If women have these six symptoms, it is likely to be pregnant. Don’t be stupid.

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It is a magical thing to listen to pregnancy. For many female friends who are pregnant for the first time, it is a bit elusive.I always feel that it should be difficult to get pregnant, especially for some mothers who have not been moving for a few years, they will have some episodes.

Wen Jing has been married to her husband for 2 years. She has never had children. She watched multiple Chinese and Western hospitals. In the end, she said that it was Gonghan and needed to take Chinese medicine conditioning.Because she is inaccurate every time, she sometimes delays 2-3 weeks or even a month. At first she was so happy that she was pregnant. As a result, she was tested many times, which was caused by irregular menstruation.Unexpectedly, two years later, it was frightened to her family.

This month was postponed for more than ten days, and I went to the hospital to prescribe medicine for conditioning, but this time I took the medicine and found that there was only a little red.Her husband took it to the hospital again and said that after taking the medicine last time, there was only a little red, isn’t the medicine not enough?The doctor said, "You won’t get pregnant anymore,"

The husband and wife said in unison, "No, I have been eating like this before, sometimes it is more than 1 month." The doctor repeatedly told: "Go, go with the blood and check again, everything is possible!" According to the doctor’s arrangement, the arrangement of the doctor, the arrangement of the doctor, the arrangement of the doctor,The two of them were detected for half an hour for the report. For the two of them, they were happy and scared. What I liked was that the desire to expect for so long is finally realized.I’m afraid, what should I do if I took Chinese medicine before?At this anxious moment, the report came out, showing that I was pregnant …

This sounds like a joke. In fact, it is a real story around, because many people are difficult to determine when the state of the first pregnancy. Especially when things happen to themselves, they are particularly panicked.Look at it.

Therefore, when female friends have these symptoms, they may be pregnant, don’t take it seriously!

1. The menstrual period has not arrived

The menstrual period did not come as scheduled, first of all, doubt whether she was pregnant.The regular menstrual cycle rules should be conducted at the hospital for a related examination after 1 week of menstruation.

After pregnancy, menstruation will definitely not come back, but there are many factors that do not come from menstruation. In the case of exclusion of pregnancy, it is also related to the emotions and diet habits of female friends. Frequently staying up late will lead to irregular menstruation and delay.

2. Develop the chest again

When neglecting the delay period, there are obvious changes in the chest. For example, occasionally feel the chest tingling and swelling, and at the same time, the lower abdomen also has a sense of pain.Of course, these menstrual periods are similar. In fact, this is caused by the growth of progesterone in the body.Female friends should not be stupid as a signal from aunt. This is the development of the chest again and prepare for the baby’s grain.

3. When going upstairs, you will clearly feel pelvic pain

Generally, according to the structure of the pelvis, the pelvic joints who are not pregnant are not active, so there will be no pain.After pregnancy

Women will secrete a soft substance, which can change the internal structure of the pelvis, which will cause the pelvic and bone softening to become wider. This will feel obvious pain, which is also the opening door for the baby to be born in the future.

4. Rise body temperature

In the early stages of pregnancy, there will be rising body temperature, which will cause female friends to confuse the cold and fever. After all, the first pregnancy is not experienced. The whole body is weak and weak, and the temperature measurement of the body temperature is basically about 37 ° C.

At this time, remember not to take medicine blindly. Female friends during pregnancy can be tested with a pregnancy test stick to eliminate pregnancy, and then consider the disease factors.Because early pregnancy reactions are due to the rapid increase in progesterone, which causes the body temperature to rise. Don’t worry too much about these symptoms to alleviate with the pregnancy process.

5. From time to time, I feel that my whole body has no strength, I want to sleep

I felt the deepest feeling of Bao Ma. In the early days of pregnancy, because of work, she did not find pregnancy.At that time, I just felt weak, always sleepy, dizzy, thinking that I had a cold, and decisively went to the hospital to see the doctor.As a result, the doctor suggested drawing blood to exclude early pregnancy reactions.The report is really pregnant, and the degree of carelessness is enough, but the second child has a lot of experience.

This is mainly because after pregnancy, a type of progesterone will be secreted in the body, which makes the body feel tired and weak.Be careful.

6. frequent urination

Normal female friends cannot produce frequent urination, only one is pregnancy.The secretion of hormones in the early pregnancy is caused by changes in the body. The bloating of the lower abdomen always feels like to go to the toilet. Another reason is that the embryo is constantly growing up in the uterus and will compress the bladder.In this way, the bladder capacity becomes smaller, and frequent urination will occur.It is recommended not to hold urine in the early pregnancy, and the frequent phenomenon of urine is frequent, without shyness.

Based on so many above, if the pregnant mothers find that they are recruited, then congratulations will be upgraded.Because the early pregnancy reaction varies from person to person, it is recommended to check it through a regular hospital.Remember not to take medicine blindly, I wish female friends "good pregnancy" for a lifetime!

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