I feel so tired every day after pregnancy and I want to sleep every day. Do you want to sleep every day? Is there any like me?

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Recently, a fan mother left a message: I have been pregnant for four months. I feel that I have no spirit all day and feel tired.I originally wanted to review the test titles during the pregnancy, but I couldn’t do anything every day.After eating for a while, I started to be sleepy.Go downstairs to take a walk, and you are tired of motion at most half an hour.I really envy those who are very relaxed when they are pregnant.I really do n’t know if I am abnormal. Is it the same as me?

To be honest, 90%of pregnant mothers will feel this way, especially in the early stages of pregnancy and third trimester.

@Mummy: I was also tired when I was pregnant. I lay more than exercise than exercise, but I really wanted to go out to play. I thought every day, but I would feel tired when I went out.After tossing, my husband did not dare to take me out.

@: I have always felt very tired and sleepy during this time.In fact, I am also relatively easy to go to work. I just need to use the computer for a long time, but I feel tired every day. I want to sleep when I come back from get off work. I feel that this state is very bad. I do n’t know how to adjust it. I ’m worried that it will affect the baby.

@: I always feel tired after pregnancy. I do n’t have any housework, so I feel back pain, like a long -distance running.If you can sit, you will not stand, you can lie down.I was still sleepy, and sometimes I fell asleep when I saw it halfway, and I woke up when my husband came home.

Therefore, pregnant mothers with similar feelings should not be too worried, basically it is normal pregnancy.The reason why it is prone to sleepy, weak, and drowsiness after pregnancy is mainly caused by the effect of anesthesia secreted by ovarian secretion.

In fact, fatigue during pregnancy can be relieved by proper rest, so when you feel that your body is tired, don’t have too much psychological burden, pay attention to rest.A friend was more powerful than the pregnant mother above when she was pregnant. Every time she went to see her, she was always lying on the bed.The doctor told her that paying more attention to rest and doing some exercise within the range of power.


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