I have been lying in bed since I was pregnant, why did I have a miscarriage?Is it really retribution?

Why is there a miscarriage again?I just want a child. I have been lying on the bed every day since I was pregnant. Why is it still abortion?Is it really retribution?Ms. Li cried to the doctor about her abortion experience again.

Ms. Li is 33 years old and has been married to her husband Wang for 7 years.In the past seven years, Ms. Li had been pregnant three times, but she did not leave a child.The first pregnancy was that she and her husband jointly felt that they were still young. The two wanted to make some achievements in their work and then ask for children.Therefore, Mr. Wang accompanied Ms. Li to do artificial abortion.However, the two subsequent two times were aborted by Ms. Li, especially this time. This time, in order to protect the fetus, Ms. Li even resigned from the absence of pregnancy to protect the fetus at home.

After careful consultation by the doctor, I learned that Ms. Li had a few boyfriends before she got married.Because I was young at that time, I was still pregnant twice by accident.

The doctor’s diagnosis should be a habitual abortion.

So what are the symptoms of habitual abortion, and how should Ms. Li Li treat it?Let us look down.

1. Symptoms

1. Biochemical pregnancy: delayed menstruation or asymptomatic, but this situation is difficult to discover, and it is generally ignored.

2. Vaginal bleeding

3. Pain occurs on the lower abdomen and back, and natural abortion pain in the late stage will increase.

4. Pregnancy discharge: Pregnancy discharged in the early stage generally has no signs of life. Embryosure and pregnancy appendages of natural miscarriage may have signs of life.

5. Cervical mouth expansion: Those who have late abortion will find that the cervix is expanded, or the fetal sac can already be seen in the cervical mouth and even blockage.

2. Treatment

1. Use low molecular heparin or small -dose aspirin or two drugs to prevent the formation of thrombosis and improve the blood supply to the placenta.

2. Use hydroxyl chloride, cyclopypee A, etc. to inhibit autoimmune attacks to attack embryos

3. Use progesterone and ground flexion to supplement progesterone for luteal support

4. Cervical ring surgery to help patients with incomplete cervical function.

5. Perform the third -generation IVF to help patients.

Life is tenacious, but it is also extremely fragile.Bringing life is a great thing, but this is a major event that requires us to be cautious, pregnancy again and again, and again again and again.Makes when you are really ready and you can bear the childbirth and support your children, you may not be able to retain that weak life like the past.

Therefore, in daily life, we must pay more attention to prevention to avoid habitual abortion caused by some reasons.

This requires changing parts of bad behavior or lifestyle.As shown below:

1. Active prevention and treatment of infection and damage to the reproductive system.

2. Try to avoid contacting pets.

3. Do not eat raw meat, eggs, milk and other foods.

4. Stick to exercise, maintain healthy weight, do not gain weight or lose weight.

5. Taking contraceptive measures to avoid artificial abortion due to accidental pregnancy.

6. Maintain a good psychological condition and find out the way you like to relieve stress.

7. Reduce second -hand smoke or passively inhaled, do not drink or drink coffee, etc.

The right to fertility is the right of everyone, and the law protects the fertility of each woman.As a child’s mother, every adult woman has the right to decide whether to have a miscarriage before the child was born.But the body is its own, and the damage caused by artificial abortion to women cannot be replaced by others.Therefore, I hope that when each woman has not decided to become a mother, please protect themselves, take contraceptive measures, and do not leave an indelible pain for their bodies.

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