I found that I was pregnant as soon as I took the new crown vaccine. What should I do?

Pregnancy was originally a good thing for the whole family, but when pregnancy and vaccination were hit, it may not be so happy.

With the gradual popularization of the vaccine, more and more people have inoculated the new crown vaccine, and the problems accompanied by this situation have gradually appeared, especially the inoculation of special groups.This includes a large number of Baoma groups, as well as groups that have just conceived or are preparing for pregnancy.Due to the healthy state of the baby, novice mothers are always nervous.

Will the vaccine cause the baby’s deformity?

After the vaccine, is it going to stop pregnancy when you are pregnant?

Can I vaccine during breastfeeding?

During my pregnancy, can I still prepare for pregnancy?

More and more questions appear in major social accounts, and mothers are urgently seeking answers.

Now, the answer is!Through a large amount of collected materials, Xiaohu finally found the most authoritative guide for everyone- "New Crown Vaccine Vaccination Technology Guide (First Edition)"

According to the "New Crown Vaccine Vaccination Technology Guide (first edition)" issued by the National Health and Health Commission, it has been mentioned in the vaccination of specific people and the following suggestions:

If the vaccine is vaccinated after vaccination or in the absence of unknown pregnancy, based on the understanding of the above vaccine safety, it is not recommended to take special medical measures (such as termination of pregnancy) due to inoculation.Follow -up.

For women with preparing for pregnancy, the pregnancy plan does not have to be delayed due to inoculation of the new coronal virus vaccine.

Although there is currently no breastfeeding female vaccination new crown virus vaccine that affects the clinical research data of lactating infants and young children, based on the understanding of vaccine safety, it is recommended that breastfeeding women (such as medical staff, such as medical staff, etc.) vaccinationEssenceConsidering the importance of breastfeeding to the nutritional and health of infants and young children, referring to the international general practices, it is recommended to continue breastfeeding after breastfeeding female vaccination.

Seeing the novice mothers here reduce some anxiety?

We can reasonably arrange the vaccination of the new crown vaccine according to our own situation. If you have any questions, you can go to a professional medical institution to consult the relevant doctors. I believe that doctors will patiently answer you.

In addition, in addition to the problem of vaccine, Baomao should also remember to relax, talk more, seek medical treatment in time when you encounter problems, avoid the emergence of anxiety, and always maintain a good mood.

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