I wanted to treat irregular menstruation, and as a result, I was pregnant with a twins!What can I do?

Yesterday, several fans sent me a news and wanted me to write:

At first glance, I saw that the B -ultrasound of this pregnant woman was quite familiar with it, and when I saw the first response of "Babu Twn", I immediately thought of:

Caused by the use of ovulation -promoting drugs!

Later, I searched the Internet for a detailed report. Sure enough, the woman who was pregnant with a twins was originally to treat irregular menstruation. As a result, there were eight pregnant sacs in the uterus!

Seeing that many netizens are evaluating "surprise" and "congratulations", Sister Sister feels that she is not a taste in her heart.We have said before that multi -fetal pregnancy is also more likely to have bad ending. Maternal health and fetus will face major dangers, as well as huge psychological pressure and economic burden.

In real life, those multi -fetch mothers who have two or more children are really not as easy as we imagine!

Multi -babies have a lot of burden on the body.Mom may be overwhelmed in the early pregnancy, huge abdomen, puffiness, and pain may be a daily experience.And suddenly bring two or more children, taking care of children’s tiredness and economic pressure often double.

If you are pregnant for more than three months, children

What measures can I take?

At present, we can use more reasonable use of auxiliary reproductive technology to prevent multiple pregnancy, such as improving ovulation induction and embryo transplantation technology, rather than using ovulation -promoting drugs to promote ovulation irregularly.

If preventive measures, prevention of failure, or natural pregnancy can be taken in time, the total number of tires can be reduced through multi -fetal pregnancy reduction (MPR), thereby improving the ending of maternal and reserved fetuses.

The expectant mother in the news, the doctor also told her that she suggested that she not to or have a tire reduction surgery.But I did not expect that the pregnant mother even said that she wanted four or five!

Seeing this, Sister Sister really felt that it was not easy to understand how easy it was, and how much risks were with.

The larger the number of fetal pregnancy, the higher the incidence and mortality of complications.Because of a normal woman, her uterine space is limited, and nutrition that can be supplied is also limited.This means that the more fetal lives in the uterus, the less space for each fetus, and the more likely it will lead to severe growth and development.

In addition, multi -fetal pregnancy is more prone to many complications such as pregnancy anemia, hypertension, diabetes, excessive amniotic fluid, premature placenta, pre -placenta, abnormal fetal position, etc.More, it can be said that the health of pregnant mothers is severely overdrawn.

There is also a more common complication, called twin blood transfusion syndrome. This disease refers to the two fetuses in the uterus "grabbing" blood from each other, causing too much fetal blood to cause heart failure.Causes dysplasia, and even fetuses.In addition, twins have incorrect fetal position, fetal stop development, and difficulty in giving birth than singles, and more prone to premature birth.

The report of the International Obstetrics and Gynecological Union (FIGO) once pointed out that multi -fetal pregnancy that exceeds the twin will bring major dangers to mother health and fetus. When dealing with such multi -fetal pregnancy, considering reducing tires is more ethical than not taking measures.

If it is reducing tires, the fetal reducing fetus is generally randomly selected, but it is also necessary to consider technical factors to comprehensively evaluate the implementation of surgical operations to reduce the number of embryos.

During the tire reduction, there is also a selective termination of pregnancy (ST) also a multi -fetal pregnancy reduction, but the goal is one or more specific fetal.Sexual examinations found genetic, structure or other abnormalities to deal with problems with problems.

They are all their own baby, which one is?Which one is left?

It seems that this is indeed a difficult and difficult decision.However, if all are retained, the consequences may be more serious, not only maybe the fetus may not be kept, but even the mother’s life may be threatened. Therefore, Sister Sister really hopes that this expectant mother must follow the doctor’s advice.

Moreover, in this situation, this expectant mother is still unfortunate.Because of the use of ovulation -promoting drugs, she was pregnant with a multi -birth. Fortunately, she did not encounter an ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome.

What is an ovarian excessive stimulus syndrome?

This disease often occurs after application of ovulation -promoting drugs. Improper use of drugs leads to excessive ovarian stimulation. It is a complication that often appears in auxiliary reproductive technology. Therefore, for ovulation -promoting drugs, we must strictly use the doctor’s advice, and, Use it correctly.

Ovarian experience is excessive stimulation. The main clinical manifestations are ovarian cystic increases, increased capillary permeability, and the accumulation of body fluids accumulate in tissue gaps, causing peritoneal effusion, thoracic effusion, and local or general body edema.It is generally divided into light, medium (incidence rate is 3%to 6%), and weighs three degrees (the incidence rate is 0.1%to 2%).

Under such excessive stimuli performance, the ovarian becomes bigger and bigger, and acute abdomen such as ovarian torsion, luteal cyst rupture and bleeding may occur. In case of severe bleeding, it is likely to quickly endanger life. Compared with ectopic pregnancy, it is more dangerous than ectopic pregnancy.It is as good as!

For mild patients, bloating, poor appetite, abdominal discomfort, severity, or slight lower abdominal pain may occur.The B -ultrasound found that the ovary increases. If it stops stimulating more water, it can generally be relieved by itself.

However, for moderate or severe patients, there may be obvious lower abdomen pain, daily normal activities will be affected, and nausea, vomiting, thirst, abdominal effusion, etc. may also occur., Inpatient treatment when necessary.

Because patients with unexpected situations such as ovarian torsional and rupture, because a large amount of chest and abdominal effusion in the body can cause blood capacity, blood concentration, high blood condensation, prone to hypertrophic shock, severe cardiopulmonary abnormalities in severe cases of severe cases of cardiopulmonary function., Electrolyte imbalance, damage to liver and kidney function, thrombosis, and adult respiratory distress syndrome, which may also cause life danger!

Although it has been said many times, Sister Sister still has to emphasize with you: ovulation -promoting drugs must not be used casually!Don’t be superstitious "more children and more blessings"!

From the perspective of the safety factor, it is still a baby’s safety factor higher, and step by step, then it is also possible.

Abandoning which choice question is abandoned, Sister Sister hopes everyone, never meet.


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