I don’t know if I am pregnant!How should expectant mothers judge that she is pregnant?

After finishing the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Pig is the Year of the Pig.

Many parents want to have a baby golden pig,

For mothers who are not yet pregnant,

These two months are also the last sprint of Golden Pig Baby ~

Except for these parents who are always preparing at all times,

There are also some young expectant parents who are very confused.

Obviously I have been pregnant for a month or two, I still know afterwards,

Some even some will not know that you are pregnant,

I tossed the child without careful.

Women are preparing for pregnancy or not,

You should have a clear understanding of your pregnancy.

Haven’t you come yet?

Is the most intuitive thing about pregnancy is to see the aunt,

For women who are more accurate,

If it exceeds my normal rules for several days, I haven’t come,

You should check it yourself.

For people who are short -term,

Look at your longest interval.

The baby’s month and due date are judged by my aunt,

Calculated with aunt’s interval 30 days,

If the days when my aunt should come, I haven’t come yet,

Then the baby in the belly may have been two weeks.

So those mothers who did not come before the two -month aunt did not come,

Really need long snacks!

And it is really important to record your aunt time!

Is the mental state okay?

Most mothers will be tired in the early stages of pregnancy,

I often can’t afford the mental and sleepy,

Some mothers will mistakenly think that it is caused by work pressure.

So I did not attract attention,

And this is also very easy to be ignored.

The fatigue during pregnancy is mainly because of

Alerance of lutein affects vascular dilation and blood pressure is reduced.

Blood slowly concentrates to the uterus,

In particular, some mothers have symptoms of anemia,

Then there will be insufficient blood supply to the brain,

This leads to the feeling of fatigue and sleepy.

Is the stomach uncomfortable?

There is also a common way to judge pregnancy:

Once my mother has a pregnancy vomiting,

The old people in the family will react as soon as possible,

Will it be there?

Most mothers will have symptoms of pregnancy vomiting,

And pregnancy vomiting generally starts from 6 weeks,

Although it is not a timely judgment method,

But it is relatively reliable.

But some mothers still can’t think of their pregnancy,

I still thought that I might be a bad stomach.

This misunderstanding is very dangerous,

If you want to take some medicine yourself, solve it,

Then the drug is likely to hurt the baby in the stomach.

So even if it is really only gastrointestinal discomfort,

It’s better to go to the hospital to check it ~

Is it more sensitive?

After pregnancy, the hormone status of the mother will change.

These changes will also be reflected on the body,

Some mothers will become very sensitive,

It’s not just physical.

Moms’ sensory stimulus will be amplified,

It will be more afraid of cold and hot pain than before,

Breasts can also become swollen and painful.

Mom will also have emotional fluctuations,

Often happy and sad,

Happy emotions come quickly,

It’s easier to explode.

Whether it is physical or emotional sensitivity,

It’s very similar to the situation when visiting the aunt,

But if the aunt didn’t come, the same is true,

Then it is likely to be a mother ~

There is only one situation that may not be pregnant.

But if there are multiple phenomena at the same time,

Then the probability of pregnancy has doubled ~

Although young girls have no experience,

But you still have to pay attention to your body at all times ~

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