I haven’t been checked when I was pregnant

The last menstruation 8.3.Then the menstruation that should have come when I was 9.3 was not coming. During this time, I used test strips every morning, but I did not measure the traces of pregnancy. I think I should be delayed by menstruation.After all, since I want a child this year, the reason for being too anxious, my menstruation has always been abnormal.

Due to anxiety about personal health, I hurriedly approached Dr. Zhang, the old Chinese medicine medicine at Longmen County General Hospital on the 4th of the 4th.After the pulse, he opened the recipe of Bupleuro Shushu and opened a box of Fang Fang Xuanju capsules.I took a pack of traditional Chinese medicine and 3 capsules, and then I started working overtime on the afternoon of the 5th and added to the morning of the 6th.When I came home from get off work on the afternoon of the 6th, after eating and taking a bath, I thought I was not pregnant anyway, or I took a test strip to test it. Anyway, a big test paper.Then I tested and prepared to take a bath.My God, two lines, I am pregnant.

I hurriedly took a shower and took out this pregnancy test stick to show my husband. I said, my husband is pregnant.My husband took my pregnancy test stick and looked at it. He suddenly stunned, and then proudly said that the baby who had waited for more than 30 years finally came.Because this year’s biochemical is once, so I have been pregnant now, and I am more nervous and anxious.Then I hung up the second day to check the situation.

On the morning of the 7th, I thought about being pregnant anyway. Will it deepen if I try the pregnancy test stick?Then monitored, the test strip was not deepened.There is also a little seven or eight in my heart, because if you are pregnant, healthy babies will definitely deepen.Go to the hospital, draw blood HCG32.99.Double.

On the 8th, the test paper was not deepened.

On the 9th, the test strip was not deepened.

On the 10th, the test strip was not deepened.On the 10th Mid -Autumn Festival, I was really too torment. I was stunned at work, afraid of ectopic pregnancy, and I hope to see bleeding and biochemistry when I want to go to the toilet every day.In the afternoon, he still failed to resist the pressure in his heart, and ran the hospital to draw blood.HCG rose 43.18, and quickly took the report to the doctor. The doctor said that this suspected that the embryo was dysplasia, and the possibility of heterogeneous pregnancy was very high.When I arrived, I was very anxious, scared, nervous.Ectopic pregnancy?Seriously, when I thought of it, I might be an ectopic pregnancy. I couldn’t stop the tears.Will it be conservative treatment?Still surgery?Many people say that it is difficult to get pregnant when cutting off the fallopian tube.What should I do?I consulted a lot of questions about the doctor. The doctor said that she could not say that she was confirmed to be inhuminal pregnancy or poor embryo development. Let me observe more, and then came to draw blood on the 13th.

On the 11th, the test paper was not deepened.

On the 12th, the test paper was not deepened.

On the 13th, the test strip was not deepened.Come over this morning to review again.Pump blood and go home.I met a few beautiful women on the same day on the same day, and the situation was almost the same. They were either biochemical or pregnant in the palace.Either conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy.I was still executed.As a result, Damn, it rose 58.01 again.Really, completely collapsed.I really didn’t hold back, I cried at the time.Tell my husband, I said that I was really ectopic in the palace, and I would definitely be abandoned again.I think, if there is no family to maintain a child, really two people will be affected.After all, it is difficult to recover once you quarrel.Then show the report to the doctor, and she took a look.Still say that those ambiguous and unable to be diagnosed.I really can’t afford these pressures, and I made a yin super.Still nothing.The doctor said that I asked me for a week, and on the 20th, I went to the blood to review.Helplessly I can only go back.I ca n’t sleep well at night, and I do n’t have mood to work.Then my husband gave me breakfast every day, and made soy milk to make me drink.I hope I can be happy and relax.But when I really think of those situations, I really have no mood.Because my test stick has been tested for many days, it has not deepened.I also secretly made the worst plans for myself in my heart.But sometimes I shed tears without holding it. My husband comforted me and said, wife, you have made progress now.I did n’t have much biochemical before. You see, I have n’t bleed yet.Even ectopic pregnancy has improved.He said this, really, made me cry, and then laughed out of a nose.He said that he faced with me, so I don’t be afraid, and don’t need to think of too much extra things.At this moment, I found that I love him more.

The test strip 14 to 19 has not been deepened.

On the afternoon of the 18th, I went to the toilet, eh, bleeding.Biochemical, or ectopic pregnancy bleeding.Then I observed to see if I had severe bleeding or abdominal pain.If you think about it, you have to know the result. I am a bit seven.Afraid of the result is not a good result.Although it is the worst psychological preparation.

On the 19th, today I went to the hospital again to take blood.Taking the blood on the 20th one day in advance.I have been praying in my heart that the value has dropped and miscarriage.But no, it rose 5 again.When I saw this report at home, my husband had no mood to cook at once.But he was thinking about me to eat, and he went to make me food for me.He is like this, sometimes fierce, but it is really good for me. I want to eat what he wants to eat.

After dinner, I came to the hospital to let the doctor read the report in the afternoon.This time we did nothing, and then the doctor asked me to see the gynecological department.Then I was hospitalized.EssenceI hope there is nothing in the hospitalized fart this time.Observe two days after he was discharged home.God, God must protect me.

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