I was swollen and swollen, so I soaked my feet. After seeing the mother -in -law, she was furious and kicked the foot basin.

After marrying my husband and I, my mother -in -law hopes that I can get pregnant and have children quickly, because my husband and I are not young. The two of us are getting married late. I see that I am going to be 30 years old.There are more dangers, and it may not be good to the child, so my mother -in -law was very anxious. Later, my husband and I discussed it. It was true. Anyway, the children had to be born sooner or laterIn this way, we started to prepare for pregnancy, and soon I became pregnant.

After the news of pregnancy was known by her mother -in -law, her mother -in -law smiled and ran several times in the living room. At that time, I watched my test results even not believed. I did not expect that the two of us were pregnant so soon.Seeing that my mother -in -law was so happy, and my mother -in -law smiled happily directly. I saw that I was pregnant and my mother -in -law could make my mother -in -law so happy.It is more convenient.

But pregnancy is really not a simple matter. At the beginning of the first three months, I really didn’t feel anything. Many friends were three months before pregnancy, or they were more severe in pregnancy, or they were bleeding and red.It is relatively stable, so my mother -in -law is relieved, because the first three months later, the child is stable, so my mother -in -law told all my friends and relatives about this good news, but when I was in the middle and late pregnancy, I found that I found that I found thatIt’s really uncomfortable.

There is no stomach, a little stable, a little stable, and I want to vomit. The most important thing is that I started to have swelling of the whole body. I went to the hospital to check the doctor that the kidney had no problem.Try to soak your feet as much as possible so that hot water can promote the body’s circulation. The swollen uncomfortable feeling should be able to disappear. Before, I just took a simple bath every day and did not soak my feet alone, so in the middle and late pregnancy, I started to soak every day every day.In his feet, my husband also poured me to wash my feet, and then squatted on the ground to pinch my feet, because I was really strenuous at the time.

One night when I was soaking in the bedroom, my husband just squatted on the ground and pinched my legs. I was sitting on an apple at the time. My mother -in -law entered our bedroom with milk and saw the scene in front of me stunned, and then shouted.: "Oh, your son, you are getting up, you have always been a slave for your daughter -in -law. If I do n’t see this scene today, you have to wash your feet for how many days."I kicked my soaked foot basin and said that I wouldn’t let me fight the people. I bullied her son when I was pregnant, and then my mother -in -law turned to leave. To be honest, I was really sad at the time. My husband advised me not to think about it.But I really let my husband help me. I feel that there is nothing …

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