I thought the cat was pregnant at home. After 60 days of serving, I discovered that she was pregnant!what happened

The female cat at home-Baiyun started to become super sticky some time ago, as if the previously cold kitten was gone, and every day, in addition to Meow Meow’s speech, I also hugged my legs from time to time.

I was so ecstatic that the shoveling officer who was abused by the master, thinking that the master finally found that who loved her the most in the world, so he had to give a little care …

Big Meow of Little Woman-Baiyun

I do n’t know how long it ’s separated, Bai Yun’ s nipples have begun to become red, their weight gradually increases, and my belly is getting bigger and bigger.The beauty of the country and the city finally succeeded.Haha, laughed at the pig call ~

Next, the whole family entered a state of preparation. Not only did Baiyun’s quality of life rose straight, but the queen was now upgraded to the queen queen.In addition to eating the best food for the master, in the face of the critical disorder of the master, the salmon, cod, and tuna take turns to serve every day … As long as the master wants to eat, it will be satisfied.

In the past, Baiyun jumped up and down, and his family was not nervous, but since Bai Yun was pregnant, even if he dangled his head in the cat’s nest, my parents were nervous, for fear that the children and grandchildren in the stomach (heavy grandson?).

Bai Yun, in the face of the special protection of the whole family, he is also happy to enjoy, and he is completely happy.I have been pregnant for four or fifty days. My parents and my family took Baiyun to the hospital for a production inspection.Faced with the doctor’s examination results, the whole family was aggressive. What do you guess: Bai Yun turned out to be pregnant?Intersection

This is the Lord

What?Fake pregnancy?IntersectionIs there a throne in the family to inherit or get it? Do you use fake pregnancy to coax us?Woo ~

After listening to the doctor, I realized that the original fake pregnancy means that the female cat is not pregnant, but its behavior and the body show similar symptoms to pregnancy, and the main cause is to induce the hormonal secretion produced by the ovary.

Fake pregnancy:

1) About 30 days, the abdomen of the female cat is significantly larger, the nipples will become larger or even have milk secretion, and the appetite will increase;

2) Find the place where production is everywhere, and choose a quiet and safe place as the nest of production;

3) The female cat becomes more picky, the appetite becomes worse, and there will be vomiting;

4) Until about 60 days of pregnancy, these symptoms will disappear naturally.

From this point of view, Bai Yun is not intended to deceive us for pregnancy.How should the shovel officer be appointed in the face of the condition of the cat’s fake pregnancy?

Cats not only start looking for the nest of production, but also start to put some things -most of them are the usual beloved things, such as loved toys, etc., dragged into their own nests, and stroke and lick like the newborn kitten.they.

Seeing this situation, the female cat is fake pregnancy. If you don’t worry, you can go to the hospital for further examination.

Although cat counterfeit pregnancy does not really produce, the whole process of hormones is completely different from usual. If the cat is often pregnant, it is very likely to suffer from pus and breast tumors. For the health of the master, it is recommended to do sterilization.Essence

Alright, Bai Yun, why are you beautiful? Fake pregnancy is not your fault, it is the scourge of shoveling officers!

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