I have a loving girlfriend, but I accidentally let other women pregnant

In reality, if you have a girlfriend who loves to bones, but because of a moment of confusion, you will be pregnant with other women. Who will you choose in the end?

I used to ask my boyfriend in unclearly. He said that of course, he chose to get pregnant for me and conceive your children for you. You can’t ignore her.I used to be curious. For men, love is more important, or is it more important?

Is it more willing to choose what he loves, or love him?

I once watched a TV series called "The Youth we are nowhere to be placed".

Li Ran loves Zhou Meng so much, loves her simplicity, loves her beauty, and loves the cleanliness in her bones.

Li Ran went to Tibet to pursue his dream, but his girlfriend he loved could not accompany him.But another girl Du Xiaobin can go to Tibet for not far away for Li Ran, and sacrifice herself because she loves Li Ran deeply.

I do n’t know what a man sometimes made a mistake. After Li Ran and Du Xiaobin had a one -night stand, Li Ran was in pain. He went back to decide to be with Zhou Meng forever, with guilt, and gave up the so -called dream.

But when he returned to Zhou Meng and learned that Du Xiaobin was pregnant, he resolutely left Zhou Meng, and he resolutely got a marriage certificate with Du Xiaobin.

From their tears, we can read how they love each other, but why do they love each other, Li Ran still chose others, just the other people conceive their children, and then to responsibility?

Zhou Meng often called him a little father. When Du Xiaobin gave birth to his daughter, he cried under the tree. I was no longer Li Ran’s father.

Since then, Li Ran has a complete family, but he often shouted when he dreams, and the world of love is really complicated.

While Zhou Meng lost her love, she also lost her favorite father. She chose to teach in the mountains and loses contact with everyone. It is still beautiful.

Li Ran always thought that Zhou Meng disappeared. After many years, he found that Zhou Meng’s mountain village, resolutely went to find her, as if he was in the world.Simply do I hold you again, and I wrote for youth.

Have you really loved someone so deeply, but what is the final ending?

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