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A fan asked: Hello, Dr. Gao, I am 27 years old and married for a year and a half.It has not been born and unsuccessful for 8 months of pregnancy. He has done three blood tests in the hospital. The doctor said that the indicators are not very good, and ovarian function is degraded.Monitoring for two months, ovulation, doctors arranged the same room under the guidance of the doctor, without pregnancy.In May, the fallopian tubal angiography was performed. The report said that the sides were not smooth.The doctor suggested to dredge in June.I upload all the test sheets for you to view.If necessary, I will pass the CT film to you (see the figure below).Can you see the reason why I have not succeeded in pregnancy?What should I do next, is it dredging of tubal tubes or traditional Chinese medicine conditioning?

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Dr. Gao Qin: Hello, I saw your film film. Judging from your film film, the overall situation is not very bad, that is, your fallopian tubes are relatively unscrupulous.A good one.What I need to know is whether you have dysmenorrhea. If you have dysmenorrhea, even if the fallopian tubes are more unobstructed, it may affect pregnancy.

Because you said that you have no contraception for more than eight months, and the time is a bit short. The pregnancy is sleeping. It is not anxious. You have to give him enough time.From a medical perspective, it is called infertility.In these eight months, I don’t know if you are too anxious to monitor ovulation every day. Try a note or the thermometer to deal with your own time every day.It affects.

During the rest of the time, I suggest you naturally.Because your menstruation rules, and monitoring ovulation, there are natural ovulation, so even if you do not go to the hospital, do not need to test the ovulation at home, you do not need to test your body temperature. You still have ovulation. Normally two or three days of sexual life, you have you have a two -day sex life.The possibility of pregnancy.

Pregnancy requires four basic conditions (ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and men’s semen)

I am not opposed to monitoring ovulation and guidance in the same room in the local hospital, and I do not oppose you to try ovulation treatment, but it is just a mental state.The premise is not to cause too nervousness and too anxiety.

I suggest you give yourself half a year.As for the dredging of fallopian tubes, I don’t recommend doing it, especially the fallopian tube water is not significant, and the chance of infection is increased.Chinese medicine treatment can be selected, but it is only auxiliary therapy.My consistent point is that the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is never the mainstream, and it will always be in a secondary position.If you are still inaccurate after half a year, then I may suggest that you consider test tube or do laposolt to clear the fallopian tube.

Fans asked: There is dysmenorrhea, the first day of menstruation will always hurt, but it is not very severe and tolerate.It will be much better every time you stick a hot warm palace.The menstrual flow should be normal, and it is rarely disappeared on the third or four days.It is easy to have backache, and sometimes the left abdomen is faintly painful.Usually resistance is not very good, and it is easy to catch a cold.Doctor, is my hormone indicators bad?Do you need to eat some tonic?

Dr. Gao Qin: Dysmenorrhea is often related to the disease of endometriosis, and about 1/3 or even 1/2 of patients with endometriosis may have obstacles in fertility.If you have dysmenorrhea, you can explain why you are not too serious and not smooth, but you will not get pregnant for more than a year.The above suggestions are unchanged, but those suggestions.This medical history is not to ignore her when you tell the doctor.

In short, I have read your test form, and there is no particularly bad case.Generally speaking, if there is infertility or irregular menstruation, it is not immediately displayed from the endocrine test sheet.A test form cannot show that you have any diseases. In this process, the medical history is important.As for what you should eat for conditioning, if you are not too obese, you are not too thin, good health, there is nothing particularly uncomfortable, then let it go naturally, eat a large pot of rice to live a normal life.

Author introduction: Gao Qin, chief physician of the reproductive center affiliated to the Reproductive Hospital Affiliated to Shandong University.30 points (except for statutory holidays and special circumstances) I will answer the questions for my fans for free, so stay tuned.

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