I just took a cold medicine but found that I was pregnant. Can the baby still ask?

Many women have just tested their pregnancy, but after taking cold medicines and anti -inflammatory drugs before, I would worry about whether it would affect the baby? What should I do, can my children want it? "Don’t worry! I will tell you todayexplain.

According to the development of the embryo, medication during pregnancy can be divided into three periods: non -sensitive period (early embryo), sensitive period (embryo period), and low sensitive period (fetal stage).

Non -sensitive period

That is, within 2 weeks after fertilization, the fertilized eggs are formed for a period of time before the endometrium.During this period, the effect of drugs on the embryo is completely or none, that is, there is no effect at all, or it will cause abortion, which will generally not cause fetal malformation.Therefore, when you do n’t know if you take medicines before or within 2 weeks after fertilization, you generally do not have much impact on the fetus, and you do n’t have to worry too much.

However, there are still very few drugs that do not apply to this theory, such as Libavirin, different vitamin A acid, and vaccines to prevent measles, rubella, and mumps.

Sensitive period

3-8 weeks of pregnancy is a period of differentiation of fetal organs.This period is called teratogenic sensitive period, which is very vulnerable to external factors such as drugs and cause fetal malformations.At this stage, we should strictly control the medication. If you can do it, you can decisively, including health products, tonic drugs, etc.If you have to take medicine, you must be careful and safe under the guidance of a doctor.

Low -sensitivity period

9-38 weeks of pregnancy, this period belongs to most tissues and maturity.The impact of drugs may involve growth and function, such as mental development and reproductive function. Therefore, medication will not be as great as a period of time, but it should also be treated carefully.

The medicine is three -point poison, but if the pregnant mother is sick, it still needs to be treated.If you take medicine during pregnancy, you must calm down, first calculate the gestational week based on your own situation, and think about what medicine you take for, what is the main component.Be careful, it is best to come to the hospital for the help of a professional doctor.

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