I have been married for ten years, the road to pregnancy, sadness, bumpy

"Husband, husband, just tested, there are two bars, two bars." The daughter -in -law shouted on the phone, and then crouched on the ground and cried.

I was on the night, and my daughter -in -law called me at 9 o’clock in the evening, and was exciting on the phone.When I heard this news, my eyes were full of tears. It was not easy. It was really not easy. For 10 years, my daughter -in -law was finally pregnant.

I told my parents as soon as possible that I could feel the excitement of my mother on the phone.Later, her mother said that when she heard the news of her daughter -in -law’s pregnancy, she didn’t sleep well all night, and kept thinking about how to supplement her daughter -in -law.When my father heard the news, he walked around in the room and walked overnight.

My daughter -in -law and I got married 10 years ago. I have never had children after marriage.

When I was married, I was 32 years old and my daughter -in -law was 30 years old. It belongs to the age of gold. However, in the 4th line of small cities, we are already leftover and women. The two of us are also fate.Achievement, just go home.So when we were on a blind date, we fell in love at first sight.

After half a year, I got married. I asked for a child. There was no. The elderly on both sides were anxious and seeking medical treatment everywhere.

Today, I went smoothly. The process of asking for medical treatment can be divided into southeast and northwest. There are four directions, that is, four stories. I will share it with you.


A relative of the daughter -in -law’s family has not been pregnant. Later, it was optimistic about a clinic in the east town, and I introduced us to see it.

After driving an hour and a half, I went to the clinic for another 20 minutes. Finally, I didn’t have a lot of clinics. There were a few brocade flags inside.

The doctor is a retired Chinese medicine medicine for a small hospital. It is more than 60 years old and speaks not slow.We explained that after the intention, we were the pulse, and the question was cut, and then the problem was not big. Just take a course of medicine.

The medicine is now equipped with a black pill with a diameter of about 1cm, one pill in the morning and evening.My daughter -in -law and I went home happily and took medicine on time according to the instructions.After taking the medicine, I did n’t want to do it, and went to the doctor again.

Doctor: "You are not big, take another course of treatment."

In the process of taking the medicine, go to the municipal maternal and child hospital for various examinations, go to the Trinana Hospital to monitor ovulation, etc., and consumes countless energy.Don’t mention money, money is not called …

After taking this course of this course, I have n’t conceived, but the children of another relative’s house are also caught in the same place. I was pregnant in less than a month. My daughter -in -law and I gritted their teeth and had another course of treatment.In this way, I took the medicine for nearly a year one after another, and the doctor was anxious: "My medicine is very useful, and your relatives alone have cured 4 pairs. Why don’t you?"

Later, I discussed with my daughter -in -law and I did not eat it.Then the maternal and child examination in the second -tier cities was normal, but they couldn’t be pregnant.


Colleagues said: There is a retired doctor in the north who specializes in gynecological diseases and is very famous. Would you like to see it?

My daughter -in -law and I drove for 3 hours. When I arrived at the doctor’s house, the doctor was a military doctor in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. It is said that the medical community is very famous.Later, when I went home to check, I really had this person, and there was a patent.The doctor is absolutely true.

The doctor looked at the question, and looked at the test forms of various hospitals again: "Pregnancy is not a problem, you have nothing to do, is it wrong? So I will give you a course of medicine and go back to eat well. Pregnancy is not a problem.","

This time it is a herbal medicine. The grass that is not processed. According to the weight of a bag, we start to cook the medicine after we go home.

Stainless steel pots, put the herbs in, fill the water, boil it slowly, boil until a bowl of water, and let the daughter -in -law drink.The daughter -in -law’s expression of painful medicine every day, I still have unforgettable. For the sake of children, the daughter -in -law has been gritting her teeth.

After taking the medicine, I still did n’t want to be pregnant. I went to a lot of hospitals for examination. It ’s okay.It’s me, a little problem, Xiao Yan is not active.But it is also within the normal range.

The west

Some people say that there is a divine doctor in a village in the West, and the treatment of infertility is particularly powerful.

My daughter -in -law and I drove for two hours. When I arrived at the doctor’s house, we murmured, not like a serious seeing a doctor. It is estimated that at most it is a barefoot doctor.

Sure enough, as we expected, the doctor did not have the pulse, and pointed at me after seeing the results of the previous inspection, "Why is your little tadpole activity getting lower and lower.The doctor who prescribed the medicine, asked what the medicine he prescribed, did you take you badly? "

As soon as I heard it, I hurriedly said, "Then you tune me?"

"I don’t know what the medicine you take, how can I adjust it for you? You go to the former doctor, ask him if he will see a doctor? Ask what the medicine you eat, I will give you new medicine." After thatClaim out.

My daughter -in -law and I looked at each other. There were dozens of doctors who saw it. This was really outstanding and extraordinary.


One day in the middle of the night, the daughter -in -law received a call, and a male classmate in junior high school came over.The male classmates have not been married for more than ten years. Beijing has gone dozens of times. IVF did it, but it was unsuccessful.

"My daughter -in -law is pregnant. I just tested it, I tell you, you go to the south, there is a very powerful Chinese medicine medicine over there, and we have taken 2 months of medicine for 2 months.

When my daughter -in -law heard it, I couldn’t sleep again. I woke me up. I forced me to take leave in the middle of the night and I had to go tomorrow morning.

Drive for more than 4 hours. There are already many people waiting outside the door at 8 o’clock in the morning.My daughter -in -law and I ranked 22nd, and it was only at 4 pm that it was our turn.

"Little sister, your problem is not big, that is, Gonghan, hot summer cool, melancholy, it is estimated that it has been inaccurate, leading to a bad mood, it is not a problem, just take some medicine."Don’t worry, you will be pregnant if you relax. If you have been taking too much medicine, I will give you some medicine for depression. "

Said me, "Brother, you are okay, listen to me, lose weight, you will regret it after 5 years without losing weight, listen to me, now lose weight, it is too late. In additionThe problem, Xiao Yan is not a big problem. I can adjust you all of these. I guarantee that you have no breath for 3 days.

It’s amazing. On the third day of taking medicine, my tone was gone, and I could feel it.The spirit is better than before, and the temper is much better.

But after taking the medicine, I hadn’t conceived and went again.

"Rest assured, take up to 5 medicines at most, you must be pregnant." According to our body, the doctor re -assigned the drug.

After eating, my daughter -in -law was obviously a lot happy, and I was in a lot of good mood. I talked to me every day and laughed. These have changed invisibly.

Go to the doctor for the third time, "You don’t need to adjust, everything is the best state. If you have the conditions to eat some Ejiao, there is no condition to eat jujube."Nourishing kidney, it should be okay. "

It’s really okay. The third course of treatment is less than half and pregnant.

My mood is extremely excited, and my daughter -in -law is very happy every day.We finally have children.

Calm down and think about it. Traditional Chinese medicine is really powerful. The key is that you have to encounter traditional Chinese medicine with the ability.

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