I was 40 years old and went to abortion surgery. I ate an apple too hungry before the operation. As a result, I was scolded by the doctor.

[Fan Come on] I am forty years old this year, and the nature of my husband has made him travel around for a long time.When he returned last month, the accident happened, and I was pregnant.We did not intend to ask for this child, because at this age, I want to focus on our careers and life.Therefore, I decided to perform abortion surgery and invite my girlfriend to accompany me.

The day before the surgery, the nurse told me that he could not eat before the operation.However, the next morning, I was too hungry, so I ate an apple.When I arrived at the hospital, I told the doctor to tell the doctor that I ate an apple. As a result, the doctor blamed me very seriously, saying that I should not eat before the operation.At that moment, I was very surprised and confused. Why can’t people eat before people?

[Doctor answered] abortion (commonly known as "abortion surgery") is a surgical surgery used to terminate early pregnancy.Before the abortion surgery, doctors usually ask patients to perform an empty stomach, that is, they cannot eat within a period of time before the operation.This caused many people’s questions: Why can’t people eat before the abortion?In this article, we will answer this question and explore the importance of an empty stomach to abortion surgery.

1. Reduce the risk of surgery

Anesthesia drugs: abortion surgery usually needs to use anesthesia to ensure that patients do not feel pain during surgery.After eating, gastrointestinal tract will secrete gastric acid, and anesthesia may cause gastric acid to enter the esophagus, leading to vomiting during surgery.This will not only cause difficulties in the operation, but also cause risks to patients’ safety and health.

Restore after anesthesia: After abortion surgery, patients need to recover anesthesia.During the anesthesia, the movement of the stomach is weakened, resulting in the extension of the stay in the stomach in the stomach.If the patient eats before surgery, adverse reactions such as nausea, vomiting and stomach discomfort may occur after surgery.This will not only affect the comfort of patients, but also extend the time of anesthesia recovery.

Second, complications in prevention

Inhalation: vomiting during surgery may cause inhalation of inhalation, that is, the enters of the stomach into the airway causes lung infection or other severe complications.If the patient eats before surgery, the content of the stomach may be inhaled into the respiratory tract by mistake, increasing the risk of complications during surgery.

Intestinal empty: The empty stomach before surgery helps keep the intestine empty.Clearing the intestinal tract can reduce interference and difficulties during surgery, and help doctors observe and operate.In addition, clearing the intestinal tract can also reduce the risk of postoperative infections and other complications.

3. Guide for security and suggestions

Empty time: It is generally required to be at least six hours an empty stomach before surgery.This means that eating or drinking water within six hours before the operation.During this time, the gastrointestinal tract was emptied and the risk of complications in the process of anesthesia was reduced.The exact emptiness time may be different due to the type of surgery, individual conditions, and doctors.Patients should strictly follow the doctor’s instructions and consult the doctor’s detailed information about the empty time before surgery.

Water intake: The state of an empty stomach does not mean that water intake is completely prohibited.For a period of time before surgery, patients may be allowed to drink a small amount of water.This is to keep moisture balance and avoid dehydration, but still need to pay attention not to drink excessive water.Consult the doctor to obtain specific guidance on water intake.

Following the doctor’s order: It is very important to carry out the safety and smoothness of the abortion surgery.Patients should strictly abide by doctors’ instructions and restrict food and drinking water in accordance with the specific timetable before surgery.If patients have any questions or need extra guidance, they should communicate with the doctor in time.

4. Other precautions and suggestions

In addition to the empty stomach, there are some other precautions and suggestions, which can help patients better prepare abortion surgery.

Guidance of medication: Before surgery, patients should discuss and follow the guidance of drug use.Some drugs may need to be temporarily stopped, especially anticoagulant drugs and blood diluers.In addition, patients should inform doctors in the use of drugs, allergies, and other health conditions in use to ensure the safety of the operation.

Preparation before surgery: In addition to an empty stomach, patients should also perform other pre -surgery preparations in accordance with the requirements of the doctor.This may include cleaning private parts, wearing comfortable clothing, avoiding the use of cosmetics and jewelry.Following these preparation steps can improve the effectiveness and safety of the surgery.

Psychological preparation: abortion surgery is an important decision, which may have an impact on the emotional and mental health of patients.Before surgery, patients should communicate with doctors or mental health professionals to obtain support and guidance.Establishing a good mental state and emotional support can help patients better respond to surgery and postoperative recovery.

Fasting before abortion is to reduce the risk of surgery and complications in prevention.The empty stomach can reduce anesthesia -related complications, avoid inhalation of inhalation caused by vomiting during surgery, and help keep the intestine empty.Patients should follow the doctor’s advice, strictly abide by the predetermine provisions before surgery, and consult the doctor to obtain relevant guidance.This will ensure the safety of surgery and provide the best nursing and treatment results for patients.If the patient has any doubts or problems, communicate with the doctor in time to obtain professional advice and guidance.

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