If you are afraid of bleeding during pregnancy, bleeding will have a miscarriage!If you encounter the situation in these 5, you must seek medical treatment in time

Now pregnancy is becoming more and more difficult, and bleeding during pregnancy is a disturbing thing after pregnancy. According to the relevant data in "Heidi Pregnancy Encyclopedia", about 25%of pregnant women will have bleeding in the early days.And 50%of them will have a miscarriage, and the probability of discharge of bleeding is quite high.This is no wonder that pregnant mothers will directly establish bleeding and abortion.So, in the end, which hemorrhage symptoms in the first trimester indicate omen?

1. The amount of bleeding reaches the menstrual volume

If the amount of bleeding is very small, it is just a drip -like or bloodshot -like (not enough to dye wet underwear), and appears in about 30 days of menopause, then the possibility of bed bleeding is relatively high. Generally, you do n’t have to worry too much, and continue to observe.

If the amount of bleeding reaches the usual menstrual flow, then it needs to be highly valued. The possibility of warning or an inevitable miscarriage (the end of the abortion is no longer recovered).

2. Bleeding color is bright red

If the bleeding color is brown or dark red, it means that it is old blood, the blood has been oxidized, and the bleeding has stopped. In this case, pregnant mothers generally don’t have to worry too much.But if it is bright red blood, it means that the blood is fresh and has been flowing, and the pregnant mothers have to be vigilant.

3. Repeated bleeding in 40 days of pregnancy

For pregnant mothers with regular menstruation, a small amount of bleeding between 30-40 days of pregnancy may be bed bleeding, which is normal bleeding, and repeated bleeding for more than 40 days of pregnancy must be considered.

4. Bleeding with abdominal pain

After pregnancy, the abdomen often has some uncomfortable symptoms, but it will not be severe enough.However, if bleeding is also accompanied by abdominal pain, it may be signs of miscarriage. The left abdominal pain may be an ectopic pregnancy. The right abdominal pain may be appendicitis in addition to ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, there are such symptoms.

5. Bleeding and decreased pregnancy symptoms

There are generally some typical symptoms of early pregnancy in the early pregnancy, such as nausea and breast pain, so if early pregnancy bleeding is accompanied by the decrease and disappearance of these early pregnancy symptoms, then there is a possibility of threatened abortion.

From the first day of pregnancy, pregnant mothers and family members will enter a relatively tense state. Any abnormal thing in pregnant mothers will be particularly worried and afraid.However, learning during pregnancy can help pregnant mothers better face changes and lives during pregnancy, face the pregnancy process more calmly, and face the occurrence of various abnormal incidents more calmly.

In addition, do not rely on experience to face the sudden things, and think of a doctor for the first time when you encourage the past.

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