If the female uterine is removed, can they still "do the same room"?The doctor bluntly said: the premise must be done 4 o’clock

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With the continuous development of medical technology, uterine resection has become a common surgery and is widely used in the treatment of gynecological diseases.

However, many women will doubt and confuse their sexual life after undergoing uterine resection surgery.

Will they worry about whether they can still "do the same room"?Whether it will affect your sexual life and other issues.

Therefore, understanding the impact of uterine resection on sexual life, and how to maintain a good sex after surgery is of great significance to the improvement of women’s health and quality of life.

After uterine resection, can the life of the husband and wife still be maintained?

After uterine resection surgery, women’s sexual life may be affected to some extent, but it does not mean that the life of husband and wife cannot be maintained.

In fact, many women can still live a healthy sex after surgery.

The key is that women need to fully understand the risks and consequences of the operation, and fully recover after surgery.

Some correct measures can help women maintain a good sex life after surgery and improve the quality of life.

In addition, if women encounter sexual life after surgery, it is recommended to consult a doctor in time to seek professional help and suggestions.

In short, uterine resection does not allow women to lose the possibility of husband and wife life. As long as women take correct measures, they can maintain a healthy sex life.

How to maintain sexual life after uterine resection?Experts recommend four key points

1. Adopt a comfortable "sexual posture"

After uterine resection surgery, women need to take a comfortable sexual intercourse to help them recover and maintain a healthy sex life.

This is because the woman’s body may be in the rehabilitation period after surgery, and may feel uncomfortable or painful about certain sexual postures.

Therefore, choosing a comfortable sexual intercourse can reduce the discomfort of the body and improve the quality of sexual life.

In addition, choosing the right sexual intercourse posture can also help women better control their bodies, thereby reducing pain and discomfort.

For example, some women may choose to perform sexual intercourse in the side posture, which can reduce the pressure of the abdomen and reduce the pain.

In addition, women can choose some small angles, such as female superiority, so as to better control their bodies and reduce pain and discomfort.

2. Maintain well with your partner

Women need to tell their partners their physical conditions and needs, let their partners understand their own situation, and make sexual life adjustments according to their needs.

At the same time, women should also listen to the needs and feedback of their partners so that both parties can better adapt to the new lifestyle.

Through good communication, the two sides can better understand each other, enhance each other’s trust and emotional connections, thereby improving the quality and satisfaction of sexual life.

3. Ensure full patchwork

Removal uterine surgery is a major surgery that requires a certain recovery time.Women need a full rest and recovery after surgery to ensure that the body can return to normal.

If a woman performs sexual life early after surgery, it may lead to complications such as wound infection and bleeding, which will affect the quality and comfort of sexual life.

Therefore, women need to fully recover according to the doctor’s advice after surgery.

Wait until your physical condition is fully recovered before sexual life.This can ensure physical health and improve the quality and satisfaction of sexual life.

4. Use lubricant

Using lubricants can reduce the discomfort of the dryness of the vaginal and help women more comfortable in sexual life.

In addition, lubricants can also reduce friction and stimulation, thereby reducing factors that may cause pain.Therefore, using lubricants can help women maintain a good sex after uterine resection surgery.

How does the risk and consequences of uterine resection surgery affect women?

1. Psychological impact

The uterus is one of the important part of the female reproductive system, and its loss may have a negative impact on women’s physical image, self -identification and fertility ability.

In addition, surgery itself may also cause physical pain, fatigue, and rehabilitation discomfort, which may also affect women’s mental health.

Therefore, before uterine resection surgery, doctors should fully communicate with patients to let patients understand the risks and consequences of the operation, and provide necessary psychological support and suggestions.

After surgery, women should also actively participate in the rehabilitation plan and communicate with doctors and partners to overcome the possible psychological obstacles and maintain physical and mental health.

2. Lost fertility ability

The uterus is one of the important part of the female reproductive system, so uterine resection surgery may lead to the loss of fertility.

If women’s ovaries are still normal, they can still produce eggs, but because the uterus has been removed, the eggs cannot be transported to the uterus, so women cannot conceive naturally.

However, for some women, such as women who have entered menopause or do not intend to have re -fertility, uterine resection surgery may not affect their fertility ability.

3. Menopausal advance

Uterine resection may have an impact on women’s hormonal levels, resulting in menopause early.

Uterine resection surgery usually affects the blood supply of the ovarian, which causes ovarian function to decrease, hormonal levels decrease, and menopausal symptoms occur.

Menopausal symptoms include hot, insomnia, emotional fluctuations, and decreased sexual desire.

In general, uterine resection surgery does not allow women to lose the possibility of husband and wife life. As long as women take correct measures, they can maintain a healthy sex life.

In addition, women should fully understand the risks and consequences of surgery, as well as the impact of physical and mental health, so as to make psychological preparation and active response.

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