I have been married for 15 years, and I have no children. When you let me get up, I don’t know why

There is a typical sentence about marriage.Marriage is like a golden lacquered bird cage, birds outside the cage are desired, and birds in the cage want to fly;What is marriage?What do we think of marriage?

Xiao Lan is 37 years old, but the marriage is unfortunate and failed.But she soon got married again.Xiao Lan has his own work and fixed income.

After divorce, she should calm down and think about what kind of marriage she needs.However, on the contrary, she soon got married again, perhaps to comfort her heart that was injured in marriage.Liu Yu did not have a fixed job, and the family conditions were average. People in their 30s were not married.In the face of Xiao Lan, Liu Yu performed well.Isn’t the two be together

For a long time, Xiao Lan was pregnant.But Liu Yu was unhappy and urged Xiao Lan to take off his child.I don’t want children now.

The economic situation of the two is also very poor, and children cannot suffer.Xiao Lan thought he was making sense and killed the child.In this way, the two have been married for many years, and Liu Yu let Xiao Lan remove the three children with various excuses.In the end, they have been together for 15 years and have no children.

Generally, Liu Yu likes stock trading and can make money many times.Xiao Lan said to Liu Yu: We all have income now, and we can take 30%of the monthly basis for future pensions.Small

Lan continues to say.We have not been with our own children for so many years.I had a son with my ex -husband before marriage.I told my ex -husband that when my son was married, he wanted to take out 100,000 yuan from the pension fund as a child’s marriage, which is also our heart as a mother.

Liu Yu heard his wife say so, and now disagree.When you marry me, you speak very clearly.From now on, children do not want my funds when they get married.Why do I have to get married for my child now? I disagree.

This is what you said now.What’s the meaning?As a mother, if you want to express your thoughts to your child, you can usually take your funds to express your mind. Do not reduce my expenses. The child has nothing to do with me. You cannot abduct me morally.

Hearing her husband Liu Yu, Xiao Lan was very painful.Although the two of them have no children, Liu Yu is particularly good for his nephew and niece. Usually, pocket money gives thousands of dollars, and

clearly states.Hundred years later, he will also leave his property to his nephew and niece.Xiao Lan did not disagree with Liu Yu’s decision.

But they have been married for more than ten years.In order to prevent her son from disturbing their lives, she often told her son to less partial

She is here to come with her less, worrying that her son and herself often contact them will affect their current life.Seeing my son is 26 years old, it is really difficult to express his feelings as a mother.

Liu Yu’s mother is more than 80 years old.I have cerebral infarction this year

EssenceIn order to take care of the elderly around them, it is essential.Liu Yu took care of his mother at home, and Liu Yu asked his wife to go out to shop.However, he couldn’t wait for his wife to come back.At that time, his wife called Liu Yu and said that toothache was looking at the doctor, hoping that Liu Yu could come to see himself.Liu Yu has no choice, because there are mothers who need to take care of at home, and can only stay at home to take care of the 80 -year -old mother.So I didn’t go to accompany my wife.

It wasn’t until 6 pm that Xiao Lan hurried back.Liu Yu

Seeing Xiao Lan, I was very angry.His mother was sick, but his wife didn’t care about the 80 -year -old mother.When I went to see my teeth, I thought of this, Liu Yu said angrily.Forget it, like you, my mother does not need you to take care of it.Please leave immediately.Xiao Lan left like this.

Xiao Lan thought that her husband chased herself behind, but did not see the shadow of her husband, and suddenly shed tears.She started to think of the past.The two had been in dynasties for 15 years and did not give birth to a while and a half daughter. During this period, they had always taken care of her mother -in -law.Today I only went to see the toothache and went home late. I didn’t expect her husband to drive himself out.Xiao Lan thought, if Liu Yu chased her now, she seemed to have nothing.Xiao Lan proposed an agreement to improve his sense of security.

1. Give the mother -in -law’s two real estate to her husband Liu Yu, asking himself to have the right to residence; 2. As a future pension, it will pay 30%of income per month.100,000 injuries to the son’s marriage reserve.If Liu Yu thinks there is no need to live with him.Then he.

Liu Yu said: 1.Both houses are mothers. He has no right to ask the property.

2. There is no need to make an appointment for pensions.When there was no pension before, both of them were very good, and they would not need to be stored in the future.3. Xiao Lan’s own child was married and did not pay. He had no obligation to get money.

If Xiaolan wants to give her son more money, she usually season

Capital money to share with her son.Xiao Lan cannot abduct himself morally.

On the surface, Liu Yu seemed to just reject Xiao Lan’s mention

In fact, Liu Yu rejected the marriage.In fact, after understanding Xiao Lan, I realized that what Xiaolan liked was not money, but she just wanted to guarantee.Regarding the house, Liu Yu revealed that a hundred years later, the house was a nephew and niece.Xiao Lan had no right to obtain objections.Xiao Lan

I just worried that if one day, her husband’s nephew and niece suddenly came here. What should she do?

Lawyer Xiaolan expressed concern.The Xinmin Code clearly stipulates the concept of residence.Xiaolan can protect the right of residence by signing an agreement, which greatly improves Xiao Lan’s sense of security.

In fact, Xiao Lan did not force Liu Yu to divorce.

The stepon sentenced his ex -husband legally.Liu Yu did not have the obligation to raising.But the family is a place to love. As a living with Liu Yu for more than ten years

Woman, I long for my husband’s intentions.Liu Yu can say at will that marriage is the support of love.Only with mutual understanding can family relationships be more firm.

Therefore, when others say that marriage is the grave of love, I think this is just for those who do not want to pay, for those who can understand and care for each other.Marriage is the home of love.


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