I feel uncomfortable during pregnancy, so tell you what you have these benefits, what would you do?

In fact, pregnancy not only brings you these pains, but also unexpected benefits …

Seeing this, there will definitely be a pregnant mother saying, "Don’t you come to spray in the bacteria, right?I do n’t see the benefits at all now, I just feel the pain, such as the pain that makes you live in pain, and the early pregnancy response that makes you vomiting doubtful life, and then the pain that you ca n’t sleep at night …

Maybe you can say, bacteria, you are standing and not back pain, come and try!

Do n’t rush to refute me, do you have two sides?

For example, you will have a cute child. Although many things will happen during the growth of TA, when TA first calls you "mama", will you still care about those?

For another example, every time you come, you will make you painful "dysmenorrhea", and it is really not painful after giving birth.If your dysmenorrhea belongs to the body’s organs without disease, after giving birth, your dysmenorrhea will be alleviated or even painful.

Also, reduce breast problems.After giving birth, breastfeeding can reduce breast problems.

Good living habits.Before pregnancy, do n’t eat this, that ’s not eating; after pregnancy, this is nutritious, eat, that nutrition, and eat.Before you were pregnant, play your mobile phone in the middle of the night, and go to bed early after pregnancy.

It takes 21 days to develop a habit, not to mention that pregnancy is still ten months, and you will correct your bad living habits during pregnancy.

Some pregnant mothers will say that bacteria, these benefits you said, sound not very useful, dysmenorrhea, breast problems, I have no before, and it is not very useful for me.I only felt the pain.

I think a lot of pregnant mothers think so, but if you just think: It’s hard to get pregnant, when will this day be a head.These negative ideas are more uncomfortable except for your pregnancy and have no benefits.

You might as well think about it, keep a peaceful mindset, and make yourself feel better ~

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