I saw my ex -boyfriend again, but when I was pregnant with strangers children

Xiaomei does not want to have children, but there is no way.Because Xiaomei’s family is already urging, Xiaomei also promised her parents to get married. Xiaomei could not let her father disappointed, and she didn’t want to lose her child.

She didn’t know what to do and didn’t know what to do.She was panicked.

That night, Xiaomei was drunk and returned to the hut he rented.Crying lying on the bed.

Crying and crying, fell asleep.

She had a dream and dreamed that her child was born.

The little boy looks like a mother, very cute, a little naughty. She laughed and felt very happy.However, she woke up and found that it was not a dream.That is reality!

"Ah …" She screamed and sat up.

There was chaos in her mind.

Seems to have a nightmare, she hasn’t completely woke up yet.

She reached out and touched her belly, and before feeling any movement, she lay down again.

She feels that she needs to take a good rest.

Her heartbeat was fast, as if something jumped out of the chest.

Her breathing hurried.

Suddenly, Xiaomei remembered that night, she was drunk.She was prescribed.

She sat up sharply and wanted to find someone to understand.

As soon as she opened the quilt and got out of bed, the door was suddenly pushed away.

A person came in alone.

"What are you doing?" She asked vigilantly.

"Hush. Don’t make noisy your baby, let me check it."

"Who made you come in?" She screamed.

"Do you forget who I am?" His face came over.

She looked at him, her eyes widened a little.

It’s him!

It ’s really him!

That night, she drank too much wine and was prescribed by a rich second generation. Then, they …

Her memory suddenly became blurred.

His lips were posted and kissed her.

Between them, there are only the most primitive instincts, and she is occupied by him.

He hugged her and overwhelmed her in bed.

"Ah …" She screamed in horror.

He kissed her hard and pulled off her clothes hard.

She struggled and exhausted all her strength.

"Don’t be afraid, baby, I will lightly, don’t be afraid." He comforted her softly.

His warm lips fell on her, making her trembling.

She wanted to resist, but was unable to resist.

His fingers teased her sensitive nerves, and her will gradually collapsed.

Under his guidance, she relaxed herself and accepted him.

They gasped each other and intertwined closely.

Under his guidance, she relaxed herself and accepted him.

"My baby, you are so beautiful." He whispered in her ear.

"You roll, don’t touch me!" She yelled and pushed him hard.

"Isn’t it money? I can give it to you." He smiled and threw a money and dumped it on Xiaomei’s face.

"You …" Xiao Mei was extremely beautiful, biting his shoulders, and it didn’t stop the movement until he tasted the smell of blood.

He had a pain and frowned: "Are you a dog?"

"I don’t like you," she said indifferently.

But the air was filled with ambiguous atmosphere.

He lowered his head and kissed her.

She avoids.

"Don’t move!" He drank low.

Her body stiffened.

His lips moved to her ear: "Your body is honest."

"You are shameless!" Xiao Mei was furious and kicked his feet to his abdomen fiercely.

Then quickly dressed his clothes and escaped the rental house.

She didn’t know where to go, but this shameless rich second generation was still in the house, and she just wanted to leave here.

She escaped the room and went downstairs.

She ran to the street to stop the car, but her body was too weak to run at all.

She fell to the ground and injured her legs.

She sat on the ground and cried.

She dare not go back.

"Ah!" She screamed.

She covered her face and cried painfully.

"What are you doing?"

A familiar voice passed into her ears.

She looked up and saw her ex -boyfriend Xu Wentao got out of the car and came over.

Her tears were even more fierce.

"What are you crying?" Xu Wentao squatted down and helped her up.

"I … I didn’t!" She cried and explained.

Xu Wentao didn’t speak anymore.

"Mr. Xu, thank you."

She said thanked and was ready to leave.

"Wait a minute." Xu Wentao pulled her arm.

"Is there anything else?" She asked.

"Go to the car," he said.

"I don’t go." She refused.

"Your body is too bad."

"I don’t want." She said.

"Obedience!" He said deeply.

"Who are you, why do you care about me!" She shouted loudly.

Xu Wentao frowned.

"Don’t think that you can save me, you can be angry with me, I’m not rare. I don’t care about it!"

Xiao Mi suddenly felt so dirty.

Xu Wentao is his first love of his university. The two, one is the president of the student, the other is the chairman of the community, and the two are both in the department.

In college, the two were indeed quite sensational and dazzling.

The two ate together in the cafeteria and soaked the library together.

In the sophomore, Xu Wentao, chairman of the Student Union and the chairman of the Piano Association, suddenly appeared at the door of the dormitory, filled with caring candles, and sent 99 roses to confess to her.

"Xiaomei, I have long liked you, be my girlfriend ~"

Xiaomei nodded shyly: "Hmm!"

In this way, the two had been in dynasties for three years.

On the day of graduation, Xu Wentao brought Xiaomei to the park outside the library, and wished to the flowers in the park: "I am going to graduate today, I wish you the future!"

The two also played the front of the head that day, and the two laughed so sweetly in the sun.

However, after all, the society and the ivory tower are two worlds. After graduation, they are unemployed. Xiao Bei is not easy to find a job.

On the first day of work, the boss invited himself to eat candlelight dinner. Xiaomei could only agree with this good salary work.

Later, I did not expect that the boss was a beast, drunk himself, and did a non -human thing to herself. In this way, Xiaomei and Xu Wentao divided their hands. Later, they learned to make a bar and separated from all kinds of love fields.

Until three years later, I saw my ex -boyfriend again with such a face.After seeing the ex -boyfriend’s car driving away, Xiao Mei regretted it, chasing the rushing car, disappearing in the night ~

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