If the husband and wife are still not pregnant after many years, most of them will choose to divorce

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As the saying goes, there are three filial piety, no queen.Of course, there are many Dink families, and everyone has their own choices.But in my opinion, if people do not accompany their children with them when they are old, they will be boring like that life.

Recently, I saw a news that a woman and her husband were still not pregnant for eight years, and her husband and her chose to divorce.

After reading this news, I thought, now that technology is so developed, isn’t pregnancy very simple, why do you have to divorce?

After repeated thinking, I think that the reason why men divorce are mainly the following three reasons.

1. I really want a child

For most people, people have to go through the two processes of marriage and child in their lives.Therefore, it is their motivation for children. After returning home every day, you can hear the laughter and laughter of the children.

Then, if the couple still have no children for many years, the relationship between the two people will become lighter and lighter, followed by the fierce contradiction between the two sides, and finally they can only choose to divorce.

2. Men will feel faceless

We all know that men are good for face, especially for fertility. If the husband and wife still have no children for many years, the neighborhood Peking Opera, including relatives and friends, will talk about you, then men will feel very faceless after hearing these rumorsEssence

In the end, because of these remarks, men also chose to divorce their wives for face.

3. Can’t bear to see the old man sad for this

In the eyes of the older generation, Chuanzong took over a lifetime event.Of course, perhaps it is not so feudal in the eyes of modern people.But as an old man, if you often see the descendants of others are often accompanied by, but you are lonely, you will have a sense of loss.

Then if the husband and wife have not been moved for many years, and seeing the old man’s situation, the elderly must not have to divorce.

The above three points are some of my views. Friends, what are the reasons why men divorce in this case?

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