I have GAP in China, applying for studying abroad, internships in the Daguan plant, and being questioned by HR, which is more tired than normal graduation

In many countries, for college graduates, "Gap Year" is an ordinary way of lifestyle. It is referred to as "Gap", which is also translated into "interval".Refers to a person who temporarily jumped out of the former track and spent a while to experience different lives, such as travel, volunteer, writing, etc., or simply staying at home to achieve a smooth transition from students to workplace people.

It should not be useless holiday -it needs useful, reasonable, and must be for "better self".

A Little Red Book user wrote: Foreigners’ Gap Year is "spending a year in depth to travel after graduation and feeling different lives"; Gap Year of Xiaohongshu blogger is "I took three major factory internshipsAfter experiencing, I took a few certificates by the way, and then went to study in the UK. "

Why is the domestic Gap year?In their stories, some answers may be found.

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"Where are you?"

When WeChat jumped out of these three words, Zhang Kou’s heartbeat at home accelerated at home, and his expression was solidified.She was irritable and squeezed a reply: "Look at the opportunity."

She is unwilling to face this issue.In her opinion, the other person seems to ask the geographical location, but in fact to ask her social location -what work?Where to study?Which social role is currently in?The answer of "I am gap at home", she couldn’t say.

Last year, Zhang Kou graduated from the University of Zhang Kou and studied abroad because he was unsatisfactory because he was not satisfied with the school.She decided to re -apply, and Gap went abroad a year.In her impression, this is an exact way of lifestyle.Since the 1950s, young people abroad have jumped out of a fixed lifestyle. It took a while to experience new lives in another environment, such as travel and volunteers … this is the original appearance of GAP.

After the millennium, GAP was introduced in China and was translated into "interval".There is a "The Gap Year interval" group on Douban. Thousands of young people gathered here, and they define Gap as "one -round restart".

Zhang Kou, who was frustrated, also longed for such a "restart".In the four years of college, she seemed to have tightened her clockwork, brushing points, IELTS test, and participating in various competitions. She had never rest.Now, she is eager to live a "useless" day, take a good rest for a few months, take full energy, think about life, and then invest in the next life.

But when she returned to her hometown in Xi’an, she really started Gap, and the unpredictable relaxation did not come.She slept at three in the morning and woke up at twelve noon. She was anxious for offer and watched movies for time.A friend learned of this and asked about her more than a dozen questions: What do I do at home every day?Why not go to internship, verify, and enrich yourself?

The attitude of the family has also changed.Zhang Kou’s twin sister, successfully applied to school and went to Singapore.Once, Zhang Kou went out with his mother. When she met a relative, the other party asked, "Well, why is your second child still at home?" As if she shouldn’t appear.

Mother answered perfunctory, "I’m testing, what’s studying." Relatives still glanced at her with doubtful eyes.I was asked much, and my mother was annoyed. Later, as long as I involved this problem, the mother would say, "She will go to study immediately" "She will go abroad later" -the when it is in progress.

It was also from that time that she was afraid of being asked "where is".She sent a circle of friends: Don’t always ask me where I am, I can live without death.

Later, she chatted with another GAP classmate, and her classmates were worse than her.Because the family does not support it, in order to alleviate the contradiction, the classmates start to perform their studies: each time at 8 am, go to the paid self -study room.Can’t go home for lunch. Classmates will go to a nearby mall to have a meal, find a paid massage chair for lunch break, and return to the self -study room to play with mobile phones in the afternoon.When I went home in the evening, my classmates and their families were very satisfied and the relationship was harmonious.

In the year of Gap, Li Yu also hid himself in the post -95s.In 2018, he graduated from the Medical University and resigned for postgraduate postgraduate postgraduate postgraduate postgraduate postgraduate school.But after less than half a year, he dropped out of school.Earlier this year, he brought tens of thousands of dollars to Xinjiang. He started to eat, sleep, and travel every day without working, not going to work.

Except for parents, Li Yu did not take the initiative to tell others about it.Someone asked, he would say "don’t want to talk about this topic". So far, a few good friends have also defaulted to study research.He rarely contacted his parents. He couldn’t make a call once a month. WeChat chat was always "uh", "know", "pretty good".

As a comparison, in the Gap experience of the previous generation, it is more to explore the happiness of self.In a book about the following years, in 2006, a young man named Sun Dongchun let go of his job and went to Thailand, Laos, India, Pakistan, Pakistan … while traveling, he was a volunteer.I met a Japanese girl during the trip and later became his wife.In the middle of the year, love and love are the theme of this experience.

Chen Si, 28, also tried to live a happy and free Gap life at first.In 2016, her mother was sick. She was going home to take care of. Taking this opportunity, she started Gap.In the years of work, she was always tight, either on a business trip, or was exhausted.In the year of Gap, she slept during the day, went out for a walk in the evening, and went to various parks.

In many dusk, she saw some leisurely backs -a handsome girl with short shorts and shorts, with a snack in her hand and walking on the road;Strong, the calf is powerful, and the ponytail flew up straight.For the first time, she felt the existence of the people around her for the first time, just like she saw that the rose flowers in Beijing seemed to grow from the cities of reinforced concrete overnight.

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In the fall, Zhang Kou was anxious.Students who have graduated together, expose new schools and new friends every three differences, show strange positioning at the bottom of the photo.The topic of group chat turned from cats, dogs, and dogs to work treatment. A person seemed to mention itself, including 300,000 yuan in new jobs, "the price of cabbage."

Open Xiaohongshu, in those high praise posts, GAP has several common templates: the secondary war, the test of the exams, the application for the internship before studying abroad, and the self -media entrepreneurship.People describe GAP with confident, positive and unquestionable tone. It seems that in their opinion, GAP should not be useless, it needs to be useful, reasonable, and must be for "better self".

Thinking of his peers making money and studying at this time, Zhang Kou thought, "The gap suddenly opened."She started insomnia and was more anxious because of insomnia itself.She also didn’t understand why people practiced Gap at the moment they would be completely different from her imagined GAP.In the fourth month of "squatting at home", Zhang Kou decided to compromise and try the kind of GAP that can be praised.

She carefully invested her "assets": the performance point after graduation is fixed numbers, and there is no way to change it again. In terms of English, TOEFL has already tested and has no room for continued efforts. After losing the student status, college students’ competitions can no longer be able to play.join.She realized that the only possibility of trying to work hard is the internship. Some people in Xiaohongshu said that some companies can accept students who are in GAP.

In October, Zhang Kou went to a bank for internship and started the regular life of working at 9 am and 6:30 pm, and made various reports and data analysis every day.After two months, she thought that since she had time, she could go to other urban internships, broaden the possibility, and try the Internet industry.

She stipulates that she voted for 15-20 resumes every day. Sometimes there are too many interviews to be opened. After get off work, she interviews at a convenience store or cafe near the company.There are many interviews. At the beginning, the self -introduction and the items on the resume are all cooked. Even a very good mathematical model formula can be blurted out.In the end, a large Internet factory in Beijing opened her arms to her. She lived in a new job in Beijing and started a new job.

The pace of internship on the Internet is obviously faster and more tiring than banks. It is 10 nights 9. There are endless and incomplete projects. Sometimes they have to work overtime until eleven o’clock at night. I just want to sleep immediately when I go home.She became lethargic and sweet. She bought Ferrero, Dove, and Melsen on the convenience stores on the way to get off work every day. The sweet taste seemed to flatten her fatigue and let her throw her previous anxiety to her head.

But soon, anxiety came back again.Kou’s reduction is about 20 credits, and the one -and -a -half year courses are shortened to one year.The intermediary said that if there is no problem, you can pay a "stay fee" first -equivalent to the deposit that is given to that school.

It stands to reason that this is a good news, but Zhang Kou doesn’t know what happened. That day she stood in the company’s staircase, and the mood was very excited. In a stiff tone, "I don’t agree, I don’t accept it", The two quarreled across the phone.The intermediary did not understand at all. The university with the bottom was selected by Zhang Kou himself. Why did you not want to read it when he applied?Recalling that moment, Zhang Kou described herself like "lunatic". She couldn’t control her emotions again. She almost yelled and said, "I would rather waste the retention fee.You dream, this is impossible. "

After the relationship with the intermediary fell into an deadlock, Zhang Kou thought that his family would stand on his own side, but his mother said that it would be good to reduce 20 credits. Sisters far away from Singapore also came to persuade her.Zhang Kou asked: "Your own school is so good, it is much better than I apply for this. Do you look down on me?" The sister hung up silently.

Later, I thought of the scene at that time. Zhang Kou said that I thought that the Gap method of "rolling to himself" could relieve anxiety. I didn’t expect it to be more anxious. "I forced myself into a dead end, as if I had paid 100%Efforts must not only get a 10%return. "

Like Zhang Kou, Li Yu also had a period of "herself".Strictly speaking, he has gone through Gap twice, and the first Gap is to resign the postgraduate entrance examination.At the same time as the postgraduate entrance examination, he is also preparing to take the exam. One person must be used in half. If he is wasted at any time, he will be guilty.He was afraid of failure, and felt that he would be more likely to make a two -handed preparation.

But in the same way, Li Yu’s efforts originated from the desire to obtain proof. That is the "ashore" that conforms to the expectations of others and in the secular sense, and it is not what he really wants to do.After studying, he confirmed that he was not really interested in medicine.As if exhausting the fuel, he couldn’t work as hard as the postgraduate entrance examination. Looking at the enthusiasm of the classmates around him, he felt a chronic suppression.

After hesitating for a while, Li Yu went through the procedures for dropping out, and then called his parents.The parents were very shocked. The three of them quarreled, and the father finally gave a concession, saying that he could accept Li Yuxiu to learn, but Li Yu said that it was too late to complete the formalities.

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The "deformation" of GAP in China is closely related to the changes in the environment. In an era with too fast changes and increasingly limited opportunities, the suspension costs need to be paid.

When Chen Si was Gap, the word "inner volume" had not been invented, and the halo of the Internet manufacturer was not so shiny. Douyin was just a niche app just launched.Rare.One year later, Chen Si felt that he should return to the workplace. The large factory suddenly became a rush to people. She ranked in the top five in China in China and invested many resumes without receiving a reply.

The incident was gradually losing control at this time.A friend of a large factory helped her to push inward, which led to the only interview.The interviewer was serious. Ask her, you have been in GAP for so long. The Internet company has high work intensity and high competition pressure. Can you hold it?Chen Si was a little hesitant and said, I didn’t know well.

When he came out of the office, Chen Si knew that the interview must have failed.On the subway home, a friend sent WeChat to comfort her. "It’s okay, this may not be so good" "The big factory is really under pressure, everyone wants to go."

Chen Si originally wanted to continue to find a job, but it didn’t take long for she to be pregnant, and then gave birth to a child. For two years, she was preparing to produce and postpartum the baby.With the year of GAP, three years have passed.After the child is born, the monthly mortgage, the salary of parenting, and the family’s clothing, food, food, housing, and transportation will add up to more than 20,000. Under pressure, Chen Si is going to return to the workplace.

This time, entering the large factory is much easier than before. Chen Si speculated that it was because he had given birth to a child.But soon, she discovered a very significant difference: colleagues from the same department were generally 4 or 5 years younger than herself, and the youngest leader in the next department was only 27 years old.The peers who worked together in the media that year entered the big factory in her Gap. Some of them had risen to management, and they were still the most ordinary and most grass -roots employees.

The best time on the Internet passed.Two years after joining the major factory, she was "graduated" everywhere. Chen Si was just 35 years old this year. She was very worried that she would be eliminated first?

Chen Si said: "There will be a sense of life in life. In the past, everyone was the same. I went to interview together and wrote a manuscript together, but after a few years, their confidence, their sense of control in life, their income, wealth, status … …The gap is very large, only I have become a mediocre middle -aged man. "

She was deeply tortured and often regretted that "the Chinese people’s workplace age is one by one, and the suspension of one year has triggered a series of chain reactions."A colleague solved her, "You have been chic for three years outside, this is the price you have to pay." It seems that except her, everyone is "like a thin ice, every step is to plan how to go next step,"" ".

The new generation of young people saw the price faster.

After 00, Xiao Mo needed to be cultivated because of a lung surgery when he was studying in a junior. He wanted GAP for one year, and then re -studying in the junior.But as soon as half of the GAP, the school’s training plan changed, and the next class to take more lessons. In order to graduate on time, she had to return to the school in advance to finish the extra courses first.

Education student, when GAP in 2020 and re -working in 2021, the teaching and training industry changed.There are also people in GAP in 2021 and find a job one year later. When they delivered resumes in the summer of 2022, the large manufacturers locked the recruiting indicators and found a job as a very serious thing.

In the workplace, prejudice against GAP is also deepening.Zhang Kou asked HR, why did the candidate have been gap so much?The reply to the obtained is: "The first application for schools, postgraduate or examinations was not successful. It was a bit like a repeat student.

Xiao Mo also listened to another HR mentioned that the person who could go to GAP was either bad or rich at home, and had a confidence GAP, or had his own ideas. Such people could not be a suitable screw.

The opportunity is limited, the gyroscope is infinite, and the society must pick up faster and more coherent.

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Zhang Kou’s rotation was suspended because of some accidents.In April of this year, she returned to her hometown for a month, and then prepared to go to an Internet company in Shanghai for internship, but the epidemic suddenly broke out.There is no way to return to Beijing.

There is really no way to give up her internship.She resumed a life that sleeps naturally every day, exercising, cooking, and reading.It was also during this time that she got a satisfactory offer, which gave her a tired Gap completely stepped on the brakes.She suddenly realized that all the efforts she had paid in the past lost meaning at this moment.

From then on, she really let go and think about some issues she had never thought about before.Zhang Kou realized that even if "I have stopped understanding the situation of my surrounding classmates, I am still anxious."The family did not put a lot of pressure on themselves. It was a very high goal for myself. "If it is not achieved, I will collapse very."

The goal comes from comparison. On the one hand, this comparison is inside, and the best school that students can apply for.On the outside, she was also in a comparative atmosphere.But whenever the newly known person knows that she has a sister, she will definitely ask, where is my sister studying.Knowing that my sister was studying at a well -known university, the next question would definitely be, why don’t you go to that school?At first Zhang Kou didn’t know how to answer, but then his face became thick and said "can’t be admitted."

Xiao Mo also thought about many issues in the "forced" Gap.She has a different perspective to leave the specific environment of the school.In her opinion, the social clock is everywhere, and the sound of dripping is like a heartbeat, and she reminds herself to run forward at all times.She did not really let go of the vacation. All the holidays were used to make up classes and study by default. When she was a child, she had just vacated on Friday. She saw the same school and class classmates on the weekend.During the holiday at the end of the college entrance examination, she was urged to take a driver’s license by her parents, and her skin was darkened.

When I went to college, the presence of the clock was even stronger.The school requires a student to graduate within 6 years, and many civil servants test only for fresh graduates.Enterprises recruit people, do not exceed the 26 -year -old master’s degree and a doctoral degree over 30 years old. No matter what education, it is more than 35 years old. The difficulty index of finding a job has increased.

In order to graduate and work at the time of time, Xiao Mo’s classmates, some have been preparing to take the exam, internship at Internet companies, or do scientific research projects from sophomores.To get scientific research bonus points, you have to get a question before.

In Xinjiang, Li Yu chose to go against the clock.He had two hours of difference. When others were at work, he just got up. When others were sleeping, he still watched the sunset on the Yili River Bridge.In the summer of Yili, the grass and trees are rich in the road. On the road, the white poplars on both sides are tall, and a thick shade is lowered.

Stay away from the city, there is no takeaway, courier, and no trouble in buying school district houses.Li Yu thinks that the meaning of a person’s life is to make a lot of money, buy a large house, and live a luxurious life?The contrast is very strong. On the face of the locals, you can always see a real and happy smile.

For Chen Si, the Gap experience is still precious.

During that time, Chen Si thought about her relationship with others and her relationship with herself. She read the books of writers Li Juan and Herman Heisse and recorded her thinking.She found that she had been flowing with the wave. "I am 30 years old and think that others have giving birth to children. I go to have children. Others go to large factories. I am also envious. I also have to go to a big factory."She finally concluded that people must establish autonomy, have their own consciousness, and take her own way, not to satisfy anyone or to compete with who.

In a perfect story, a person can change immediately after awakening and take his own way.But the reality is that it is very difficult to break away from the framework and lose the clock.

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Young people such as Zhang Kou, Li Yu, Xiaomo, and the plan to return to the track after that -Zhang Kou is going to study abroad as planned. Xiaomo has returned to the university. Li Yu has not made specific plans, butThe high probability will return to the pharmaceutical industry.

Recently, Chen Si worked hard to settle in Beijing. This was the only thing she could do for children: providing a voucher.She also thought about whether to bring her children back to her hometown, but her hometown is a human society. There is no Internet company, and there is no pillar industry. What can two 35 middle -aged people do?

Chen Si also heard a friend who lived in Hungary that in Hungary, women had 3 years of giving birth, and companies did not have a 35 -year -old threshold.What Chen Siko chose was Chiang Mai, she also considered whether to bet on a future, but it meant that she had to give up her existing things.

Sociologist Xiang Bi once said in an interview that in an uncertain world, you must build your big rear. If you can jump out to see his experience, it may be better.But Chen thought, "Can my life really jump out?" After gap, there are fewer opportunities. Even the new post -00s intern in the department, even if a graduate student graduated from a prestigious school, has the ability to be better than one, but because there is no one, but because there is no oneHC, eventually left sadly.

The fault tolerance rate for her is becoming smaller, and her time and space are squeezing her -grandmother has died, her hometown has been killed by a car from a young age, and she encountered problems at work.It passed quickly.One Friday, she walked on the road and suddenly wanted to cry for herself.

But even crying for herself, she worked hard for a long time and finally failed."I don’t have much tears to flow."

However, the friends of the big factory also wanted to go out and envy Chen Si to stop.For Chen Si, she had a kind of confidence. She knew that she could not always depend on the big factory. If she was thrown out one day, she was convinced that she could support herself.

But leaving her some nourishment is still the memory of Gap.One day in April, Chen Si’s lover took the child to the park and posted a photo. The child was sitting under a huge cherry tree, and there was no melting snow on the chair.Suddenly, she got up from the bed, took the camera, and went to the park to shoot flowers.

That was this year, the only moment she really felt happy.

(The interviewee requested that Zhang Kou, Chen Si, Li Yu in the text are a pseudony

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