If the children are already full, do you want to get pregnant?The choice of people who come here is very hearty

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Speaking of having children, no one does not want children to be full.However, the world is unpredictable, and the gender of children is not what we can control, so many people will leave regrets.Because if there are two babies, either have two daughters, or have two sons.And those children with all their children have become the object of envy of everyone around.

Yesterday, my friend told me that she accidentally "recruited" again, and it has been 40 days now, and I am worried.The reason why she was worried is because she was already full of children, her daughter was 11 years old and her son was 4 years old.If you regenerate one and break the "perfect" of a child and one woman, in case you have a son again, it will also increase the burden on the family. The most important thing is that you may also face fines.If not, this is also a small life, she is really reluctant.

Therefore, she wants to ask everyone: If the children are already full, do you want to get pregnant again?In fact, many people around them also encountered this problem, and their choices were very eager.

I am a cousin, and I have already been full of my children, and I was pregnant unexpectedly in the case of a ring.Because the month was already big, there was no way, of course, she was not willing, and finally gave birth to a daughter.In her opinion, fortunately, she was a daughter, so I do n’t have to embarrass the two sons, and the two daughters grow up, they can also help their son, and they will also care and consider their parents.Essence

Indeed, many families with three children, if they are two daughters and a son, will be more enviable than a child.Because the girl grows up, she does not have to buy a car and a house without her parents.Therefore, one more daughter has little impact on her parents ‘economic conditions, and her daughter can help her son, and the parents’ shoulders are lighter.Furthermore, her daughter is more intimate and filial, and her parents will be very happy in old age.

Previously, a classmate accidentally conceived the second child in the case of a child and a woman.She was good at her heart, and she felt that the child was fate, so she couldn’t bear it for a while.As a result, it was a son, so he was now the two sons and daughters.My classmates are worried that they are very conscious and are worried that the two sons will not be able to find daughter -in -law in the future, so based on the original two houses, they bought another set.Conditions find objects.However, house prices are too high now, and even if the couple are doing business for three suits, they are also very difficult. Therefore, the original happy home, because the child raising children and the mortgage mortgage can make liabilities.

Therefore, the child’s gender is not easy to say, and the soft heart will indeed add to themselves.In this regard, the couple of children must think clearly.

Of course, having a child is nothing for rich people.I heard that my mother said before that my hometown was started in the house.They did not plan to ask, but they were pregnant unexpectedly because they did not take good measures.Then it was easily born, because if you have money at home, you can give birth casually, and even feel more and more sons.

So, if the children are already full, do you want to get pregnant unexpectedly?This is really clear, first of all, it is naturally economic conditions, and whether it is in case of the two sons.Of course, Bao Ma’s physical condition should also be considered. If the physical condition is poor and older, think twice.

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