I found on the day of pregnancy, my boyfriend and his first love held a small wedding

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I found on the day of pregnancy, my boyfriend and his first love held a small wedding.

He explained: "The last wish in her life is to be my bride."

what about me?

What am I?

I finally understand that in the past ten years, the waiting and dedication of the day is simply a tear of his first love.


At the moment Gu Xicheng put on a wedding ring for the bride, applauding the audience.

The atmosphere was warm, and he opened her veil.

I finally saw the person he once thought about.

Jiang Yue, wearing a white wedding dress, is so beautiful.

Make me as dirty.

The audience coaxed: "Kiss one kiss one!"

Jiang Yue also stomped his toes in a timely manner, raised his face with lips.

He seemed a little hesitant, and finally kissed her face.

At this time, he saw me under the tree.

This is a wedding in the hospital.

Add a bit of romance and tenderness to this place that has always been solemn.

And this man said that the man who would love me for a lifetime, said that he wanted to give me a perfect wedding boyfriend, holding the hands of others, and made a promise of removing for a lifetime.

And I just stood in place.

Hands and feet are cold.

There was a wind blowing, and a cool face on his face.

This wedding was forced to pause because of my existence.

"Who is that? What do you come?"

"There will never be a grabbing, she is too much worse than the bride."

The eyes of all guests are set to me.

They frowned and disagreed with their faces.

It seems that I am a wicked man.

I prevented this perfect love.

Jiang Yue also saw me.

She frowned slightly, she was so beautiful like a exquisite sculpture.

Gu Xicheng’s expression was panicked, let go of her hand, and came to chase me:

"Yuanyuan, I-"

Jiang Yue held his arms with tears in his eyes, and looked at me to see the pity:

"Ai Ci, there must be no groom in this wedding."

This man, who has always been firm and calm, hesitated.

He looked at me, but his body was biased towards Jiang Yue.

What are you looking forward to?

Waiting again, it is just self -humiliation.

He won’t choose me.

I turned and left.


Gu Xicheng took a few steps towards me.

Someone shouted behind him, "Yueyue!"

A burst of soldiers were chaotic.

He still didn’t catch up.


I didn’t sleep all night.

Gu Xicheng didn’t come back.

Our chat interface is still in that sentence-

"West resignation, wait for you to come back, give you a surprise ~"

But he did not expect that he gave me a huge surprise first.

On the day I found pregnancy, my lover took the hand of others to step into the marriage hall.

I really thought he was on a business trip.

I really thought he couldn’t even return the news.

It turned out that he was busy getting married.

He made me wait and surprised. All he made me made into a joke.

The pregnancy report was wrinkled by me.

No need.


When I met Gu Xi’s resignation, he broke up with Jiang Yuegang.

Career and love encountered a double blow.

And my appearance is just that.

Give him comfort.

Give him encouragement.

I accompanied him from the trough to the peak, and used it for seven years.

Seven years.

He later said he was going to marry me.

I thought he was grateful to me and guilty.

But he said, "I don’t know when I started, my eyes fell on you, and I couldn’t move anymore since then."

At that moment, it was difficult for me to describe my mood.

He didn’t actually know.

A long time ago, he fell into my heart.

It was me who has been following his back.

On this day,

My secret love finally bloomed and ended.

I finally kept Yunkai see the moon.

I once thought.

I really think so.

But the appearance of Jiang Yue broke all my fantasies.

But it is self -deceiving.

He never forgot her.


When the last ray of light in the sky dissipated, I finally decided to leave.

As soon as I packed the suitcase, there was movement outside the door.

Gu Xi’s resignation opened the door and looked tired:

"Yuanyuan, the wedding can’t be count."

I looked at him quietly.

No word.

"Jiang Yue has a gradual frost, she wants to be a bride."

At this moment, his pain was because of my incomprehension, or because Jiang Yue’s upcoming withering?

I can’t tell.

Probably the latter.

He rarely feels sad because of me.

"When I went to see her today, she was wearing a wedding dress and asked me to accompany her to finish the next process."

An indescribable sadness lingered in his eyebrows.

"Yuanyuan, I can’t refuse, she is about to die …"


Did he really want to refuse?

At the wedding, the smile on his face could not be fake.

He married a person who thought about it when he was young.

He once dreamed that he wanted to marry her.

I asked, "When did she come back? Do we go to pick the ring the day?"

In fact, everything can be followed.

He answered the phone that day.

He has always been calm and self -sustaining, not to mention that his career has rarely been angry in these years, in fact.

But that day, he was absent -minded.

Between the eyebrows, there is a kind of sorrow and anxiety I can’t see.

He said that there was something wrong with the business and had to deal with it quickly.

I believe it.

Later, he went out for a few days.

After returning, I often daze.

During that time, I always tried to make him happy.

I really thought he had encountered tricky problems.

I hope I can worry about him.

It turned out that he was worried about another woman.

I asked him, "Are you spending on a business trip in those days?"

He said silently.

He has always disdain to lie to me.

But in the end, I still broke Jiang Yue.

I suddenly found that I didn’t seem to recognize him anymore.

But this face, quiet eyebrows, and lips, clearly his.

I laughed at myself: "Gu Xi’s resignation, forget it."

He didn’t respond, standing in front of me, motionless.

The lips were tight.

His throat moved, it seemed to have something to say.

I didn’t say anything.

I pushed the suitcase and was ready to bypass him to leave.

He held my wrist, his eyebrows were twisted tightly, and his voice was dumb:

"Yuanyuan, don’t leave."

I dumped his hand.


I went to the hospital for examination, and then made an appointment.

As soon as I arrived downstairs, I hit Jiang Yue.

She looked at me with a smile, and introduced herself in a lot:

"Hello, I’m Jiang Yue."

She is a ballet.

Either body or appearance.

I stood with her and made a good opinion.

At that time, Gu Xi’s career failed, but she left him and resolutely decided to go abroad for further studies.

Perhaps people are always cheap.

What is not available is always the best.

Therefore, Gu Xi’s resignation has been thinking about her for so many years.

And I ca n’t get his cherishment.

"I listened to Ai Ci, you are his fiancee."

When she said this, she raised her chin, and the corner of her mouth raised slightly.

Full of pride.

She was showing off to me.

What about his fiancee, he is not accompanied by a wedding with her.

He was not a vow to read his life with her.

In her opinion, I am a joke.

"That wedding, Ai Ci should have explained it with you …"

I don’t want to say more with her.

The mouth was sore and bitter.

"He has nothing to do with me."

Strong with a person who will die, I am not so uncomfortable, and I am not so despicable.

What she wants, just give her.

I left quickly.

Jiang Yue seems to have something to say.

When chasing me, I fell to the ground.

Gu Xicheng appeared at this time.


This situation made him frowned slightly.

He quickly stepped forward and lifted Jiang Yue.

The movement is soft, as if he is afraid of a little heavier, and will break her.

When his eyes were at me, he had a little more sharp and blame:

"Yuanyuan, Jiang Yue is a patient."

Yes, she is a patient.

So he could not explain it, accompany her for a whole night, leaving me alone at home.

It wasn’t until the next day that I said a few words without any itch, so please don’t leave.

I have never been placed first.

"I didn’t do anything, it was your wife fell flat."

I grew the word "wife" and mocked.

His brow was firing tighter.

Probably because of my attitude.

To him, I have always been in my body.

Over the years, I have almost never revealed in front of him.

It’s so humble.

Jiang Yue apologized, but the smile in his eyes was deeper:

"I fell myself, it has nothing to do with Yuanyuan. Ai Ci, you know, sometimes I can’t control my movement."

At this moment, I suddenly understood that Jiang Yue was proud and disdainful of using any small means.

She really just hooked her fingers and revealed the injury, and Gu Xicheng made her eyes up.

He had no affection for her, and couldn’t bear to blame her abandoned him.

In the face of life and death, what was the previous grievances calculated.

After hearing her words, Gu Xi resigned for a long time, and when he was on my eyes, he stopped talking.

Jiang Yue took the oranges in his hand, and his tone was easy:

"Okay, you must have a lot of things to say, I will go back to the ward first, you talk slowly."

Then I noticed that the orange that was stripped clean by Gu Xi.


Let’s talk about a funny thing -I love oranges very much.

But Gu Xicheng didn’t like it.

When he was together, he took me and my friends to dinner.

He introduced me to his friends, and this move made me feel safe.

At that time, I did not fully understand his joy.

In order to get closer to him, I gave a piece of orange cake to his mouth.

He stunned, closed his lips tightly.

The atmosphere was silent for a moment.

His friends looked at me.

The palms overflowed.

I subconsciously thought, did I do something wrong?

Did I make him unhappy?

Someone played a circle: "Brother Ci, the most disliked orange -flavored thing, sister -in -law, you are not clear, a cup of self -punishment."

The atmosphere quickly and warm.

But in the end, I still feel lost.

Then I was drunk, and Gu Xicheng finally told me the reason.

In fact, when he was a child, he did not resist citrus fruits.

His mother was not in good health and his appetite has always been poor.

But she likes oranges, and she is always prepared at home.

It was a cold winter.

She finally peeled him once, kissed his face, and said:

"Waiting for a mother at home, wait for you to finish this plate of oranges, your mother will come back."

That day, he waited until the last sunset in the sky dispersed.

Wait until the snow is getting bigger and bigger, passing his ankle.

In the end, he only waited: "Gu Xi’s resignation, your mother jumped into the river!"

His mother died in that winter.

When he grew up, he knew that his mother didn’t like oranges.

It’s just that she is sick, and the oranges are cheap and the color is lively.

The mother’s oranges are just a helpless choice under the dual oppression of life and disease.

He choked: "Later, I never eat oranges and oranges again."

That night, his tears were hot.

I rolled my skin and made me shed tears.

I know that oranges will remind him of his mother.

It will remind him of a tragic and helpless childhood.

So later, I basically didn’t eat it.

Even the citrus -tuned perfume was hidden in the deepest part of the cabinet and never took it out again.

Until this moment, I finally understood when I saw the orange in his hand–

In fact, Gu Xicheng is so powerful that there is no need to avoid these.

It’s just that I can’t do his exception.

It’s just that he never cares about me.

It’s just that he doesn’t know what I like.

But he knew that Jiang Yue liked oranges.

What sad memory and embarrassing past can give way for her like.


Gu Xicheng looked at her and was worried: "Do you need to be called a nurse?"

His concern for her has always been bold.

Jiang Yue shrugged and smiled brightly: "Ai Ci, I can go back. Let’s talk."

Gu Xicheng looked at me: "Yuanyuan, where did you move, you …"

The loud noise came.

Jiang Yue just stepped out and fell again.

Gu Xi’s words did not fall, so he turned to her.

I stand in place.

Seeing his anxious face.

Seeing that he frowned because of the abrasion on her arm.

He said, "Let you don’t come by yourself, it hurts."

The tone is not heavy, like a blame, like flirting.

He asked, "Can you still go?"

Jiang Yue shook his head.

He hugged her.

They left in the opposite direction.

Jiang Yue held his neck and turned his head to look at me, with a bright smile.

The proud expression explained the three words- "I won."

She has re -applied her skills.

It’s stupid, but it’s really easy to use.

There was a burst of stomach.

I turned around to the bathroom at the end of the corridor and spit out darkness.

After a long time, Gu Xicheng sent a message:

"Yuanyuan, what are you doing when you come to the hospital? Is there anything uncomfortable?"

Is this sentence too late?

He also forgot to ask yesterday why I appeared at his wedding scene.

I shook my head and laughed at myself.

Then, he gangnged all his contact information.


Gu Xicheng still knew the news of my pregnancy.

Zhang Man apologized: "Yuanyuan, really sorry, I must teach Li Chao if you go back!"

Li Chao said at the end of the phone, "Yuanyuan, you two have so long feelings. Give Brother Ci for a chance, and give your child a chance."

Zhang Man scolded, grabbed his phone from my hands, and scolded Li Chao:

"Gu Xi’s resignation is not personnel! It is also a good temper. If I had to break his arm, let him and Jiang Yue fly Shuangshuangshuang and make two sweet disability!"


Zhang Man is my girlfriend, and Li Chao is Gu Xi’s small.

Their marriage is still our match.

It took only two years to repair the positive results.

They received a certificate a few days ago and lacked a wedding.

And Gu Xi’s resignation, for seven years of discipline, finally ended this result.

Gu Xicheng still came.


sweating a lot.


Seeing that I was still outside the operating, his brows suddenly loosened.

He hugged me in his arms and hugged it tightly.

As if I was afraid of letting go, I disappeared.

"Yuanyuan, I’m wrong, don’t you be impulsive, let’s talk about it?"

He has a faint smell of smoke.

Gu Xi resigned that his dad was gone with lung cancer, so he rarely smoked.

Only when you are really boring can you come to the last one.

These days, he ran around and asked Jiang Yue to find medicine.

Someone asked me on my head.

They asked me beside them, is the body better?

These people really thought that I could make Gu Xixi rush like this.

It’s ridiculous.

What is stronger than smoke is the aroma of jasmine.

A few days ago in the hospital, I smelled this familiar taste in Jiang Yue.

I suddenly remembered.

It was the second year we were together.

It is also the fifth year we know.

His father died, and then the company’s fund chain had some problems.

During that time, Gu Xi couldn’t sleep all night all night.

I was worried about his body and asked the doctor to prescribe some Chinese medicine to boil soup and let him peace.

After that, I asked for a half -day vacation and fried for him.

That day, I kept the pot soup.

Wait until late, but wait only one sentence–

"Yuanyuan, I think a person is quiet and scattered. Don’t worry about me."

After a few days, he returned.

With this jasmine fragrance.

At that time, he went to Jiang Yue.

Go to his only spiritual pillar.

What’s even more ridiculous is that when I asked him how he had this taste, he handed me a bottle of perfume:

"Give you a gift, the shopping guide gave me a trial, I think you should like it."

He went out to disperse and remember to bring me gifts.

I thought he must love me very much.

The previous unhappy swept away.

During the later period, our relationship made a rapid progress.

He always loves to stick to me and buried in my neck.

Unfortunately, I understand his intention until today.

He doesn’t like me how much he likes me.

I just like the jasmine fragrance on me.

I was regarded as a substitute for Jiang Yue without knowing it.

A poor stand -in.

Except for that fragrance, we have nothing to do.


I earned it out of his arms and gave him a slap.

He stood in place and covered his face, a little overwhelmed.

Zhang Man looked at me: "Yuanyuan, what are you …"

I covered my mouth and ran to the bathroom.

I vomited greatly, as if I had to vomit my heart, liver and lungs.

Zhang Man handed me a bottle of water and kept patting my back to help me breathe:

"How do you spit this? It’s really a crime."

Gu Xicheng stood at the door, showing a little distress on his face.

Several red fingers were particularly conspicuous on his fair cheeks.

I stared at him hate: "Do you know how disgusting you? That bottle of perfume is you who deliberately picked it, right? The taste is the same as Jiang Yue."

He certainly knew what I was talking about.

Suddenly, his face was pale.

What are he thinking when he is doing these things?

Don’t he feel disgusting himself?

"Yuanyuan, you listen to me explanation. I didn’t understand it at that time, I thought it was that taste made me feel at ease."

"Later, I learned that it was you who made me feel at ease."

"Yuanyuan, I really want to marry you."

I sneer.

"Okay, choose one in the second choice, either let Jiang Yue get out of our lives."

"Either, we scratch the boundary, and since then, don’t appear in front of me again."

Gu Xi’s expression was stagnant.

Probably really thinking.

Zhang Man said: "What are you still hesitating? Of course, choose round! You have known for seven years, four years together! Have you forgotten these?"

But Gu Xicheng didn’t think so.

He murmured: "But she is going to die, round, she is going to die."

"She is a ballet dancer, but gets frozen. Do you know that kind of despair?"

His sentence seemed to ridicule me.

Jiang Yue just lost a life, what I lost, but love.

What a ridiculous.

"Gu Xicheng, but you are my boyfriend, you are pity, are you so pitiful to marry her? Poor enough to ignore my feelings, throw me off me again and again and run to her?"

"Are you pitiful her or not, can you distinguish it yourself?"

Countless times the pretext of terminal illness, to cover up his emotions.

It’s really hard.

Gu Xicheng didn’t speak anymore.

He just clenched his fist, and he was white, but he hadn’t said an answer yet.

At this time, a telephone ringtone broke the deadly silence.

Gu Xicheng took out his mobile phone.

The noisy ends of the phone, someone shouted, "You come here! Jiang Yue is committing suicide! She doesn’t want to live!"

He suddenly panicked.

At this time, the nurse asked me to enter the operating room.

In fact, he has made a choice.

I smiled and said, "Go, don’t really die, then you have to hate me for a lifetime."

Hate by such people, and it is also very good.

Gu Xicheng looked at me and begged:

"Yuanyuan, promise me, wait for me to come back and make a decision?"

"I am a child’s father, we discuss together …"

I pulled the corner of my lip.

The nails are fiercely pierced into the palm of the hand.

In the past seven years, I have been feeding dogs.

It’s another phone.

The end was urged.

Zhang Man said fiercely, "Gu Xicheng, do you have conscience?"

His expression was an anxiety visible to the naked eye.

He was probably really scared, and he was afraid that Jiang Yue was so gone.

Zhang Man hated iron: "Jiang Yue is a liar. Can you not see the trick she played?"

How could it not be seen.

Gu Xicheng is not stupid.

He was just indulgent.

He is just afraid of one -ten thousand possibilities, Jiang Yue will jump down from the high -rise building.

"Yuanyuan, wait for me to come back, we will make a decision when I come back."

I didn’t speak, he turned to Zhang Man again:

"Zhang Man, I beg you, help me watch her, don’t let her go in."

Zhang Man scolded: "Look at it yourself! You are still not a man!"

I let him wait first.

Then unscrew the bottle cap, all the half bottles of water left over the mouth of the mouth of the mouth are all dripped on his head:

"Gu Xicheng, we’re done, don’t come to me."

The water droplets meandered down his face down, slamming, dripping to the ground.

Looks stupid.

The water drops splashed into his eyes, stabbing his eyes red.

He looked at me froze, dumbly said, "I’m sorry."

Looking at the back of his rush to leave.

I think I really fail.

Zhang Man was so angry: "This dog man!"

After scolding, she asked me, "Yuanyuan, are you okay?"


I didn’t think he would choose me at all.

Even if he chose me, even if Jiang Yue left our lives completely.

We can’t return.

It is impossible to re -round the mirror.

Before entering the operating room, I sent him a few messages:

"If you are willing, many people will give you a child."

"But in this world, there is only one Jiang Yue."

I want him to remember that this child was killed by him and Jiang Yue.

I want him to remember that he was lying on my stomach and asked me, "Yuanyuan, do you like boys or girls?"

He said he wanted a child, and he gave up the child.

Murder, but so.


The operation was finished quickly.

When he woke up, Li Chao was there.

I suddenly remembered one thing:

"Li Chao, I have two rings in my bag, you can help me return to Gu Xi."

Anyway, this wedding ring is also casually picked.

Gu Xicheng thought of Jiang Yue at the time, and he was attentive at all.

I am not rare.

Li Chao nodded and left.

Zhang Man was sitting beside me: "Yuan Yuan, Gu Xi’s resignation is not worth it."

I know that the news of my pregnancy was deliberately disclosed to Li Chao.

In those seven years, it would be easy to let go.

She thought that just because of Jiang Yue’s existence, Gu Xi’s resignation had a misunderstanding.

But she didn’t know, they held a wedding.

She didn’t know that because of Jiang Yue, Gu Xicheng left me again and again.

But now, she is completely clear.

Li Chao sent her a video.

Zhang Man did not avoid me and opened it directly.

In the video, Gu Xicheng hugged Jiang Yue in his arms.

The two were embracing and wept.

She said, "I don’t want to stay at the hospital anymore, it’s boring here, I don’t like it here."

Gu Xicheng said yes, all depended on her.

She said, "I want to see the world, I want to jump ballet again, I think …"

She could not cry.

Gu Xicheng said well.

He closed his eyes and shed tears from his cheeks.

Look, how deep.

Destiny is really cruel to them.

Seeing that I was disgusting.

Zhang Man showed me this video, intending to force me to come to heart.

She is always awake.

After the observation of the stay in the hospital, Li Chao and Zhang Man sent me home.

As soon as I got on the car, Gu Xicheng appeared.

He was holding my ring box in his hand, and his eyes were a little dull.

"Yuanyuan, did you really beat our children?"

Zhang Man frowned: "Don’t look like a victim, this is not what you promoted one hand?"

I asked softly, "What about Jiang Yue? Did you fall asleep?"

Otherwise, how could he come.

Gu Xicheng did not answer, it was default.

I laughed: "If you are so affectionate, just die with her. Don’t appear in front of me again."

Because of this, his sluggish expression had a crack.

Pain, sadness, guilt …

They were all leaked from this crack.

His eyes are scarlet.

I didn’t speak anymore.

The lower abdomen hurts severe.

Even breathing must be careful.

Zhang Man was not fighting, and yelled:

"The person who lives in the heart will be comfortable."

"In such a simple truth, why don’t you understand?"

"Gu Xicheng, Yuanyuan has been in the seven years! What about Jiang Yue? People abandoned you, and you still put on up. Are you cheap?"

"I really feed the dog, obscure!"

Gu Xicheng did not refute.

Zhang Man closed the door.

He reached out and took the door:

"Yuanyuan, she will leave our lives."

Zhang Man rolled his eyes and sneered: "Didn’t you still say that you have to travel around the world?"

"Well, this is the first one to deceive and deceive the second one. Gu Xi’s resignation, both want, you are very greedy."

"I’m going to close the door, and my hands are cut, it’s not easy to take care of your old phase."

Gu Xi’s resignation remained motionless.

He refused to let go of how Zhang Man scolded.

Li Chao came off from the driving position and persuaded him:

"Go away, do you do too much about this, don’t force your buddies to give you a punch."

Gu Xicheng just stared straight at me:

"Yuanyuan, those words just just to soothe her. I will tell her clearly."

He opened the ring box and handed one of the women’s ring to me:

"We can go back to the beginning. We get married, we will still have children."

Li Chao shook his head in a row, and then opened his fingers one by one.

Gu Xicheng shook her lips and looked at me.

The throat rolled slightly, but no sound was made.

The begging in his eyes was almost overflowing.

The car starts.

I looked at the rearview mirror.

Gu Xicheng stood in place and looked at my leaving for a long time.

When he decided to leave me, he knew the consequences.

It’s just a look of sorrow to show his affection.

Zhang Man looked along my eyes and spit, "Putting Nima’s love!"


Later, I was rented a house to raise my body.

Zhang Man often came to see me.

She said, "Gu Xi’s resignation is entangled with Li Chao every day and asked your address. I’m almost annoying!"

I smiled and continued to eat the orange pudding in my hand.

One day, I received a call from Jiang Yue.

She asked me to talk about it.

I am glad to go to the appointment.

When she arrived at the cafe, she was already sitting in her position.

Leaving aside our grievances, Jiang Yue is the kind of girls who can make people look bright.

She is really beautiful.

She said, "Over the years, Ai Ci Cheng Meng has taken care of."

I fiddled with my hair and laughed, "Do you know what you look like now?"

"Like a proud thief, I knew that it was stealing the fruit of others, not ashamed, but also complacent."

"It’s shameless."

Some words are really unhappy.

Jiang Yue stirred coffee without any annoyance on his face:

"Emotional things are different from planting vegetables."

"I’m going to die, so I discard everything and find it back."

"You can only blame it. I gave you seven years, but you haven’t caught his heart yet."

When she said this, she raised her chin and smiled brightly.

The attitude of a winner.

It seems that she really thought that her death would make Gu Xi’s love permanently.

She will become the cinnabar mole on his chest.

No one substitution.

I laughed at her naive:

"You are going to die, what else can you catch?"

"If you really have the ability, you should let Gu Xixi not marry you, follow you to the prefecture."

"Jiang Yue, I know that the living person can’t fight for the dead, but after you die, can you guarantee that he can’t meet the moonlight like you?"

How good Gu Xicheng is, she is more clear than me.

Good appearance and rich assets.

It is easy to recruit bee and butterflies.

Jiang Yue’s smile stiffened on his face.

I continued to ignite the wind: "Come and guess, will he ask me to look back after you die?"

She asked me to come out, not just to show the fruit of her victory.

She was scared.

During this time, Gu Xicheng asked my news everywhere, and changed a lot of numbers to call me.

She must know these.

She talked to me to test my attitude.

It’s disgusting me and let me be completely dead.

Unfortunately, I haven’t remembered that thing long ago.

I tickled my lips and said, "If I don’t look back, you guess he reads a person who has been dead for years, or is it more like me who wander in front of his eyes but can’t get it?"

I took a sip of coffee.

It’s hard.

"Jiang Yue, you know how cheap Gu Xicheng is more clear than me."

"Is he loved you, is it loved, or is it deep?"

She pursed her lips and didn’t say anything.

It seems that she can’t touch it herself.

"Drifting beautifully in his arms, maybe he can remember you for a few years."

After leaving this advice, I got up and left.

She is like an increasingly withered rose.

When you die, you can learn the love of others crazy.

To prove your existence, to show your meaning.

It’s sad.

They continue to write their love for life and death, feeling moving.

It has nothing to do with me.


After a while, I accepted the invitation of the headhunting and changed the new company.

This city is not big, it is not small.

But it is enough to make goodbye people who say goodbye.

It was stupid to say that when I was with Gu Xixi, I resigned to the company in order to help him.

When his career is stable, I will return to the field he is good at.

Although it is a valuable work experience as far as he does not talk about feelings.

But I did disrupt my career planning.

Now I want to come, I really really feed the dog.

It took a few months as bland.

One day, Zhang Man came to send an invitation.

For various reasons, their weddings pushed again and again.

Finally in this winter, there was a fall.

Zhang Man asked me: "Gu Xi’s resignation will come, do you mind? If you mind, I will let Li Chao take him aside."

Li Chao and Gu Xi have known each other for a long time.

They have agreed to be the best grocery.

Of course, it can’t affect this wedding because of me.

I shook my head: "Don’t care about me. You two’s weddings, of course, how can you come?"

Soon the day of the wedding.

Gu Xi’s resignation as a best man, followed Li Chao to pick up Zhang Man.

He has a good suit like we met for the first time.

He probably didn’t remember.

But I still remember.

It was an autumn.

I failed to study, and then the Qiuzhao had no hope.

I was sitting in the gazebo in the back mountain of school, and suddenly I miss my mother.

If she is there, she will definitely make me a braised pork.

When I was full, let me continue to work hard.

But she was gone.

I stood on the top of the mountain.

For a moment, I wanted to jump down regardless of everything.

At this time, I saw Gu Xicheng.

At that time, he had just succeeded in starting a business. He was in a suit and was in full swing.

He stood beside me, and seemed to say inadvertently: "This is the best place for school vision, and you can see the rainbow."

I looked along his eyes and really saw a rainbow.

Beautiful is intoxicating.

I suddenly felt relieved.

The big rock on the body seemed to be not so heavy.

That may be really just an unintentional sentence.

But I remember for many years.

I didn’t meet him again until three years.

Then, for seven years.

Different from that year, he is now fatigue.

He also saw me.

The atmosphere at the scene was warm.

But he just stood in place and looked at me motionlessly.

The eyes are complicated.

I walked around and helped Zhang Man to sort out his skirt to avoid his eyes.

Li Chao hugged Zhang Man downstairs.

Zhang Man’s family is an old community. Without an elevator, he can only walk the stairs.

many people.

A child inadvertently pushed me.

I rarely wear high -heeled shoes, and I suddenly stood up.

Seeing that he was about to fall, Gu Xicheng hugged me.

At the moment of contact with his limbs, I smelled the smoke and jasmine.

A familiar feeling of vomiting came up.

After standing firmly, I pushed him away.

"Do not touch me."

He took a few steps back and leaned against the armrest to stabilize his body.

He looked down for a while, and his expression was very injured.

The place he had touched was a layer of goosebumps.

"Round, be careful."

The sound is as gentle as ever.

This tone seemed to have something to do.

I ignored him and turned downstairs.


After arriving at the hotel, I found out that Jiang Yue came.

She was sitting on a wheelchair, her face facing the sky, her lip color was a little white.

Still the pitiful look.

She whispered: "Ah Ci."

Gu Xi frowned without a trace, but ran to her.

Zhang Man looked at Li Chao beside him.

Li Chao quickly clarified the relationship: "I didn’t invite her to come over."

He glanced at me: "Maybe I was afraid that Brother Ci was hooked away.

I raised an eyebrow: "I’m not a peer."

Li Chao shrugged: "People in their hearts in their hearts want to be dirty."

Zhang Man sneered: "Okay, since she is shameless, I am not polite."

Soon, it was time.

The background music of "Love Story" sounds.

Zhang Man, wearing a white wedding dress, slowly walked towards Li Chao.

I stood on the stage, and I couldn’t help crying.

I don’t know when, Gu Xicheng came to me.

He handed a paper towel.

I didn’t pick it up.

Then I noticed the wedding ring on his ring finger.

Stretched out.

There is no attentive when picking.

After being separated, he refused to pick it, and he was affectionate.

Jiang Yue pushed the wheelchair: "Ai Ci, we did not exchange the ring that day."

Gu Xicheng had no response and turned to look at me.

It seems to be a bit sad and unwilling to see from my face.

But he is destined to be disappointed.

I stared at the newcomers hugged on the stage, smiled, and coaxed them to kiss them.

Gu Xicheng looked down: "People on the stage should have us, isn’t it?"

His voice was light, and for a moment, he drowned in the sea of people.

But I heard it.

Jiang Yue also heard.

Her lips trembled.

She naturally knew that the "us" in Gu Xi’s resignation refers to me and him.

Zhang Man proposed before, saying that four people would have a wedding together.

At that time, everyone’s feelings were good. Such a proposal was naturally passed by full votes.

I did not expect Gu Xi’s resignation to remember this kind of thing.

Eat in the bowl and look at the pot.

It’s disgusting.

I took a few steps to the side.

At this time, a bouquet of bouquets hit Jiang Yue’s head accurately.

Zhang Man took the microphone on Si Yi:

"Oh, how did you hit your head? I remember you got married?"

"I said I was terminally ill. I wanted to get married in my life, so I grabbed their fiance."

"If you don’t take the certificate, wear a wedding dress and force him to hold a wedding with you."

"High! It’s really high!"

People like to eat melon.

After hearing this, the guests who were still buried hard, all raised their heads to find the protagonist.

I moved to the side again.

Jiang Yue was holding the flowers, his complexion was pale.

The whispering of theft sounded from all directions.

What’s more, I also picked up my mobile phone to record the video.

"Oh, this person is so beautiful, why is it a little three?"

"I see, it’s a fox! Territory is not the reason for grabbing someone else’s fiance! The little girl is so pitiful that they are about to get married. She is so shameless!"

"That man is not a good thing! Match with that fox!"

Li Chao coughed a few times.

Zhang Man blinked to me and returned the microphone to the emcee.

She was helping me with evil.

When Jiang Yue hosted a wedding, I had been maliciously speculated by her relatives and friends.

Jiang Yue was a little overwhelmed.

She looked up subconsciously to look at Gu Xi’s resignation and wanted to seek help.

But he just looked at me and stopped talking.

"Aci …"

Gu Xi’s resignation did not respond.

Jiang Yue quickly became red.

People are awesome.

She hurriedly lowered her head and started an automatic wheelchair to leave.

Unexpectedly, Gu Xicheng did not chase her:

"Yuanyuan, I didn’t get a certificate with her."

"I really regret it."

There is no filial son in front of the sick bed.

What’s more, it was a woman who had abandoned him.

The past was unwilling and loved, and it was probably grinded.

His white moonlight, maybe soon, it will become a white rice left at the bottom of the bowl.

Zhang Man said with a smile: "Don’t you chase? Will you commit suicide again later.

Gu Xicheng glanced at me deeply and left.

Zhang Man took a sip: "This Jiang Yue didn’t see his eyes, and I felt obscure when I saw her!"

Li Chao held her and gently stroked her lower abdomen: "My wife disappears, don’t be shocked to the child."

Zhang Man snorted: "You will be less unclear with Gu Xi in the future."

"Yes, listen to you."


Later I heard that Jiang Yue disappeared.

Zhang Man eating Li Chao’s cherry was disdainful.

"Still do it. What she really takes herself, the more she works, Gu Xi’s resignation will only be more annoying."

I laughed: "She is not doing, she is scared."

I heard that in the middle of frozen symptoms, life was basically unable to take care of myself.

She was afraid that Gu Xi resigned to see her ugliest side.

She wanted to bleach beautifully and died in Gu Xi’s memory.

She wants Gu Xi’s guilt than torture each other.

In this way, he will remember her longer.

It seems that what I said in the cafe that day, she listened to it.

Later, Zhang Man told me again.

Gu Xicheng found Jiang Yue.

Because of her depression and negative treatment, her illness developed quickly.

Gu Xicheng was so guilty that she really wanted to accompany her to travel around the world.

But his company cannot stop.

It didn’t take long for the company’s general manager to change people.

Winter goes to spring, and spring comes.

Jiang Yue died in this winter.

Zhang Man sighed:

"In fact, Jiang Yue is also very miserable, and he is jealous of red. If she does not have those show operations, I will pity her."

I thought about it, "Me too."

Saying this is not the heart of the Virgin, but the cherishment between girls.

It didn’t take long after the decision -making error, Gu Xicheng’s company was hit hard.

He was burnt at this moment.

When Zhang Man told me this news, he smiled: Hehe:

"Then breaking the company should have stopped the vegetables, how can it be flourishing without my home!"

I reviewed the project plan against the computer and nodded again and again:

"Fortunately, run early."


Later, Gu Xicheng found it.

In fact, he had already inquired about my address.

Some time ago, when I woke up in the middle of the night, I went to the bathroom.

I don’t know what happened, just glanced downstairs.

I happened to see him standing downstairs.

The dim light fell on him.


He didn’t know how long he stood.

A circle of cigarette butts surrounded by my feet.

I immediately pulled the curtains and didn’t look at it anymore.

This time, he lost a lot.

Looking at it carefully, but still unable to hide.

On his ring finger, he was still wearing the wedding ring.

"Yuanyuan, can I go in and sit?"

I have my hands around my chest and blocked at the door: "It’s here to say it."

Seeing that I was determined, he didn’t ask for a force.

"Yuanyuan, I miss you very much."

He sighed, his tone was quite vicissitudes:

"On the day of Jiang Yue’s death, I was not as sad as I thought."

"But every day without you, I feel extremely bad."

Look, Jiang Yue, now, do you still think you won?

Gu Xicheng touched the female ring again:

"Yuanyuan, I can’t have you without you."

"Without you, how can I continue to support it?"

He is naive.

At the hospital, I did not accept this ring.

Now it is even more impossible to accept it.

I stabbed in my words: "Why, I died a white moonlight, and finally remembered my white rice?"

He came to ask me, maybe a bit of sincerity.

But more, I am afraid that I saw the value on me and wanted me to accompany him to come back.

He fell into this way, all made by himself, and he couldn’t blame anyone.

Gu Xi frowned: "Yuanyuan, don’t do this, it’s not like you."

I shrugged: "Seeing people speak, see dogs say dogs."

Zhang Man and I have always been people all the way.

But because he loves him, he puts away his claws.

But he didn’t cherish.

He said with a strong tone: "In our seven years, you can’t let go so soon."

I shook my head with a smile.

I have always been able to afford it and let it go.

He was still deceiving himself.

"Gu Xicheng, do you think everyone is as affection as you?"

He pursed his lips and said, "Jiang Yue and I have not received a certificate."

I am strangely yin and yang: "What do you mean to say this to me? Want me to praise you," Yo, are you holding the position, it’s great "?"

"You degrade your love for her, thereby exaggerating the deep roots of me, Gu Xi’s resignation, which makes me feel very disgusting."

What kind of "can’t be without you", he said to Jiang Yue?

I’m afraid I promised him, next time, he will say the same thing to another woman.

Just hate, we have been entangled for too many years.

It wasn’t until Jiang Yue returned to China that I saw his face clearly.

I have to close the door: "I’m sorry, I have to make up, my boyfriend is still waiting for me."

Gu Xi resigned: "I don’t believe it."

"Don’t believe it?" I raised her eyebrows and felt that he was really ridiculous. "You look downstairs, the one who Kai Lamborghini is my boyfriend, you are younger than you and you are younger than you."

He really walked to the end of the corridor and glanced outside the window.

Then, the face is ash.

"Bang", I closed the door.

On the phone, the new interns’ voice is clear:

"Sister, when will I turn right?"

– over –


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