I failed to get pregnant for eight years of marriage. To prove that I can only find someone else, try it

How much love, the wind and rain that can be able to carry reality. Although we have said that regardless of poverty and wealth, we must be with each other, but really happen when it happens?What do you do?

Breeding of suspicion

Li Ming and Wang Lin have been married for eight years.They have always lived a harmonious life, but the only regret is that they have not been able to have a child.At first, they thought it was only a matter of time, but with the passage of years, the gap between Li Ming and Wang Lin gradually breed.

Wang Lin gradually doubted her body, and she began to worry about whether she had fertility.She secretly went to the hospital for a series of examinations, and the results showed that her body had no problem.However, this result did not make Wang Lin feel at ease, and she began to doubt whether Li Ming’s body had a problem.

So Li Ming decided to go to the hospital for examination.His results confirmed Wang Lin’s guess that there were some problems with his sperm quality, but it was not a big problem that could not be solved.This discovery made Li Ming very frustrated, and he felt that his man’s spirit was greatly challenged.

The secret of IVF

After seeking many doctors, Li Ming and Wang Lin learned that IVF is their best choice.They decided to go to a specialized IVF Center for help.After a period of waiting and treatment, Wang Lin successfully conceived.

However, Li Ming and Wang Lin faced a difficult choice.They knew that if IVF tube babies told Li Ming’s parents, they might reject the child because of the pressure of the passage.After hesitation, they decided not to tell anyone for the time being, wait for the child’s birth before making plans.

However, their secrets have not been able to keep too long.Wang Lin’s body changed, and the fact that she was pregnant was gradually noticed.The news quickly passed to Li Ming’s parents.

Get the arrival of people

Li Ming’s parents heard that Wang Lin was pregnant, and she was surprised and angry.They are happy with the news of Wang Lin’s pregnancy, but they are angry with Li Ming and Wang Lin’s concealment of this fact.They think this is disrespect and betrayal of them.

Li Ming’s parents decided to go to Li Ming and Wang Lin’s house to talk to them.When they arrived at Li Ming and Wang Lin’s house, they did not knock on the door, but pushed the door directly into the house.

Li Ming and Wang Lin were surprised to see Li Ming’s parents suddenly appear in their home.Li Ming’s parents accused Wang Lin loudly and blamed her to conceal the news of pregnancy.They claimed that this was a betrayal of the family and resolutely asked Wang Lin to leave their son.

Wang Lin was furious, she explained that they concealed the news just to wait until the child was born before telling everyone because they were worried that there would be unnecessary pressure and disputes.But Li Ming’s parents did not believe her explanation, and they insisted that Wang Lin was playing.

With the upgrade of the quarrel, Li Ming’s parents became more and more excited, and they began to push Wang Lin.Li Ming hurried forward to protect his wife, but he could not resist the pressure brought by his parents alone.

Re -think

After some chaos, Li Ming’s parents finally left their home.Wang Lin and Li Ming sat on the sofa exhausted and hugged each other.They deeply felt that the incident caused great harm to their marriage.

Wang Lin cried, and she felt very aggrieved and helpless.She once imagined how happy the day she was pregnant, but the reality was so cruel.She felt sorry for her husband and sorry for herself.

Li Ming stroked Wang Lin’s hair and comforted her with a gentle voice.He told her that no matter what happened, they would face it together.They no longer rely on their families, but rely on each other to spend difficult moments together.

Li Ming and Wang Lin decided to temporarily leave this environment full of quarrels and pressure.They decided to move to a new city and start their lives again.They believe that only by staying away from those negative effects, their marriage has the opportunity to re -prosper.

They found a job and residence in the new city, and began a new life.Although they still miss their families, they realize that sometimes in order to protect their happiness, they need to make difficult decisions.


Li Ming and Wang Lin experienced a difficult marriage dilemma.They have always hoped to have a child, but the problem of fertility has led to the gradually deepening of the gap between husband and wife.Although they successfully conceived through IVF, the concealment of this fact caused conflict with Li Ming’s parents.

Facing the discharge and quarrels of their parents, Li Ming and Wang Lin decided to leave their hometown and seek a new start.They support each other and re -establish their own lives.Although they still miss their families, they realize that in order to protect their happiness, they sometimes make difficult decisions.

They hope to re -find happiness in new cities and build a more harmonious and happy family.They believe that only with mutual support and understanding can their marriage be able to overcome difficulties and become stronger.

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