancy), there is no problem.In most cases, you should be able to recover your appetite quickly and start to increase weight.

If nausea makes you unable to guarantee your diet balance, you must take vitamins during pregnancy to ensure that you have the nutrients needed for your body.If the iron element makes you feel more disgusting, you can choose vitamin supplements with lower iron content or non -iron.

Long -term and severe vomiting increases the chance of premature birth, low -body birth and small newborn.However, a recent study found that among the prospective mothers who are hospitalized in severe vomiting, as long as the weight increases during pregnancy is more than 7 kg, vomiting will not cause adverse consequences."

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