I was 51 years old and got pregnant unexpectedly. When I told my sister, all relatives came the next day.


My name is Li Xiuli. I am 51 years old. I have two daughters and my wife. The eldest daughter is 30 years old. The younger daughter is 28 years old. Both daughters have become a family.

The big woman also gave birth to two babies, and I became a grandma smoothly.

However, just when I originally thought that when I was happy to enjoy my old age, I was pregnant unexpectedly.

Yes, you didn’t hear it right. I was pregnant. When I went to the hospital last month, I was startled.

After I told my husband, my husband thought I was teasing him and joking with him.In the end, there was no way. In order to convince him, I pulled him to the hospital again.

As a result, it was dumbfounded.

The two of us were in the hospital for a while, and we don’t know if this child wants this child.


To be honest, when my husband and I were young, I hope to have a son.However, two daughters had been given.

Therefore, my husband saw that I was pregnant this time, and he wanted it. He said that he felt that this time it might be a boy.

In this way, his incense can be continued.

However, he didn’t want it, because he was old, he was ready to live in his old age, and he couldn’t afford such a child.

Besides, if the two daughters knew that they had a younger brother, they would definitely not agree.

After listening to my husband’s thoughts, I was hesitant to do whether to children, so I planned with my husband and went home to tell my sister first. My sister had more ideas.

So, as soon as I got home, I went to my sister’s house and said this.


My sister is three years older than me. From a young age, I will ask her opinion.

This time is no exception.After I told my sister, my sister was also surprised at first, and then immediately told me that giving birth to the child may be a boy.

It is a blessing to say that it is old.

After listening to my sister’s words, I nodded thoughtfully, and then went back.Although my sister asked me to give birth to my child, after I went back with my husband, I thought for a night, and I decided not to want it.

why?Because I feel that I am older, I ca n’t afford it, and the economy is not allowed.

So early the next morning, the two of us decided to go to the hospital, but who knows that when we were going to the hospital, all relatives came in unison.

what’s the situation?


My sister, my brother -in -law, my sister, my brother -in -law, my two daughters, and my uncle’s family, and even some better neighbors came.

I thought what happened in the village.But I did not expect that they came to persuade me to give birth to the child.

"Beautiful, a life, you can’t give up easily, you have to give birth to your child."

"Yeah, maybe this time it is a boy, born and let’s take it."

"Mom, I and my sister, I also want to have a younger brother. It’s okay. Although the younger brother is much different from us, we don’t mind."

After listening to everyone’s words, I immediately glanced at my sister.My sister laughed, her eyes narrowed up

"Sister, what’s the situation?"

I asked.

"Sister, I am also for you. No, I’m afraid you don’t want children, so, last night, I went to my relative’s house last night and told them. No, everyone supports you to give birth to the child?","

After I listened to my sister’s words, the whole person almost fainted.

I knew it a long time ago, so I didn’t tell my sister. I didn’t expect that this mouth was so big that I couldn’t hold it secret.

There is no way, with the persuasion of all relatives, my husband and my husband can only decide to give birth to the child.

Now, I am in peace of mind and wait for the birth of the child. I hope this time is a boy.

@I said:

Sister Xiu Li, after listening to you, I am still very happy for you.Whether it is a boy or a female baby, I bless you, and can cultivate an excellent child in the future.

I also hope that you can take care of your body. After all, you are older, unlike young children, so you must pay special attention.

In addition, I also want to tell you one thing, your elder sister, try to travel as little as possible in the future.

Especially for some important things, don’t tell her easily. She can’t control the secret, her mouth is not strict, and she can’t help you keep secrets.

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