I heard that pregnant women are always farting and affecting fetal development. Is this true?

I am very curious why I have a lot of pregnancy farts and smelly. A fart can smoke the whole room. I am a typical case. I sleep and fart at night.

After consulting my chief physician, the chief physician told me the following points. I organized it and shared it with you. It is not professional. You can learn from each other. If you have any wrong, you can also play in the comment area.

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After pregnancy, why do pregnant women fart frequently?

Throughout pregnancy, the phenomenon of fart exists. As for the reasons, the reasons for different gestational weeks are different.

1. In the early pregnancy, it is mainly related to the secretion of progesterone.

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women secreted a large amount of progesterone, the level of hormones and endocrine in the body changed, and the puffed gonad hormone and lutein increased, which caused a great impact on gastric acid secretion.

Once the stomach acid secretion is reduced and the digestion of food is slowed down, it is easy to cause bloating and farting.

2. The second trimester is mainly related to diet and exercise.

In the second trimester, the level of hormones in pregnant women is basically close to stability, and the digestive function will increase.

However, many pregnant women, due to the disappearance of early pregnancy reactions, the diet begins to be unscrupulous. I often eat spicy and irritating foods, but also overeating, eat some prejudiced foods, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, soy milk, etc.It will cause bloating and fart.

If pregnant women eat more and do not exercise, the phenomenon of abdominal distension and farting will be more serious.

3. The third trimester is mainly related to the development of the fetus.

As the pregnancy increases, the fetus is getting larger and larger, and the increased uterus continuously squeeze the stomach and intestines, which will not only reduce gastric capacity, but also affect gastrointestinal motility, cause indigestion, and increase the occurrence of abdominal distension and fart.

PS: If the pregnant woman eats greasy, the fart will stink.

Frequent farting is indeed related to the development of the fetus.

Before the fetus enters the basin, as the pregnancy increases, the fetus becomes larger and larger, and the increased uterus is getting worse and more serious, and the phenomenon of farting pregnant women is naturally very frequent. After the fetus enters the basinThe squeezing is reduced, but the pressure on the rectum will not only fart frequently, but also increase frequent urination and frequent stool.

In other words, in the third trimester, whether it is before the fetus enters the basin or after the basin, the fart is more frequent.

But whether it will affect the development of the fetus, it depends on the situation of farting.

If the pregnant woman farts is stinky, or the abdominal distension may be caused by poor digestion. Slight digestion disorders generally will generally not affect the development of the fetus, but if the digestion is severe, it may affect the pregnant woman’s nutritional intake and absorption. For a long timeIn this way, it will inevitably affect the nutritional absorption of the fetus, lead to insufficient nutrition and slow development.

Therefore, if the fart is very frequent, or if the abdominal distension is powerful, the fart is very stinky, it may be the "help signal" issued by the body. Pregnant women must consider multiple parties, don’t care!

It is difficult to avoid farting during pregnancy, but it can be relieved slightly. It can be carried out from these two aspects:

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1. Diet

Diet during pregnancy is very important. Pregnant women must not only have a comprehensive nutrition and comprehensive nutrition, but also have light diet, eat less meals, and match them. Do not blindly high -protein, high starch, and high fat.

If the flattering is severe, fart frequently, and even constipation occurs. It is recommended to eat some vegetables rich in dietary fiber, such as celery leaves, lettuce leaves, mushrooms, black fungus, green peppers, colored peppers, yellow okra, and so on.

At the same time, all kinds of foods that are likely to cause flatulence should be eaten as little as possible, such as high starch food and soy products.

① High starch food: potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, pumpkin, chestnut, etc.These foods are rich in starch, sugar, and cellulose. After consumption, the intestinal bacteria are fully fermented, which will produce a lot of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. If it cannot be discharged in time, it will accumulate in the intestine, cause flatulence, increase farting, and increase farting.occur.

② Soy products: tofu, soy milk, tofu brain, etc.Soy products contain several anti -nutritional factors. Among them, aspirinase inhibitory can inhibit the activity of protease in the human body. If too much intake, it will affect the digestion of protein and stimulate the gastrointestinal.People have flatulence, diarrhea, and indigestion.

PS: Chew slowly when eating, do not swallow jujube.

2. exercise

A moderate amount of exercise can promote gastrointestinal motility, improve digestive function, reduce gas generation, and relieve farting.In this regard, it is recommended that pregnant women choose the appropriate exercise method according to their own situation.

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Recommended: walk

Unless you have to stay in bed, you have to do appropriate exercise, and walking is a very good choice.

Pregnant women wear comfortable clothes and shoes. With the company’s company, they choose a fresh air and a place with small people.

Of course, if pregnant women usually have no activities and do not feel tired, they can go more for a while; if pregnant women usually need to work, do housework, they will be very tired in themselves, and they can go less for a while.

In short, exercise should be relieved, do force, don’t let yourself be too tired.Even if you stand up for a long time, it is good to stand up and walk.

PS: Remember not to sit for a long time.

Farting during pregnancy is normal, but if frequent abdominal distension, frequent farting, and the smell of stinky eggs, it is likely to have digestion problems. It is recommended that pregnant women adjust their diet and exercise in moderation to relieve discomfort.The healthy development of the fetus.

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Finally, I wish you a baby who is healthy and healthy for pregnant mothers.

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