If the pregnant mother has these reactions during pregnancy, then congratulations, your baby has developed very well

People often say that "the greatest people in the world are mothers."Which mother is not pregnant in October and experience all kinds of concerns and physical discomfort, bring the baby to the world.

With the hard work, every little angel raises an adult.Among them, the hardships and difficulties are not easy. Only by being a mother can I realize it.

Jasmine is 36 years old. He starts to be pregnant in 8 weeks of pregnancy, and the pregnancy reaction is particularly large.

As the number of pregnancy is getting bigger and bigger, Jasmine vomits more and more seriously, almost what you eat.Jasmine is worried that he can’t eat things, and then affects the baby’s growth and development.

Once in the office, Jasmine fainted, and colleagues quickly took her to the hospital, and the doctor lost the nutrient solution.

The doctor told Jasmine that the main reason for the sudden dizziness was caused by insufficient brain blood supply.

It is a physiological phenomenon in the second trimester. You don’t have to worry too much. As long as the check -up on time, the baby will be healthy.Sure enough, Jasmine gave birth to a six and a half pounds, and now he is more than one year old, very healthy.

1. Breast tingling

After one or two weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s breasts will become larger, sometimes accompanied by tenderness and tingling sensation.

Don’t worry at this time, this is because the hormones in the pregnant mother after pregnancy have changed, and they are also preparing for breastfeeding in the future.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a particularly common reaction in early pregnancy, not a pathological state.

The degree of pregnancy is different, and the time cycle is different.Some pregnant women have severe pregnancy and vomiting.

There is no way to prevent pregnancy. You can only maintain a pleasant mood. Eat more nutritious foods in your diet.

3. Headache dizzy

Some pregnant mothers always feel uncomfortable with headaches in early pregnancy, which is because of secretion of hormone.Hormone secretion can increase the body temperature of the pregnant mother, and it is easy to feel that the head is very light.

Blood also flows a little slower than normal people, and the brain will have temporary insufficient blood supply and dizziness.Furthermore, it can cause headache and dizziness because of anemia, hypoglycemia, and insufficient drinking water.

These are normal reactions during pregnancy. As the gestational week increases, the phenomenon of headaches will gradually decrease.

1. Big stomach king

As the fetus develops day by day, more and more nutrients need for fetal fetuses. At this time, the pregnancy vomiting has basically disappeared, and the appetite of the pregnant mother can also be eaten.

I often be hungry without meals, and I sleep until midnight.It is recommended that you eat more at home.

2. Itchy skin

During pregnancy, the elevation of estrogen in pregnant mothers can easily cause bile accumulation in the bile duct.

As a result, bile cannot be excreted smoothly, and it will return to the blood. The ingredients of bile appear in the blood will cause itching of the skin.

3, fetal movement

Fetal movement is something that makes many pregnant mothers excited and excited. At 18-20 weeks of gestational weeks, pregnant mothers can feel fetal movement.At this time, the power of the fetus was still small, and the pregnant mother could only feel light floating.

Some pregnant mothers say that I have n’t felt fetal movement after 18 weeks. Do n’t worry about the development of the fetus, early or late.

On the other hand, the fetus moves lighter, and the pregnant mother feels not obvious.

1. frequent urination

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetal development is getting faster and faster, and the stomach of the pregnant mother is getting larger and larger. The weight and size of the fetus directly squeeze the bladder of the pregnant mother, which reduces the bladder of the pregnant mother and leads to frequent urination.

2. Low sleep quality

As the fetus grows up, the pregnant mother needs to constantly change the sleeping position when she sleeps. A posture of sleeping for a long time will not only have backache but also feel hypoxia.

3. Physical discomfort

There will be a feeling of falling on the lower abdomen in the third trimester, and there will be tight and tightness on the belly.There are more secretions in the vagina of pregnant mothers.

The feet will swell and the legs will be cramps.At this time, the pregnant mothers should supplement calcium in time.

Take a proper walk in the third trimester to prepare for the future delivery of smooth delivery.

Mom message:

Women who are pregnant are the most beautiful. The process of conceiving in October is hard and happy. Please feel it with your heart!

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What are the unsuitable situations during pregnancy?Is it happy or worried?

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