I heard that hawthorn can reduce blood pressure, or is it a "oil scraping artifact"?Do you eat with water or eat well?

When it comes to life, "sweet and sour, bitter and salty", the first place is "sour taste". When it comes to sour taste, the first reaction of many people is hawthorn. Just saying this name, feeling that saliva is about to flow out.

The guy took a pound of hawthorn, and his stomach was almost covered by stones

Ordinary people heard the hawthorn shook their heads straight, and they were reluctant to eat one, but Mr. Chen was different. He liked to eat fresh hawthorn. Because he heard that eating hawthorn can reduce blood pressure, he specially asked friends to pick a plastic bag from his hometown.Eat a few.After eating for a week in a row, Mr. Chen felt disgusting and nausea, but he continued to endure, and went out with his friends to eat a meal.

When he returned home at night, Mr. Chen was uncomfortable to sleep on the bed. He felt like there was a large stone block in the stomach, and the whole person was a little dizzy. He finally couldn’t bear it to the morning. He quickly asked his family to send himself to the hospital.

The doctor asked the medical history and the recent diet, and combined with his symptoms, he initially suspected that it was stones.Mr. Chen couldn’t believe it. He then did a gastroscopy. The doctor saw a 10 -centimeter of stones in his stomach, and he almost filled his stomach.It wasn’t until I saw the image that Mr. Chen believed it, and regretted it deeply that he should not eat so much hawthorn.

Such a large stones in the stomach will not only affect normal eating, but also rub the stomach wall during the peristalsis and cause bleeding. If it is further increased, the stomach perforation may also be perforated.Doctors suggest that gravel treatment as soon as possible, and divide stones into small pieces to facilitate them to dissolve and discharge.

Remind everyone that fruits such as hawthorn and persimmons should not be consumed in large quantities, especially in an empty stomach. Eating too much will cause nausea, acid reflux, and bloating, because the tannic acid components enter the stomach into a cluster to form stones.However, normal people do not eat so many hawthorn. It is rare to eat a large amount of hawthorn like Mr. Chen.

Can eating hawthorn lower blood pressure?The answer is difficult

Hawthorn contains a flavonoid compound, and some studies say that this substance can reduce blood pressure. Let’s take a look at the specific research.

A research paper published by the American Heart Association’s "Hypertension" pointed out that the cooperation of flavonoid foods and intestinal flora cooperate with each other to help reduce blood pressure. Take an 80 grams of flavonoid food and systolic blood pressure per day by 4.1 mm.Hryk -pillar is related to.

There are three views on this study:

First of all, the 904 participants in the study are filled in by the questionnaire by the questionnaire. The maximum age of the participants reaches 82 years old, and there are questioning the accuracy of the questionnaire.

Secondly, ingesting 80 grams of flavonoids may have a role. 80 grams of hawthorn is quite 8 hawthorn. Can you lower blood pressure by eating hawthorn alone?Suspicious.

Finally, the study is about the interaction of flavonoid foods and intestinal flora. Which flora is not carefully said. If a specific bacteria can be played, it is useless to eat more hawthorn, and it may increase the stomach.Stone risk.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not eat hawthorn blindly. There are certain defects to study, and more data is needed if it is feasible.

Is eating hawthorn lift sugar or hypoglycemic?Can diabetic patients eat it?

It tastes very sour, but the sugar is very high, and the proportion reaches 22%. It is higher than the apple sugar that is usually eaten. It is not suitable for patients with diabetes.And in order to neutralize its sour taste, the surface is usually wrapped with syrup or frosting, which is sweet and sweet, and it is not advisable to eat more.

The taste of food and the content of sugar are two concepts. Don’t eat it because it feels sour. Not only can you not reduce blood sugar, but it may also increase it.

Can eating hawthorn "scrape oil"?It’s not so amazing

The organic acid after eating hawthorn will promote the human body to secrete a lot of saliva and saliva, and strengthen digestive ability. At this time, eating fat foods has a certain effect of fatting, but it has a limited effect.Get fat, so don’t rely on hawthorn and have nothing to do.

Do you eat with water or eat well?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main role of hawthorn is to eliminate accumulated food, strengthen the stomach, and reduce phlegm. It is suitable for eating when eating a lot of meat and eating a lot of meat.

If you want to produce a faster effect, it is better to eat it. After you taste the sour taste, the stomach will quickly work, and the taste of the water soaking is relatively light. The ingredients are diluted by water.

In addition, not anyone can eat it. Children’s spleen and stomach are not sound, and the degree of calcification of deciduous teeth is not enough. If you eat more sour food, you will reflect the acid, and it will also affect the health of the teeth. You should eat less with rock sugar gourd and hawthorn ball.Pregnant women can’t eat too much. Although it can relieve pregnancy, it is also easy to stimulate uterine contraction. In the first three months, eat less.

How much is it better to eat for the spleen and hurt the spleen?

The sour food is tasteful. A small amount of food can appetite and reconcile the five internal organs, but eating too much can also cause spleen and stomach discomfort, and also affect blood sugar. Therefore, you can eat three or four a day. Do not bring sugar on the surface.If you use it to soak in water, you can put it for 3-5 tablets each time. You can soak it for a day. You don’t need to replace it every time.If you eat it, it will not exceed 20 grams.

The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" recommends that eating 200-350 grams of fruits a day. Hawthorn is only one of them. It should be rich in the type. Blueberries, coriander, apricot, lychee, watermelon, etc. can be eaten.

No matter what food eats, you must pay attention to the amount of intake, not too much, especially the specialty fruits such as hawthorn, you must eat it reasonably, no matter what food, it is impossible to achieve the effect of direct treatment of the disease.It also needs a variety of diet mixes, not just eating one.In addition, if you don’t want to accumulate too much fat in the intestine, you must also control fat intake and increase exercise. Although hawthorn can "scrape oil", it has limited effects.

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